How to sleep well with Zen paintings?

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How to sleep well with Zen paintings?

A good night's sleep is essential to maintain physical and mental well-being and face the day with energy. It is sometimes difficult to fall asleep, because the body needs certain environmental conditions to achieve this. The light, noise, temperature and decoration of the bedroom can affect sleep, promote it or make it difficult.


How to decorate your bedroom to sleep better? with zen paintings?

Decoration is very important for sleep because it defines the setting of the room in which you sleep. Here are our easy-to-apply tips for achieving this with Zen paintings.

  1. Choose neutral and soft colors : you should avoid very bright tones because they are not exciting. Colors that promote relaxation and rest are neutrals (like white or beige) and pastels (especially light green and blue). In any case, it is advisable not to mix several very different colors, but to seek harmony within the painting.
  2. Do not use bright or white lights near the board: Lighting helps the body realize that it needs to relax. White light lamps should not be used before bedtime as they do not induce sleep. It is best to use soft, warm light to accentuate the calming effect of the painting.
  3. Listen to Zen music while observing the painting : These two factors will immediately rest your mind so that it quickly calms down and the brain is immersed in a waking state.
  4. Properly orient the bed : Put the bed in front of the painting preferably, so the last thing you will see before sleeping will be a Zen painting.
  5. Choose a model that suits you. Personal details give a sense of refuge and security, facilitating rest. They create an emotional connection and provide a sense of calm.
  6. Choose Buddha paintings. They have the ability to add a touch of zen to a room to promote relaxation more than any other painting
  7. Add relaxing decorative elements around the painting : scented candles, essential oils, incense sticks... they can help the mind to relax.



Make the whole room zen to accentuate the effect

In addition to the choice and placement of the painting, other aspects related to the bedroom must be taken into account to accentuate the calm.

  • Room storage : before going to sleep, you must make sure that the bedroom is very clean and tidy, because chaos does not allow the mind to relax. To facilitate this task, it is advisable to have different efficient storage systems.
  • Ventilate well before making the bed : in this way the air in the room will be renewed and the sheets will be refreshed. A clean atmosphere makes it easier to sleep.
  • isolate the room : Ambient noise is one of the most difficult factors for sleeping. It is therefore important to properly insulate the room, installing good windows and insulating materials on the wall.
  • Choose a good mattress and a comfortable pillow : everyone does not have the same tastes, it is therefore necessary to test the pillow and the mattress before buying them. If two people are going to sleep in bed, make sure they feel comfortable with the mattress. As for the pillow, you need to allow your neck to stay in line with your spine when lying on your side, so it doesn't get twisted up or down.
  • Set the temperature : During sleeping hours, the room temperature should be between 19 and 21 degrees. Therefore, it is recommended to install heating and air conditioning systems, so that neither cold nor heat from the outside interferes with rest.

To draw a quick diagram, the zen table is the center of your resting space, the more that is around will be in accordance with it, the more powerful its effect will be.

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