Why does my dog ​​sleep on me?

Why does my dog ​​sleep on me?

If your dog sleeps on top of you, you may wonder why he sleeps on top of you and whether you should let him continue to sleep that way.

Dogs, like other animals, have different sleeping habits. If your dog is sleeping on top of you, then there are several different reasons which we will present to you.

We will then see whether or not you should let him continue to sleep this way.

"Why does my dog ​​sleep on me" is a question that many owners ask themselves. Here are the different causes:


Why does my dog ​​sleep on me: The different causes


1- Instinct animal

The first thing you need to understand is that dogs are social animals and most sleep in packs in the wild. It is therefore normal that he does not sleep alone, not being in his animal nature to do so.

If you own several dogs, you may notice that they often sleep together.


2- Security

Your dog may choose to sleep on top of you because he knows he is safe with you. You kind of replace the pack in the wild and he loves your company when he sleeps.


3- Attachment

Why does my dog ​​sleep on me? Maybe just because he loves you. For example, he may hang out with you watching TV or during other activities and enjoys your company.


4- To warm up

A dog can also sleep on you because you are a radiator for him. In winter, he will want to stay warm and the heat produced by your body will help keep him warm.

He will then look for an area of ​​your body to sleep against during the night.


5- He is protective

A dog can sleep with you to keep you to yourself. You probably notice this when you sleep with someone.


6- He wants attention

If you aren't very present during the day, then it's normal for him to want to get close to you, and sleeping next to you at night is an easy way to do that.


7- The bed is more comfortable

The dog can choose to sleep against you because your bed is very comfortable and he can then have both the comfort and the space of your bed, allowing him to sleep in all sleeping positions.


8- Out of opportunism

Dogs, if they feel important, can decide to do whatever they want without asking your opinion. Cracking into your bed to sleep on you is sometimes the consequence of this opportunism.


9- The fear of separation

Your dog sleeps on top of you sometimes when he doesn't want you to leave, like at work for example.

If you're away a lot, your dog may choose you as a pillow because he doesn't want you to leave.



Is it good or not?

Is a dog sleeping on me good or bad? Well, it depends on several advantages and disadvantages to take into account.



Sleeping with your dog brings several advantages:

First, it can warm your body in winter, keeping you warm while keeping the room cool, better for sleeping.

Plus, it can bond with your dog in a very simple way.



If your dog bothers you at night, avoid sleeping with him.

The same applies if it brings in dirt from the outside.


The final word

A dog sleeping on top of you can sometimes be the cause of something to fix, like spending more time with him. Then do whatever it takes to make him feel good.

You can sleep with him as long as you don't mind.



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