Best Pregnancy Pillow: Buying Guide and Selection of the Best Models

Best Pregnancy Pillow: Buying Guide and Selection of the Best Models

Best Pregnancy Pillow: Buying Guide and Selection of the Best Models

Choosing the best pregnancy pillow is essential for sleeping well during pregnancy. We will see together how to choose it. If you wish, you can directly access the best models of pregnancy pillows.    

Best pregnancy pillow: Which shape should you choose?

The most common type of pregnancy pillow is the "E" shaped one. It is longitudinal - one end is placed under the head, the other between the knees. The middle part, slightly wider, lands under the belly. Thanks to this, the sleeping position during pregnancy is not only optimal, but also comfortable. C-shaped pillows, on the other hand, do not have a central widening.

A lot of the best pregnancy pillows are u shaped. They are placed upside down - the lower curve of the letter "U" should be under the head, one shoulder should be behind the back, and the other can be inserted between the knees. We can say that it is the most complete and largest pregnancy pillow on the market. It wraps around the mother's entire body, providing support from all sides.

Another type of pillow for pregnant women is rectangular and quite large, tapering and flattening in the middle. Instead of shrinking and flattening it, you can lay on it - this pillow ergonomics allows for comfortable, supported side sleeping.

Another form of pregnancy pillow is the shape of the letter "J". Both ends of the pillow are thickened, thanks to which there is more under the head and between the knees of the pillow. The longer arm of the pillow can be bent, which increases the possibility of changing position at night.

Most pregnancy pillows letter shape "E" or "C" have the option of attaching special hooks, so that the pillow can serve as a nursing pillow. Then the elongated pillow wraps around the waist, where it is attached. The child is firmly grounded in it. This allows you to calmly feed the baby in the correct feeding position. This reduces the load on the mother's back and shoulders who is breastfeeding.

You can choosing a pregnancy pillow that adapts to the shape of your body, which provides extra comfort for your future mother.



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Best Pregnancy Pillow: Buying Guide and Selection of the Best Models



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Best Pregnancy Pillow: Buying Guide and Selection of the Best Models

What are the benefits of using a pregnancy pillow?

  • relieves the mother's back,
  • reduces back pain
  • reduces neck pain
  • prevents pain in the legs
  • prevents shoulder pain
  • reduces leg swelling
  • allows you to lie down in a comfortable position,
  • allows you to put yourself in the healthiest position for a child (better blood supply),
  • gives abdominal support
  • reduces sleep problems.


Why do pregnancy pillows have this type of shape?

When using a pregnancy pillow, a pregnant woman finds it difficult to change position during sleep. It doesn't seem very practical, but it has its scientific justification. A pregnant woman should sleep on the left side, as the child receives the right amount of blood and oxygen

Sleeping on your back or right side can in turn (in rare cases) lead to a tightening of the inferior vena cava, which brings blood to the heart. Because the blood remains in the lower body, it circulates less to important organs, including the uterus, and therefore to the child.

Pregnancy is a special moment in the life of every woman. A child who grows below the heart may have stronger bones. Among the ailments with which pregnant women struggle are, among others, problems with the spine and sleep. However, a proper pregnancy pillow is enough to get you through this magical time.


Choosing the best pregnancy pillow is essential

A typical pain for women expecting a baby is lower back pain. Many mothers complain about it every day. The reason for this is relaxin - a hormone that leads to softening of the ligament and pelvis. This is to allow the baby to cross the pelvis during reason. The pelvis increases in size, which leads to a shift in the center of gravity. As a result, the spine is exposed to additional load. The abdominal muscles stretch to an incredible degree. The consequence is the appearance of extremely painful pain. It should be remembered, however, thata pillow for pregnant women effectively reduces tension in the muscles, reducing pain.


How to choose the best pregnancy pillow: The criteria to take into account

The choice of pregnancy pillows is currently huge. This allows every future mother to find the one that perfectly suits her needs. Standard crescent shaped pillows or a banana pillow for pregnant women or a sleeping cone are available. Such a large number of shapes means moms-to-be will have no problem choosing the perfect pillow for themselves. The crescent shaped pillow will comfortably support the whole body, facilitating much-needed relaxation and rest moms-to-be.


What is the best pregnancy pillow for side sleeping?

A good amount of sleep is very important during pregnancy. However, it turns out that in this special time, many women have difficulty falling asleep as well as having a healthy and restful sleep.

The U-shape is designed especially for pregnant women to sleep on their side. This pillow shape has been specially selected for pregnant women who like to sleep on their side. It not only supports the stomach, but also the back, head and stomach. Thanks to this, it ensures a comfortable position and good sleep. 

It is comfortable and prevents back pain typical of pregnancy. Despite many advantages, there are women who do not necessarily like sleeping on such a pillow. 


Which filling to choose?

When choosing a sleeping pillow, we don't think about what affects a typical pillow filling. It turns out, however, that the type of pillow filling depends on waking up in the morning with back and neck pain. 

Each type of filling has its advantages and disadvantages. So the question arises: during pregnancy, how to fill an existing pillow? The styrofoam balls to fill the pillows for pregnant women are a good solution. The styrofoam pellets used to fill them can have different sizes. 

Many pregnant women are certainly wondering which size of granules will be better: small, large styrofoam balls.

Does it make a difference? Small polystyrene balls will work best. The pillow filled with such balls adapts perfectly to the shape of the head and neck, while being very soft. Pillow filling can also be made of silicone granules. Silicone balls in pillows - reviews are positive. The silicone beads have static properties, so the cushion returns to its original shape.


The best pillows for pregnant women are hypoallergenic 

Among the pregnant pillows, there are also hypoallergenic pillows. Which "hypoallergenic" type is it? These pillows have antiallergic properties. Who are these pillows for? In fact, for everyone, but since they are not allergic, they are especially recommended for women with allergies. 

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