How to sleep after an embryo transfer?

How to sleep after an embryo transfer?

It is often difficult to fall asleep after an embryo transfer, in this article you will find out how to sleep after an embryo transfer.


How to sleep after an embryo transfer: rest and medical leave 

When undergoing assisted reproduction treatments, it is normal that you want to take precautions to ensure that it comes out well and that the embryo is implanted. You have many doubts, especially about how to sleep after an embryo transfer. Despite the myths you will hear and read about it, you should know thatno sleeping position can harm or benefit the implantation of the embryo.

You do not need to rest or take medical leave during the beta wait. Just be calm and lead a normal life, as long as you don't do too much physical exertion, like riding a horse.

The endometrium makes movements to keep the embryo inside the maternal uterus and not to be expelled while it is placed in the most suitable place for implantation.

To carry out this work, the videos of the ultrasounds of 18 women during the embryo transfer and after the transfer, which were repeated every hour for four hours, once they had already stood up and walked, were necessary. In them you can see how, by means of undulating and vibratory movements, sometimes slower and sometimes faster, with phases of rest, the embryo is placed, regardless of where the doctor has placed it. deposit .

Thanks to this discovery, it is known that it is not so important where the embryo settles during the transfer and, moreover, confirms that it is not no need to sleep in a specific position.


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Recommendations while waiting for beta

Although it is not necessary to take time off from work to sleep after an embryo transfer, there are some recommendations that you should consider during the beta:

Don't reject the feelings that come to you, it is normal for you to feel like you are on a roller coaster.

It is essential that you express your feelings to your partner, to your friends or family to release tension, anxiety and fear.

Try not to spend all day searching your body for pregnancy symptoms. It will help you sleep peacefully.

Continue with the usual routine of your life, provided you do not make great physical efforts.

Try to do activities that make you have fun. Go to the cinema, take a walk, meet friends.

It is important not to take a pregnancy test before the date indicated. by your gynecologist to avoid confusing or unreliable results.

Trust your medical team and ask them all the questions that arise. It is essential that you are calm throughout the process.

If the situation is beyond you, seek psychological support. 


So how do you sleep after an embryo transfer? To sum up, avoid stressing yourself out and avoid overwork.

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