Neighborhood noise in an apartment: How to sleep?

Neighborhood noise in an apartment: How to sleep?

 Neighborhood noise in an apartment unfortunately often not only prevents you from falling asleep but also makes you sleep badly.

You will find it difficult to enter the REM phase, and when you do enter it, you are likely to wake up. Although you may not remember it the next morning, the effects will be felt: you will be tired, as if you had not slept at all.

Sleep is essential to your well-being. But there are essential precautions to take to avoid having sleep problems even in delicate situations like this.


Neighborhood noise in an apartment: 3 solutions for sleeping


1 - Ear plugs

Trivial, but few think about it!

Dear old earplugs are a fantastic solution and work better than you might think. They are made of polyurethane foam, a sound-absorbing material that does not allow vibrations to reach the eardrum.

You will hear nothing, nothing really nothing! All ambient noise disappears and you are left alone with yourself.

The sensation may be strange at first, both aurally and physically. Even the noises you make as you move across the blankets are dampened, and internal noises (such as talking or chattering teeth) are barely heard.

There are many models on the market, but the parameter you are interested in is one: the degree of noise reduction . Commercial models, accustomed to good sleep, range from 30 to 33 decibels. There are 11 to 12 decibel models, but these serve other purposes.

The decibel is a logarithmic unit with ten bases. In the parlance of ordinary mortals, this means that a ten decibel increase is a tenfold increase in noise.

In short, 40 decibels is ten times louder than 30 decibels. This means that there is a lot of difference between 30 and 33 decibels!

Experiment with different models and find the one that suits you best. Given the price (we are talking about 5 € per package), you can do all the experiences you want.

I advise you to don't skimp on the price . Cheaper models are uncomfortable, made from poor quality materials, and tend to slip out of your ear when moving around at night.


2- Noise canceling headphones

More pleasant and effective solution than earplugs, noise canceling headphones immerse you in a cocoon of comfort and allow you to sleep while isolating noise.

Choose a passive model carefully, since active noise canceling headphones are used to amplify certain sounds.

Noise-canceling headphones also allow you to hear the alarm clock ringing, letting only the most high-pitched noises through.

Several models exist, some being suitable for children and babies and others for adults. 

Choosing noise-canceling headphones can ensure you get a deep sleep without having to put anything in your ears.


Discover our collection of noise canceling headphones for sleeping


3 - White noise

If you like technology, there is also a second solution: white noise .

It is a particular noise that contains all frequencies and is perfect for shielding other types of noise.

Place a white noise emitter between you and the source of the noise, pointing towards you.

Your mind will automatically focus on white noise instead of ambient noise, allowing you to relax and fall asleep faster.

In addition to boring white noise, you can also enjoy any type of sound, noise and music that has a constant volume over time: this are the peaks and interruptions that don't put you to sleep, not the noise itself .

If you wish, you can also use headphones, but at this point comes the problem of the disadvantages that also (relatively) come with earplugs.

It may have crossed your mind to use your favorite music too. There are two problems:

  • Beautiful music evokes strong emotions;
  • There are ups and downs.

If you like music a lot, it's because it makes you feel very strong positive emotions. Everything is very nice, but not for sleeping. If you want to sleep, you have to relax, and strong emotions sweep away relaxation .

The typical ups and downs of songs, with moments of almost silence, render the beneficial effect of any melody unnecessary. You can relax for a few seconds, but during the first break you will again hear the noise of neighbors in the apartment.

For this reason, classical music, as relaxing as it is, is not a valid alternative to white noise when you have to overcome ambient noise.

Effective white noise can effectively block out external (distracting) sounds and at the same time relax you, putting your body in an ideal situation for sleep.


You just have to make your choice!

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