How to sleep as a couple and what are the advantages?

How to sleep as a couple and what are the advantages?

How to sleep as a couple and what are the advantages?

Sleeping as a couple raises a lot of questions because some say it's better and others the opposite. So how how to sleep as a couple and what benefits to get from it. We explain all to you in this article.


Sleeping as a couple: The advantages

Firstly, sleeping together allows a greater release of oxytocin, the "love hormone", which increases relaxation and promotes sleep.


It also strengthens the bonds within the couple, provided they have enough space or sleep skin to skin.

Finally, sleeping together allows you to calm down, feeling the presence of the other next to you during the long hours of sleep.


How to sleep as a couple?

Here's how to sleep as a couple so as not to suffer the inconveniences. They can also apply if you sleep alone but are even more important when you have to sleep with a partner.


1. Relax before going to sleep

The first tip may seem trivial, but relaxing before going to bed is essential to "prepare" for a good sleep. This applies whether we sleep alone or in pairs, but in the latter case it is even more important. 

To do this, we can take a nice hot bath or do yoga exercises. And after a few minutes, our body and mind will be relaxed and ready to sleep.


2. The bed is only for sleeping

Bad habits of watching TV, cell phones or reading in bed should be given up. Reading a few pages before going to bed is really relaxing and recommended, but should be done on an armchair or sofa and not in bed.

The only exception is sex, which can even make it easier to sleep before you two fall asleep.


3. No sport before sleeping

Sport is good but it should not be done in the hours immediately preceding rest because it promotes the release of adrenaline which keeps us awake. 

Again, sex is irrelevant as it ends with orgasm, plunging into a deep state of relaxation.


4. No alcohol and coffee

Of course, to relax, we must avoid all drinks (and also food) which tend to increase our energy, so no alcohol and coffee before bed.

Basically, anything with caffeine or theine should not be given up before you go to bed.


5. Choose a good mattress

Our bed must be comfortable to promote rest. And if we sleep together, this must be true both for us and for the person who sleeps with us. How then can the needs of both be combined? Simple: choose the right mattress. There are mattresses more or less suitable for this.

The best choice is to choose a memory foam mattress that adapts to everyone's morphology.

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