Baby in transverse: how to sleep?

Baby in transverse: how to sleep?

Baby in transverse: how to sleep? This question remains unanswered online, we bring you the answer in this article.

Baby in transverse: how to sleep by choosing a good sleeping position

When your pregnancy is approaching the last few weeks and your belly is growing day by day, lie on the side is the ideal sleeping position. Gone are the days of sleeping comfortably on your stomach.


What science says

For years it has often been said that the left side was where we had to spend our hours of rest and sleep during the last months of pregnancy with a baby in transverse. It has to do with blood flow from a large vein called the inferior vena cava (IVC), which carries blood to your heart and then to your baby.

According to some medical professionals, sleeping on the left side reduces the risk of compressing this vein, allowing optimal blood flow.


The best sleeping position

Recently however, it has been discovered that sleeping on the left or right side is equally safe. At the end of the day, it comes down to comfort.

If you can spend most of your sleep time on your left side, aim for that position. But if your body wants to lie on its right side, listen to it. When baby arrives, you will have many sleepless nights, so enjoy your sleep while there is still time. 


Use a pregnancy pillow

Experts agree that lying on your side, left or right, with a pregnancy pillow to support your growing belly is the recommended sleeping position during pregnancy. 

The pregnancy pillow helps support the weight of the belly and provides you with full support during the last trimester of pregnancy.


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Baby in transverse: how to sleep? You have all the keys in hand!


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