My cat sleeps between my legs: Meanings

My cat sleeps between my legs: Meanings

Cats have sleeping habits that may seem strange, but they are often very thoughtful and serve specific purposes. 

But what does it mean that your cat sleeps between your legs? In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about this cat sleeping position.


My cat sleeps between my legs: The 7 reasons

You want to understand why your cat sleeps between your legs, so here are 7 reasons why this sleeping position is taken by cats:


1- The search for heat

Heat is essential for cats when they sleep. The radiator in winter, the sun in summer, cats will always seek a warm sleep and human warmth is one of their favorites.

And yes, the legs generate a lot of heat because there are many blood vessels that carry blood and thus create heat.

The cat also knows that he will not be disturbed while he sleeps there.


2- Security

You can be a symbol of security for your cat and he then wishes to sleep with you, especially if it is a young cat who has had the habit of sleeping glued to his mother.


3- You are his property

Some cats consider you their property, so they choose to sleep between your legs because they love that position and you owe them that.

He will then resist the movements you make to make him leave and for him it is you who are allowed to sleep around him.


4- To protect yourself

Cats like to sleep protected from potential attacks. It's in their genetic heritage and this habit persists even in you. 

Sleeping between your legs allows them to have a protector in addition to being tucked up high.


5- The smell

Have you ever wondered why cats like to rub against you? It's often for your scent and it allows them to mark their territory, you're kind of their human.

If they do this before falling asleep, then you are officially their territory for the night. Congratulation !


6 - For the view

Cats can see in the dark, and by placing themselves between your legs which allows both to have protection at the back and to be able to see what is happening in front. A cat sleeping between your legs thus has a magnificent view.


7- Stress

Cats are animals, which for initial reasons of survival, are easily stressed. A stressed cat will need security when sleeping and sleeping between your legs will reassure him.

In addition, the more a cat is stressed the more it will seek safety and security.



My cat sleeps between my legs: what to do?

Having a cat sleeping between your legs has its pros and cons.




1- Stress relief

Sleeping like this with your cat relieves stress for both you and your cat, releasing the feel-good hormone called Oxytocin, while cortisol drops.


2- A great way to be related

Sleeping with your cat brings you closer, especially if you are not at home often. It is essential to always have a close connection with your cat and this is a very simple way to achieve this.


3- Warmth and comfort

Sleeping with your cat between your legs is a great way to warm up and add comfort to your sleep.




1- Disturbed sleep

The cat can wake you up, especially if he is hungry and vice versa, this can be a problem and disturb your sleeping qualities. 


2 - Pay attention to hygiene

Even if your cat does not go out, it can bring back dirt, especially litter and can then carry bad things or even diseases. If he sleeps with you he must be totally clean.


3- Discomfort

This can be a comfort or a discomfort, especially if you move in your sleep. It is therefore necessary to take into account the consequences on your sleep.


My cat sleeps between my legs: The final word

Having a cat sleeping between your legs isn't a problem, as long as it doesn't disturb your sleep and isn't dangerous.

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