The Best Sleep Mask: 2020 Buying Guide

The Best Sleep Mask: 2020 Buying Guide

Choosing the best sleep mask means ensuring a deep and restorative sleep in all circumstances. For all those who wish to sleep during the day or even when traveling, choosing the best sleeping mask is essential.





Choosing the best sleeping mask is very important for your health

A sleep mask is an indispensable element to ensure good sleep at all times. Lack of sleep is one of the most common illnesses in the western world , because few adults manage to sleep 7 or 8 hours , which, according to the WHO, is necessary to rest the body and mind.

Not sleeping well or sleeping poorly leads to serious long-term health complications. Many medical studies have shown a correlation between lack of sleep and certain health problems, such as as weight gain and obesity.

This unfortunatly also increases the risk of heart disease, the risk of stroke, of developing cancer and it has been proven that in this situation the immune system does not work with the same intensity. The result is that, of course, our body suffers.

The mind suffers much more than the body from a lack of sleep . A brain that is unable to rest and does not reach stages 3 and 4 of sleep, in which the deepest rest occurs, is "turned off" due to external nerve stimuli and reduced muscle movement .

A sleeping brain has memory and concentration problems . Brain tissue weakens, we fall prey to our emotions more easily, and we get angry easily. We even know that lack of sleep and car accidents are linked, since an exhausted brain makes us more clumsy and reduced eye coordination.

Increased appetite is another side effect of lack of sleep . Those who cannot sleep increase their caloric intake, especially carbohydrates and foods high in fat, such as chips, snacks and any other type of junk food, because they produce the feeling of fullness. This type of behavior can become a vicious cycle, with serious consequences for your overall health.

For all this on the market there are currently thousands of options to help us fall asleep, from sleeping pills to applications for our smartphone that emit special sounds. However, a classic and inexpensive solution is undoubtedly sleep masks .

A simple design, such as the sleep mask, prevents light from reaching the eyes and, in the absence of stimuli, our brain begins to produce serotonin, which helps to rest well.


How to choose the best sleep mask?

Despite its simplicity, the sleep mask is a powerful tool against insomnia . But it is not only for getting better sleep and rest, but avoiding sensory perception and external stimuli also helps us focus our mind .


What is a sleep mask used for?

A sleep mask improves sleep

The first and most important characteristic of a sleep mask is to prevent light from reaching our eyes . Thus, by preventing light from entering the pupils, the brain receives the signal that everything is dark and therefore it is time to sleep .

Preventing the eyes from picking up any type of light is essential to obtain an excellent rest, because at when light reaches the optic nerve, this signal is interpreted by the brain as a sign of activity and not relaxation. 

Life in big cities involves constant stimuli, mostly mild ones. Throughout history, humans have used candles and other gadgets to fight darkness, but today we can say the opposite.

Technological advances have today made a constant presence of light , and what is really complicated is to escape it .

To avoid this during the day, we have developed curtains and blinds, but it has never been so difficult to protect them during the night, especially if we have electronic devices in our room that emit light even in standby. or at rest. For this function, the sleeping mask remains a fully valid asset.


Choosing the best sleep mask is a must for a relaxing nap

If we don't have much time and want a restful nap , a sleep mask is essential. Relaxing and sleeping fast can get tricky under certain circumstances, so using a sleep mask will be a big help.

In summer, the sunlight is too strong during the central hours and therefore it requires time to fall asleep. Even with the blinds down, the eyes perceive this intense sun of the summer months.

In these cases, the only solution to be able to fall asleep is to cover them completely and thus stop perceiving the light. UUsing the best sleep mask is the most interesting option .

The popular siesta is a tradition and we are not prepared to give it up wherever we are. Moreover, what used to be seen with a certain disdain has become fashionable, even outside our borders, because numerous studies have shown that a short nap helped reduce stress, lower blood pressure and to increase creativity, mood and abstraction.


A sleeping mask relaxes the mind and improves concentration

If the room is not dark enough, having the best sleep mask becomes a necessity. That is why, on many business trips, some wear a mask to sleep in the suitcase , because it is sometimes as necessary as the toothbrush. If the hotel room doesn't have blinds, or if the curtains are very thin and let the light in, or if they don't cover all the holes and the lights of the cars are reflecting, it can be difficult to sleep enough hours. The sleep mask can become essential for those who need to rest completely to concentrate the next day and get the most out of their work trip.

The material with which the sleep mask was made and its design must in any case ensure total darkness, as this is the only way to the dream of reaching stages II and III, in which the body the mind rests more and relaxes completely . To reach phase II as quickly as possible and move on to phase III, it is important to block out all stimuli, but especially all types of light. Without stimuli, the ease of concentration increases considerably.


