How to choose an inflatable mattress?

How to choose an inflatable mattress?

How to choose an inflatable mattress?

Quite often, for space and transport reasons, spring, visco or latex mattresses are not the most useful. If you need a mattress that you can assemble and disassemble to use it at certain times , the solution is that of inflatable mattresses. If you're thinking of buying one, we'll tell you everything you need to know about them.

What is the inflatable mattress?

An inflatable mattress is nothing more than a portable mattress with specific characteristics and dimensions that can be inflated electrically or manually in order to obtain an ideal volume of air guaranteeing the comfort of the user during his sleeping hours. .

They are practical, very useful and can be easily stored. Its functionality varies depending on whether it is low or high range.



Why buy an inflatable mattress?

How to choose an inflatable mattress?

Inflatable mattresses are practical, simple and very useful for unexpected visits to the house. In addition to taking up little space, they can easily be moved anywhere.

These can get you out of any situation the days when you want to go camping, but without losing the comfort of sleeping on a good mattress.

There is a wide variety of models with multiple features that adapt to the needs of each user. So you will have many choices.

How to choose an inflatable mattress?

In fact, for summer and vacation days, you can also buy an inflatable mattress for the swimming pool or a inflatable mattress for the beach with special features and patterns to float comfortably on the water.

Inflatable mattresses can be inflated automatically using an electric pump and also manually, but this task usually does not require a lot of time. On the other hand, these mattresses usually last a long time if given proper care and it will never hurt to have one that is an extra bed in the house.

In the market you can find a wide variety of models of inflatable mattresses. To choose the best, you should pay attention to some key features. These are the most important to consider.



The size is a fundamental characteristic when buying an inflatable mattress. Fortunately, the dimensions of these mattresses are very varied, so you can find individual inflatable mattresses and inflatable double mattresses.

The choice between one size and another will depend on your needs, but the most practical is usually to buy an inflatable mattress of 90 x 190 cm, as they take up little space and are large enough for one person to spend a comfortable night. Of course, if you need more space, you can also opt for 135 cm inflatable mattresses.


Our Inflatable Mattress of 152 * 203 cm

How to choose an inflatable mattress?

Thickness is another variable dimension in these mattresses. The most popular are those of 30 cm, a measurement very similar to that of a conventional mattress. Ideally, you should feel that you are at a sufficient distance from the ground and that each of your measurements corresponds to your specific needs.


inflation system

How to choose an inflatable mattress?

The inflation system determines what is easy and how long it will take to completely fill the air mattress. There are two types of system: automatic and manual.

Le automatic inflatable mattress is characterized by the fact that it incorporates an electric pump capable of filling the air mattress in a few minutes without any physical effort. In general, mattresses with this type of system are those of the mid-range to high-end and their electricity consumption varies between 200 and 250 watts.

The other option is a little less convenient, as it consists of a manual pump inflation system. In this case, not only does inflation take a little longer, but also physical effort. However, it is the best option for times when electric power is not available, such as when camping in a wooded area or on the beach.



How to choose an inflatable mattress?

Another fundamental characteristic to consider before buying an inflatable mattress are the materials with which it is made. And it will depend on both the durability of the mattress, its quality and comfort.

Most of these mattresses are made from PVC, polyester or latex materials. Ideally, they should be waterproof, as water resistance will increase their lifespan. It is also important that they are resistant to puncture and that the soft surfaces guarantee maximum comfort during the hours of sleep.


Number of air chambers

How to choose an inflatable mattress?

There are inflatable mattresses that have multiple air chambers. These can be filled individually and isolate one chamber from another. According to the manufacturers, a greater number of air chambers guarantees maximum sleeping comfort.

However, they have a downside. According to experts, mattresses with multiple air chambers are more likely to deflate overnight. Therefore, they recommend mattresses with only one or two air chambers.


Hardness or firmness

How to choose an inflatable mattress?

Regarding the firmness or hardness of an inflatable mattress, we can say that its thickness depends on the materials with which it is made, as well as the supports.

