Sleeping with your cat: Pros and cons

Sleeping with your cat: Pros and cons

Sleeping with your cat: Pros and cons

At any time of the year, that beautiful ball of fur curling up next to us in bed highlights our most tender and sentimental side. In this article, we explain what are the main advantages of sleeping with your cat?


Sleeping with your cat is a privilege

Felines offer us their love and companionship when they deem it convenient... Therefore, if they decide to share their night hours with us, we should feel more than lucky.

Cats love to play in owners' bed, asking you to be an accomplice to mischief or to find warmth on cold winter days. If they are close to your face, they may even give you a lick or the touch of your cold, wet nose.

While cats often have different sleeping habits from ours, many of them, when they are kittens, need to be in contact with someone who has replaced their mother. As they get older, they will choose sunrise or the early morning hours to cuddle up next to you or even wake you up when they are bored, hungry or want to go outside to do their business.


Sleeping with your cat: Pros and cons


What are the benefits of sleeping with your cat?

The advantages of sleeping with your cat are many, but among them the most important are:trust


  1. Strengthen the bond between you two

The connection we can have with a cat is not the same as with a dog. Although cats are a bit lonely and very independent, they also crave affection and displays of affection, especially when they seek it.

For this reason, if your pet lays down to sleep even a few minutes by your side, it's a great sign that you are important in his life. Every night or morning of sharing the dream, ties will grow stronger.


  1. You will receive free massages

The pressure they exert with their legs on the mother's uterus to obtain milk is a habit that is "stored" in the emotional memory of the kitten. This is why it is normal that when they feel very comfortable and warm, they begin to "knead" on you.

It's a way to express their love and also to show how happy they are. It will be for you a kind of massage that you can receive every evening or every morning.


  1. You will improve the quality of your sleep

For this to happen first, you will need to be well aware of the animal's nocturnal habits when choosing to sleep with their cat. Perhaps during his youth and early adult years his schedules don't coincide (when you go to bed he wakes up and vice versa), but once you're both in the same harmony, the benefits sleeping with him will be wonderful.

In addition, you will learn his habits at bedtime: if you get up at all times, if you stay still, if you prefer to enter the covers, if you choose to be next to your feet or put your head on the pillow ... According to research, women who sleep with their pet rest better.


Sleeping with your cat: Pros and cons


  1. They will warm you up

When the night is too cold, we need someone to keep us warm. If you live or sleep alone, nothing better than sleeping with your cat: a personal heating system. The cat is a great option for increasing body heat. And if necessary, your clothes and blankets will help you feel warmer.


  1. You'll have an alarm clock that never fails

If you have trouble getting up in the morning, your pet will be the clock that you can't turn off and continue to sleep. When the sun begins to rise, it is likely that the cat "bothers" you to feed it and opens the door to the room.

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