How to sleep with a humerus fracture?

How to sleep with a humerus fracture?

All aspects of a humerus fracture are bad. But is there one thing in particular where it can have a particularly negative impact? Your rest at night. So how do you sleep with a humerus fracture?

In this article you discover all the solutions to overcome this problem. By applying the advice or advice that is most appropriate for you, you will be quick and lasting pain relief so that I can sleep.

When you lie down, your arm remains below the level of your heart, which leads to increased swelling and, at the same time, pain. And if there's anything that can keep you from sleeping properly, it's pain .

Rest is most likely one of the things your doctor would have recommended to speed up the recovery process. So you're going to want to learn how to get comfortable and quick when you lie down.


How to Sleep with a Humerus Fracture: Habits Before Sleep

Before seeing the precautions to take during sleep, it is essential to address the habits to take before sleep to relieve pain.


Massage to eliminate pain

It is particularly recommended to relieve the pain with a massage before sleeping so thatshe doesn't bother you at all and that you can recover faster.

The pressure should be gentle with light circular movements with the palms of the fingers then massaging from bottom to top. 

If you want optimize the effects of the massage and automate it, you can do this with a massage cushion, both heated, electric and totally customizable thanks to its multifunction massage heads.


Apply an ice pack

Applying ice for 30 minutes will reduce the level of pain.

Be sure, however, to wrap the bag of ice in a tea towel or a towel to limit the risk of burns and irritation.

A period of 60 minutes may be necessary for the most painful cases.



To take pills

Medication should be taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before sleep. If you do not have one, a medical prescription is necessary for sufficiently effective painkillers. 

Do not take them during the day or you may find yourself drowsy within an hour.


Adopt good habits

During convalescence, it is essential not to move arm or shoulder and wear a support sling to support the arm.  

This will allow the humerus fracture to heal more quickly and the pain will not intensify.

If you are engaged in a manual activity, this also means taking time off from work.


How to sleep with a humerus fracture by choosing a good sleeping position?

No matter what type of fracture you've had, all broken bones have one thing in common:

  • They require elevation above the heart.
  • Raising your arm prevents blood from pooling and causing the fracture to swell, which means the position you sleep in plays an important role in the quality and speed of your recovery.
  • It is for this reason that sleeping on your side or on your back is the best option for a quick and comfortable recovery.


Here are the three simplest, most convenient, and healthiest sleeping positions for those who suffer from a broken arm:



1. On your back or side with your hand resting behind your ear

Although it may seem a little contrived at first, sleeping in this position allows you to lie comfortably despite the fractured humerus.

However, you'll want to make sure your pillow is wide enough to accommodate any unconscious jerking and twisting that might cause your arm to come loose from the pillow.

In the days following your rest, your arm will be extremely sensitive and simple rough contact against the pillow or mattress can lead to severe pain .


2. On (the other) side with the arm palm down on a pillow

This is the default position for those using a full pillow. However, a regular pillow with a bit of width also works. Better yet, grab an abduction pillow.


3. On your back with your arm resting on a pillow or on your chest

While sleeping on your uninjured side, naturally raise your arm well above your heart, without any other modification. Back sleepers can experience the same benefits by resting their arm on a pile of pillows next to them, or bending their arm across their chest.

The main advantage of sleeping on your back is that you have the least risk of return to you on the arm during sleep. You can also opt for a travel cushion to eliminate any risk.

Now you know how to sleep with a broken humerus.

 With these solutions, you are fully equipped to sleep well with your fracture of the humerus and will be able to act upstream to eliminate the pain in depth and durably.

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