Choosing the Best Sleep Mask Is Perfect for Meditation

Using a sleep mask not only serves to fall asleep and get better sleep, but can also be an ally for tasks in which sensory deprivation of sight is an advantage , like listening to music. When we listen to music with our eyes covered, the rest of the senses become more acute, and this is how you can appreciate chords and melodies that otherwise would not have been perceived.

The concentration obtained with a sleeping mask is much higher than in any other situation. Sight is the most important sense for humans and the main receptor of information from our environment used by the brain.

Surrounded by visual stimuli, our mind is constantly bombarded with messages which, once received, are processed and those who strive to attribute meaning. Consequently, the excessive stimulation leads to a loss of our attention span .

Sleep masks are an effective way to reduce the stimuli to which we are subjected and can therefore help the mind to clear. For those who practice transcendental meditation, a sleep mask is very useful because it can reduce external signals by more than 60%. This way it is easier for them to focus and force the mind to let thoughts flow freely. The end result is a state of greater relaxation accompanied by greater concentration and a greater capacity for introspection .

The brain stops "chasing" information because the stimuli have disappeared and focuses on those already acquired. By reflecting on it, we improve the resolution of our problems in a more serene, less emotional and more profound way.


A sleeping mask protects against wrinkles

Surely you never thought that this could be one of the benefits of a sleep mask, but the truth is that, among other things, the mask helps the pillow not to leave unsightly marks on the face when we rest upside down.

And that's not all. A similar problem also occurs when you sleep on your side. Part of the pillow wrinkles under the pressure of our head and these wrinkles in turn put pressure on the face in the eye area. If you have a sleep mask, this is the one that is in contact with the pillow. This way, you'll easily avoid all the pillow brands we sometimes wake up with.

If we add to this that under the mask, you can use a cold compress to reduce eye bags and swelling , you will find that getting up in the morning without these unpleasant effects on the face greatly improves your appearance.

Surely you have already been surprised by what a mask can bring to your aesthetic, but there is even more.

Some sleeping masks have magnets, whose function is to doing en so that the skin generates more fibroblasts , cells responsible for joining tissues through the production of collagen.

In this way, a sleeping mask not only protects one of the areas of the face with the most sensitive skin, but can also contribute to cell regeneration .


Melatonin production increases dramatically with a sleep mask

When we fall asleep, the brain secretes melatonin if it notices that it is dark. Melatonin is the sleep hormone, a sleep mask is therefore the best way to stimulate the maximum production of melatonin in the shortest possible time.

By darkening the eyes with the sleep mask, the brain's response is almost immediate, so that the result is a more restful and relaxed sleep , because we enter phase II earlier and stay longer in phase III. In this way , a fresh dawn , focused and determined is carried out to fulfill our daily commitments.


A sleep mask helps establish a healthy circadian rhythm

Serotonin is called the happiness hormone. . Our body produces and secretes it during the day. For this, he must not only rest, but also clearly perceive the signal that there is already light and the other half of the circadian rhythm has begun (night rest / daytime work). so it's time to use the production of serotonin.

Le lack of serotonin leads to depression and lack of energy, as there is an increase in cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and the body is not able to control insulin levels as well; Because of this, glucose does not circulate homogeneously in the cells and gives us the well-known “lows”.

Establish a healthy circadian rhythm by producing serotonin during the day and melatonin at night is very important , because when imbalances occur, body and mind pay a heavy price. In particular, high levels of serotonin can lead to mental disorders and hyperactivity, while these, if very low, can lead to depression and fatigue to remarkable degrees.


Cost/benefit ratio of using a sleep mask

If we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of buying a sleep mask well, we realize that the advantages are many and that there are practically no disadvantages in advising against their use (some masks can getting caught in the hair or fidgeting during sleep). if they are of poor quality). But its cost is also accessible to all budgets , the cost / benefit ratio is therefore clearly favorable.

You don't even have to use it every day, just use it when it costs you to sleep well. A very simple and inexpensive way to ensure that you can always fall asleep.

For a small amount of money, the benefits you get for your health are many.


What features should you consider when buying the best sleep mask?


It is really important to know if your face is elongated, round or square and its measurements so that the sleep mask fits perfectly in your face. A good sleep mask should be at least 9cm long and 7cm high for coverage to be effective.

In any case, if it is longer and wider, the possibility that the slightest interval of light disappears completely is eliminated.

Sleep Mask Width Matters , especially for those made with thermoformed foam, as these tend to be larger than those filled with other fillings and may cause discomfort in some people. This is an aspect to be taken into account because the mask, in addition to blocking light, should be totally comfortable .


The materials

It is also very important to know the materials that make up the sleep mask, especially in case of allergy . A sleep mask is made up of 3 elements: the mask, the padding and the fastening tape.

