How to sleep with tendonitis in the shoulder?

How to sleep with tendonitis in the shoulder?

How to sleep with tendonitis in the shoulder?

Characterized by inflammation of the tendons in the shoulder, tendonitis in the shoulder is often the cause of insomnia, difficulty falling asleep and poor quality sleep. Yet there are simple solutions to find sleep in this situation. Now let's see how to sleep with tendonitis in the shoulder.


How to Sleep With Shoulder Tendinitis: The Quick Fixes

Do you want to sleep with shoulder tendonitis without having to implement different natural remedies? Here are the quickest solutions to take the pain away:

  • The anti-inflammatory cream: Which has a direct action on pain.
  • The roller with essential oils: The oils contained in the roller have a soothing and pain-relieving action.
  • Tiger Balm: Which has the same effect as ointments.
  • The cryo gel: Who by the action of the cold neutralizes the pain.


Habits to adopt

Here are all the pain relief solutions that will help you sleep better without suffering the martyrdom of shoulder pain caused by tendonitis.


Avoid working your shoulder during the day

If you force your shoulder during the day, the pain will increase. Prefer avoid effort as far as possible for let the shoulder heal.

If you do manual work, taking sick leave is essential because you will not be able to heal properly or work properly.


Massage your shoulder to reduce inflammation

Massaging your shoulder helps decrease inflammation. Whether it's a self-massage or massage by a massage cushion, you can reduce your pain in just a few minutes.

Use a massage cushion heated and electric will allow you to prevent and treat shoulder tendonitis to sleep better if you regularly practice a manual or sporting activity.


Stretch to improve shoulder flexibility

This unfortunatly will reduce pain and discomfort. Be careful, however, not to force too much to avoid aggravating the situation.

If you feel pain while stretching, do not go any further or you risk aggravating the pain caused by tendonitis in the shoulder or rotator cuff.


Apply a thermal compress (hot-cold)

Wrap a hot-cold compress and lay it against the sore shoulder(s). let it go  15 minutes to reduce inflammation before going to sleep. 

Simply place the pouch in the microwave or refrigerator to absorb the temperature. Prefer models in microbeads, sufficiently thick and adapted to the size and morphology of the shoulder.

You can even fall asleep with it, it will help you fall asleep by relieving the shoulder.

As for the temperature, favor hot for the muscles and cold for the joints, which is more advisable to reduce inflammation.

You can also use it during the day and even regularly to prevent a recurrence of pain.


Our microbead thermal compress for the shoulder

How to sleep with tendonitis in the shoulder?


Wear a sling or joint protector

A scarf allows support the arm and to prevent the shoulder from having to bear the load. Whether it is during the day or during sleep, it is a guarantee to enjoy good quality sleep.

But the ideal is to provide a joint protector, like those used by athletes, to support the shoulder in its entirety and in an extremely effective way.


Our Unisex Neoprene Orthosis

How to sleep with tendonitis in the shoulder?



How to Sleep With Shoulder Tendonitis: Sleep Habits

Sleep habits are essential because they allow good healing during sleep, which is essential for complete healing.


Take a good sleeping position

The best position for sleeping with shoulder tendonitis is with the back straight, in a position with well supported shoulders. For this, choose a back sleeping position, much more favorable to the shoulders. A side sleeping position would cause you intense pain in one of the two shoulders while sleeping on your stomach requires raising your shoulders, accentuating the pain.


Make sure to avoid insomnia problems

It is much more difficult to wake up from insomnia with shoulder tendonitis than usual. So do whatever it takes to make sure you don't get woken up. For example, you can ensure that you are not woken up by noise with a noise canceling headphones. The same is true with light which can be 100% obstructed with a sleeping mask.


Sleeping with tendonitis in the shoulder: Choosing the right bedding

To sleep with tendonitis in the shoulder, it is essential to equip yourself with good quality bedding. Choose mattresses and memory foam pillows. This material being thermosensible, it will adapt to your shoulder, the inflammation of which causes greater heat. It is also indicated for relax muscles and relieve pain.

You can also take a memory foam pillow to place it directly under the sore shoulder or shoulders.


How to sleep with tendonitis in the shoulder?


What if that's not enough?

If you can't sleep with tendinitis in your shoulder by following these tips, your inflammation is very strong. The necessary measures must then be taken. Here are our tips for how to sleep with tendonitis in the shoulder even in the case of severe pain.


Take an over-the-counter sleeping pill

If the pain is too intense, a sleeping pill or melatonin can help you sleep better. Be careful not to take more than 2 weeks.


Take a painkiller before sleeping

20 minutes before going to sleep, take an over-the-counter pain reliever for tendinitis, such as Advil or Ibuprofen.


Consult your doctor

The last resort is through an appointment with the doctor who will prescribe medications or injections to sleep pain free.

Finally, if your tendinitis still does not allow you to sleep, your general practitioner can refer you to a physiotherapist even a surgeon for an operation to remove bone spurs, repair the tendon or replace the shoulder.


How to sleep with tendinitis in the shoulder: The final word

Now you know all the solutions and know how to sleep well with shoulder tendonitis.

Do not forget that once the pain is over, avoid forcing too much on the shoulder so that the pain does not reappear, because the risk of relapse is significant.

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