Cat sleeping in a ball: What causes?

Cat sleeping in a ball: What causes?

Cats spend the majority of their time sleeping, around 12 to 16 hours to be exact, and sometimes cats only sleep in balls or curled up. Whether it is a deep sleep phase or a simple nap, this position is very common in cats.

Indeed, whether cats or dogs, our faithful companions often sleep in a ball for sometimes very long periods of time.

But why does a cat sleeping in a ball choose such a sleeping position?

As we will see, this sleeping position is completely logical and can have various causes.

Then we will see together the questions relating to this sleeping position.


A cat that sleeps in a ball can seek warmth

This position helps retain heat and ensures that all body heat is retained. If the room is cold, it is completely normal for your cat to choose this sleeping position to retain heat and better enjoy their sleep.

This way of sleeping provides them with their own body heat and acts as a kind of natural blanket.

To keep as much heat as possible, he will often sleep with his head folded towards his chest and his tail folded towards his chest. This is also the natural position of wild cats in nature and which is for them a natural instinct.

He will also be able to cover his paws and his ears, because his two parts of the body are in charge of evacuating the heat and he will then retain the heat emitted by his body.



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For safety reasons

Experts who have studied animal behavior have found that this sleeping position in cats is often linked to safety. It corresponds to the fetal position with us and is often the one adopted by kittens. This is a completely natural cat sleeping position linked to these natural instincts.

This protection is not only related to the protection of their back but especially to that of their vital organs which are not exposed in this position when they sleep.

This is also a sign that he wants to be quiet while he sleeps and that you should not disturb him, otherwise watch out for scratches.

When you have just adopted a cat, he will almost always take this sleeping position until he feels completely protected in your home. So do not hesitate to create an environment where he will feel completely safe. 

Once he gets used to you, the sounds, the smells and the look of the house, he will be completely at ease and will be able to vary his sleeping positions and will often sleep on top of you.


Is it good for your cat to sleep in a ball?

Sleeping positions are not all created equal, for example, sleeping on your stomach is not very good for humans and sleeping on your side is very good.

As for the cat, the sleeping position in a ball is not the best because the muscles remain tense when they should relax to pass more easily into a more restorative phase of sleep.

If during naps, consisting of REM sleep, this sleeping position does not pose a problem, it is problematic for long sleeps during which phases of deep sleep occur.


The origin of the ball position of cats

In their natural state, cats sleep in nature and do not have much comfort. It is for this reason that they sleep there in a ball, generally in dug earth or in tall grass.

Cats who are lost, who have lived in shelters, or who have generally been through rough times will always sleep in a ball for the first few times and it will take time for them to gain the confidence needed for other sleeping positions, such as sleeping on the back.

Like humans, cats are creatures of habit and will take a different sleeping position when they feel safe and in a non-cold place. But they can also return very quickly to their natural state and regain wild reflexes.

The warmth and protection justifies your cat sleeping on its back. 


How to make him change position?

If you want your cat to be able to sleep in other positions, the solutions can be implemented:

  • Reassure him: Giving him maximum affection is the basis of a harmonious relationship with your cat.
  • Do not disturb him when he sleeps: If you disturb him when he sleeps, he will take this position so as not to be vulnerable in front of you, in other words, you have lost his confidence.
  • Provide him with a good sleeping environment: Warmth, comfort, harmonious atmosphere. You can even put a used item of clothing next to him when he's sleeping so he gets used to your scent;


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