  • The mask with its fabric video shooting : this is what will give the object the characteristic shape. It is important to know what fabric one is made of: silk, cotton, foam or other type of fabric. On the one hand you have to consider the softness of the fabric and on the other hand the fact that it is hypoallergenic , because it will be in constant contact with the skin and eyelids of the eyes, which are really a very sensitive part and prone to dermatological problems, such as stye.
  • Filling : another element to consider is the padding. The silk is normally best filler that can be used because it is hypoallergenic, does not irritate sensitive skin and, being made of protein threads, dissipates heat well. The best sleeping masks use silk fillings. Cotton is also used to fill masks, but it gives more warmth , so it is not recommended for people who do not tolerate it or who live in hot areas.
  • Elastic tape : the last element is the elastic band, which serves to adjust the mask perfectly to the head. Normally there are two kinds of ribbons, those with a small adjustment buckle and those with velcro . Although both solutions are good solutions, in the case of people with long hair, it is possible that it will get entangled in the Velcro. The loop tape option is therefore more suitable.


The design of the mask

Another very important detail is the design of the mask itself. Although all follow the same pattern, there are shorter, longer, rounded, almost square bridges, with foam bridges for the nose or pads for the eyes . Some even have openings to place a cold compress to reduce swelling in the areas around the eyes.

It is essential to pay close attention to the design of the mask in order to determine if it is suitable for our resting needs. For example, a mask that is too small can let light through and a mask that is too big can be annoying if we change our position a lot.


Main use that will be given to the sleep mask

We must also think about the use that we are going to give to the mask to sleep, although it is an instrument that is mainly used to fall asleep, it is also very versatile, so it is important to analyze our rest needs to determine which mask will work best.


Frequently asked questions about choosing the best sleep mask

I am a nurse and I have many night shifts. Will using a sleep mask help me?

Definitely, a sleep mask and noise-canceling headphones are great helpers to rest during the day and be perfectly fit for the night shift, as they both serve as light and noise insulators.


Does using the sleep mask remove dark circles?

The sleep mask is a good ally for the skin of the eyes because, combined with a cold compress, it considerably reduces dark circles.


Can I use essential oils with a sleep mask?

Aromatherapy and relaxing essential oils are the ideal complement for a better rest. A few drops (two or three) in the nasal folds, accompanied by a small massage of the temples, neck and ears, a great help to relax and fall asleep more deeply.


Can I use a sleep mask if I have dry eyes?

Using a sleep mask is fine if you have dry eyes. The most recommended in this case are those made of natural silk, such as the Gritin sleeping mask, since they allow natural lubrication of the skin and prevent the eye from drying out.


Should I use earplugs with the sleep mask?

If the earplugs are used with the sleep mask, you can enjoy deeper sleep without fear (in fact, many mask manufacturers include it as a gift), but some people do not tolerate or don't find them comfortable. In general, the sleep mask is more than enough to provide a night of total calm and rest.


Analysis of the best sleep masks

Now that we know the functions of a sleep mask and its components, it is easier to determine which is the best sleep mask.


3D Sleep Mask



  • 3D design: Prevents the formation of wrinkles and protects the skin when changing position
  • Acts as a bulwark dealing with mosquito bites
  • Comfortable: Adjustable and not in direct contact with the eyelids



Noise Canceling Sleep Mask

  • Dual function: Anti-Light and Anti-Noise to sleep in all circumstances
  • Compatible with iPod and smartphones to listen to music
  • Allows you to isolate the music external noise so as not to attack the eardrums by raising the volume.


Sleep Mask with Gel

  • Concealer: Thanks to its relaxing action
  • Decongests capturing hot and cold
  • Relieves headaches In 5 minutes




Un  sleeping mask is an element that can make all the difference between having a sleepless night and sleep un sleep repairer. For a very modest amount, you can make your eyes stay in total darkness , whatever the time; it is therefore perfect for night workers who need to rest during the day.

If you add earplugs to the sleep mask itself (which many brands bring as a gift when buying the mask), you can achieve total disconnection from the environment, which greatly helps sleep completely relaxed.

It is also very useful for those who live in a big city, in which the activity does not stop day or night. sleep masks facilitate isolation and allow perfect rest without fear, because they are able to neutralize elements likely to alter sleep, such as exterior lights passing through curtains and blinds.

Un sleeping mask is a powerful tool against insomnia, as it offers the brain the opportunity to disconnect from external signals and start producing serotonin, so that it can quickly enter the first phase of sleep. Thanks to this, the body will follow a correct circadian sleep rhythm, which in practice will translate into the fact that when it wakes up it will be totally fresh and clear, eager to produce and ready to concentrate on any task.

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