Is sleeping with a fan dangerous?

Is sleeping with a fan dangerous?

In hot weather, it is often difficult when it is hot. We need to start thinking about venturing into the attic, reaching the closet, or crawling under the bed to find the trusty old fan. Chances are the fan hasn't been out since last summer and is a bit dusty. So, do sleeping with a fan on is dangerous?


Should you sleep with a fan?

In fact, sleeping with the artificial wind blowing in your face is really bad for you, regardless of the satisfying sleep you might get from it. According to The Sleep Advisor, when a fan moves air around the room, it causes flow of dust and pollen into the nasal sinuses. So if you're prone to asthma, hay fever, or general allergies, this nice little light air might do you more harm than you think.

Likewise, if your fan has collected dust, those particles can fly around every time you turn it on. Another thing that is seen as a potential downside to blasting cold air in your direction is the dry skin that it can cause. You may have dried your skin excessively by using a fan on your body for an excessive period of time. 



And if you sleep with your eyes partially open you could also be at a disadvantage as your eyes will obviously be completely dry which could cause irritation. And then there is the irritation of the nostrils, the constant flow of air can dry out the nasal sinuses. If it's particularly extreme, your body may produce mucus in an attempt to compensate. This means you may be subject to breathing blockages and headaches

Muscle pain may not be obvious. But, sleeping with a fan on means that the concentrated cold air can make tense muscles and cramps appear. This problem is especially common for people who sleep with it near the face and neck. Of course, there are plenty of reasons why you might be happy sleeping with the fan on - not only does it control the temperature, block blankets from sticking to your body, and keep you from waking up every few minutes, it can also act as a little white noise to help you fall asleep.

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