This is a feature of great importance for people with back problems, because in these cases it is best to opt for a thicker and firmer mattress.

In addition, you must choose the firmness of the mattress depending on sleeping position. And do back sleepers need more firmness, but side sleepers need a mattress with an intermediate firmness. Stomach sleepers will need a soft mattress.


The different models of inflatable mattresses

On the market there is a wide variety of inflatable mattresses that adapt to different uses and requirements. These are the most common.


Inflatable camping mattress

Our inflatable camping mattress

How to choose an inflatable mattress?

These mattresses are generally individual, very light and inflated quickly. As its name suggests, the inflatable camping mattress has an ideal design and is comfortable enough to camp it.

Its dimensions are so small that they easily slip into a bag. They are water resistant and are very easy to unfold and roll up for storage.


Classic inflatable mattress

It is an inexpensive inflatable mattress that can also be used for camping. It fulfills the specific functions to provide sufficient comfort to ensure a good rest.

They are wavy in surface and low in height. These can be single and double. The best ones have flocked textured surfaces to make it smooth and comfortable against the skin.


The model for children

How to choose an inflatable mattress?

The inflatable mattress for children is a model designed especially for the little ones in the house. Its dimensions are smaller, so they inflate faster.

Some of them have inflatable outer edges that guarantee the safety of children so that when they move they do not fall out of the mattress.

Our tip: Now that you know everything about inflatable mattresses, you can choose one. Don't forget to evaluate its main features and make sure they fit your needs.

How much does an inflatable mattress cost?

How to choose an inflatable mattress?

Le cost of an inflatable mattress depends on several factors such as its dimensions, materials, model and inflation system. Low-end mattresses, for individual use and with simple designs can be obtained at very affordable prices starting from 40 euros.

The top-of-the-range models, which include the electric inflator, are the most expensive and can be achieved in the range of 80 to 200 euros.

Among the best-selling models is the Intex inflatable mattress, a well-known brand that also offers a fairly balanced ratio between quality and price. Another highly recommended option is the Bestway inflatable mattress with very positive customer reviews.


Intex™ Inflatable Mattress

How to choose an inflatable mattress?

How to inflate and deflate an inflatable mattress?

How to choose an inflatable mattress?

As explained above, there are two inflation systems: manual and automatic. Inflatable mattresses have valves at their ends for air intake.

If the inflation system is manual, simply deploy the mattress, open the valve and insert the pump nozzle to start filling.

Air must be pumped in using a foot pedal or by hand, depending on the pump used. Once the ideal air volume with adequate pressure has been reached, the valve should be closed to prevent air loss.

In the case of the automatic filling system, the process is carried out with an electric pump. All you need is power to start the pump, insert the hose into the nozzle to fill the mattress and wait a few minutes until it's full. The next step will be to close the valve to prevent the air from escaping.

To deflate the mattress, simply open the valve to allow the air to escape on its own. You must wait until it is completely airless to fold and store. Some pumps can also be used to evacuate air manually or automatically.

It is advisable to read the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer on how to fill or empty the mattress to avoid unnecessary damage to the mattress.


How to repair an inflatable mattress?

In general, inflatable mattresses are usually damaged by the presence of any opening in the surface that allows air to escape. To locate the leak, if any, it is necessary for the mattress to be inflated. After locating it, you need to mark the spot so you can find it once the mattress is deflated.

There are camping repair kits or even bicycle repair kits that include a little sandpaper, glue and patches. These kits are sufficient to repair small openings in the surface of the mattress.

To place the patch, it is necessary to lightly sand the surface so that it can adhere. The next step will be to clean the surface and cut the patch with sufficient dimensions to cover the opening and a few centimeters. Once this is done, the paste should be placed and the patch placed over the opening. You have to press for a considerable amount of time to ensure that it adheres to the surface of the mattress.

Once glued, fill the mattress and check that the leak is completely sealed. If the air leak is due to a mattress valve failure, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer and seek repair, as such damage is usually difficult to repair at home.

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