6 exercises with massage roller

6 exercises with massage roller

The massage roller is an excellent (and inexpensive) accessory which, thanks to its application in different muscle groups, allows muscle recovery and releases trigger points or knots that form in muscles with exercise. You 6 exercises with massage roller.

They are made in using a foam massage roller on different muscle groups in the legs, our engine when we run. The foam roller aids in myofascial self-release  in hard-to-stretch areas and is generally an almost safe loading point after workouts and races.


Anterior tibia

Le tibialis anterior is part of the outer area of ​​the leg and it is the muscles that are responsible for the movement of the toes, both when walking and running, and have great weight when it comes to stabilizing movements of the ankle. It is normal for it to be an overload zone. 

With foam massage roller , start rolling from the knee area down, then roll back. The movement can be done on one arm, as a side plank (as pictured), but if you can't stay, it's ok to do it on your knees.


Soleus et twin

Same movement for soleus (soleus), located below the double and vital in running. Support from the calf to the heel little by little, from top to bottom. Thanks to the movement of foam roller , a clearing of the soleus is noticed and it helps to regain elasticity.


Similar glide for the twin (musculus gastrocnemius), although a bit higher to further influence this muscle. This exercise can be done in full because the position of the body is the same.

Vast interior

Le vastus (vastus medialis) is, as the name suggests, the inner quadriceps muscle that reaches the patella forming the patellar tendon there. With the foam, on her, opening her leg a little to influence the vast. Rotate the body at the same time until you notice that you are actually working the insides of the quadriceps.


Side waste and shelf

The lateral waste (vastus lateralis) is the part of the elongated outer quadriceps, of great importance to functioning and must be developed and ready for action. To relieve him of the burden, roll simply on the side , as in previous exercises.

In addition, in this same area, we will affect the tensor fascia lata , a muscle well known to runners because it has an insertion with the iliotibial band . As you run the foam roller over the tensioner, you will notice a large Libyan throughout the fascia and knee.


Foam roller exercises under the buttocks

Strengthening of buttocks allows runners to stabilize the middle of the body, so that with the abdominals there is less movement during the race, improving the technique. As seen in the picture, the application of the foam roller is almost the same as in the case of the vast lateral, but you have to rotate the body more.

With these simple exercises we can recover our muscles at home , performing them in series for 30 to 60 seconds, always without feeling pain and gradually applying pressure with the foam roller.

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