Cat shaking when sleeping: Why?

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Cat shaking when sleeping: Why?

The cat is the favorite animal of the French-speaking world, and it is also an animal that sleeps a lot, from 12 to 16 hours a day in adulthood. But sometimes you may notice your cat shaking when sleeping. 

This may worry you, and it's only natural that you want to find a solution to your cat's sleeping habit. We have therefore gathered in this article all the causes that may explain this phenomenon and which will help you to implement solutions adapted to this problem.


Cat shaking when sleeping: The different causes

Here are the causes that can lead to your cat shaking while sleeping.


Your cat cold

This is one of the main reasons a cat can shake while sleeping. Remember that cats have naturally warm bodies and if they are in the cold then shivering will occur.

If your room is cold and your cat is sleeping in a ball, then it's a sign that it's too cold. Especially when he hides his paws and ears during his sleep, sources of heat loss. It tries to retain any source of heat.

You must therefore ensure that it has sufficient heat, by putting on the heater or putting on a blanket. You can also check that there is no draft entering the room.


Your cat is dreaming

And yes, cats also dream and it can cause them to shake while sleeping. Dreams can dream of things that make them shiver and turn into a tremor while they sleep. It is actually involuntary movements that occur during the deep sleep phase and which mainly concerns tremors in the extremities.

Deep sleep mostly occurs while the cat is sleeping at night and not during naps.

Don't worry about the nature of the dream, they are usually just simple dreams and not nightmares that affect your cat.


Health issues

Have you ever felt pain so strong that it makes you shake? This can also happen to cats. So if the cause is not cold and the tremor also occurs during nap sleep, it is likely that the cause is a health problem.

Then take him to the vet to make sure the problem is resolved.


To learn more

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