Why does my cat sleep on my stomach?

Why does my cat sleep on my stomach?

Cat sleeping positions may seem mysterious at first and you may wonder why my cat sleeps on my stomach?

The causes can be multiple and it is necessary to understand them to know why your cat chooses your belly to sleep.


Why does my cat sleep on my stomach? The different causes

If your cat sleeps this way, it's for one or more of the following reasons:


The heat

Your belly is a natural heat source and it's normal for them to snuggle up there. Cats love the heat, you can also see it in summer when it gets in the sun or in winter when it snuggles near the radiator.

By sleeping on your belly, it has a natural source of heat and large enough to sleep in being warm.



Cats sleep in sometimes very strange places but they will always prefer comfort, what your belly offers, and even more if you are under the duvet, offering him maximum comfort.



Cats are very self-sufficient and independent but they love company and sleeping on your stomach is a perfect opportunity for them to be close to you.

It's a really easy way to bond with your cat if you're out of the house a lot.



Cats, especially younger ones, sleep with others for the security they naturally need in the wild. If there has been a change in your home, then your cat may come closer to you because your scent reassures him.


Your body soothes him

The sounds of your body, breathing and heartbeat, can soothe him and he may love sleeping on your belly.


By territoriality

In the wild, cats are always marking their territory and they may want to sleep on your belly to mark their territory, that you belong to them. Some cats consider you their property and not the other way around.



My cat sleeps between my legs: what to do?

Having a cat that sleeps between its legs has advantages and disadvantages:





A cat sleeping this way is often relaxing, releasing oxytocin and lowering stress, which can improve sleep.


Bringing together

Sleeping with your cat is a great way to bond with your cat. This is very simple way to achieve this especially if you are often away from your home.



Sleeping like this can bring you more comfort, especially in winter.




disturbed sleep

The cat can wake you up at night, especially if he is hungry, and this can prevent you from sleeping and disrupt your sleep.


Watch out for the dirty

The cat can bring dirt from the outside or from its litter box and it must absolutely be clean if it sleeps with you at the risk of being a vector of disease.


The discomfort

If sleeping with your cat can be very comfortable, the opposite can also happen, sometimes nocturnal cohabitation is not possible. 

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