Which side to sleep on?

Which side to sleep on?

Which side to sleep on?

Many people believe that the chosen sleeping position has nothing to do with health and the choice is only related to comfort. It is however the case. So which side to sleep on?

There are numerous studies that guarantee that sleeping on the left side is much healthier, in every way, than sleeping on the right side. We rest more, we feel better and our body works with less effort.


Which side to sleep on? The advantages of the left side


  1. Good for your brain

A study published in The Journal of Neuroscience explains that lying on your left side facilitates lymphatic drainage of the brain. A process that serves to eliminate certain waste products from the nervous system, such as beta-amyloid deposits, which are very harmful to our health.


  1. help the heart

According to popular natural therapy and Ayurveda specialist John Douillard, sleeping on your left side is the best option for your heart because it facilitates the pumping of blood by this organ . It's a simple matter of gravity, the aorta leaves our heart forming an arched shape on the left side to reach the abdomen, so in this position the heart is prevented from doing more work than necessary, which which contributes to lymphatic drainage.


  1. Improves blood circulation

One of the biggest benefits of sleeping on your left side is that you will leave the vena cava free. No organ in the body will squeeze it, which will facilitate better circulation and without as much effort to oxygen-laden blood leaving the aorta, spreading well throughout the body.


Which side to sleep on?


  1. Better digestion

In this case, gravity is also the main reason why lying on your left side is better for your health, because it will prevent stomach acids from backing up into the mouth , causing poor digestion and heartburn. So now you know, if you ate something that caused heartburn or you're one of those people who likes to take a nap after eating, remember that lying on your left side helps your digestion.


  1. Less snoring

If your partner's snoring is keeping you awake, or you're the one causing the sleepless nights, sleeping in this position could also be your solution, as some experts say it's a good solution for obstructive apnea, that is, for snoring.


  1. Help your spine

This is surely one of the most unknown reasons, but your back will be more aligned if you lie on your left side, which improves back pain. In addition, it is the best posture to release all the weight of your body, so if you already suffer from these discomforts, you will rest better.


  1. Promotes correct lymphatic drainage

The majority of our lymphatic system performs its task on the left side, including the spleen. So if we sleep on the left, our body will better filter the toxins and wastes generated by the body.

In addition to all these benefits for anyone, sleeping on the left side is especially recommended for pregnant women, as it facilitates the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta, it compresses the mother's lungs less and reduces the pressure on the fetus and many other organs.

Now you know which side to sleep on and why to sleep on the left side.


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