The best travel pillows for 2019

The best travel pillows for 2019

The best travel pillows for 2019

If you are planning a long trip or frequent trips, you want to know the benefits of travel pillows, the types that exist and the best travel pillow you will find in the market. We have prepared a selection of the most prominent models with irresistible offers.


Types of travel pillows

Traveling can be very uncomfortable, staying in one position for so long, which is not the most appropriate, can lead to neck or back pain .There are many types of travel pillows, the most common being U-shaped or C-shaped , to place them around the neck. These prevent the constant movement of the head, relieving the work of the muscles. They can be classified according to their materials or shape particular. When we talk about material, these can be:

  • Latex
  • Plume
  • Fiber
  • Viscoelastic

If you suffer from neck problems, you should get a viscoelastic pillow that provides better support. Depending on the type or forms , you will find the following travel cushions:

  • circular pillow : as the name suggests, it is a circle-shaped pillow, with a hole in the middle. This type of pillow is very flexible, to fold it or use it vertically.
  • Travel pillow with hood : The pillow typical horseshoe shape, but this time it features a hood in case it gets very cold during the trip.
  • Pillow with elastic : it is a simple pillow with a rubber band attached to the seat, which provides adequate support and ensures a good trip.
  • Travel cushion with mask : it is a common mask that surrounds the head and has a padded area on the back, thus fulfilling the function of a travel cushion and in turn completely covering the eyes when at rest.
  • Travel pillow with aromatherapy : this comfortable pillow contains special deposits to place the fragrance, so there is no need to put up with strange smells during the trip.
  • side cushion : it is an elongated pillow, ideal for changing positions and leaning on the side of the body during travel.
  • Inflatable pillows : An inflatable neck pillow is perfect for travel, as it is easy to transport and store. The shape can be varied, as well as the one mentioned above.As you can see, you find pillows for all trips , car cushions, pillows for the neck or whole body. You can even find a travel pillow with headphones or an airplane pillow with memory foam, it all depends on what you are looking for .


Benefits of a good travel neck pillow

A voucher travel neck pillow will help you maintain correct posture , so you can rest and relax during this time. Beyond the comfort it can provide, it will eliminate the tension created in the neck and back, thus preventing any future discomfort.

The best travel pillows for 2019

The benefits of travel pillows include comfort, health . Pillows for long journeys guarantee a correct position during all those hours, whether on the train, plane, car or bus.Travel neck pillows help relieve tension in the neck muscles . These are other advantages:

  • Improve breathing, relieving cases of apnea.
  • If you have recently had an accident, a travel pillow will help you rest better.
  • By improving breathing, snoring is also removed , allowing you to sleep peacefully.


How to use a travel pillow?

You should know that just having a neck pillow won't stop you from getting pain, you should know how to use them correctly. Follow these usage tips to get the most out of cushions for long trips:

  • Position the pillow to support the weight of the head , it must rest completely.
  • The shoulders rest on the backrest, the pillow is only for the head , unless you have some type of cushion for the side.
  • Choose the travel pillow that suits you best , size or density are not the only thing to consider. Each person finds comfort differently, especially if it is a delicate neck.

If you want to know if you are using a travel pillow correctly, the ideal is that the head and neck are in a position similar to that of a standing position .


What are the best pillows for a trip?


Baby travel pillows



Children's travel pillow

The best travel pillows for 2019

  • Elevates the neck for a comfortable sleep
  • Ensures proper head positioning
  • Adapts to the growth of the child


Massaging Travel Pillow


  • Unique thanks to its massaging design
  • Comfortable thanks to its foam filling
  • USB charging


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