Cat sleeping in its litter: Understand and act

Cat sleeping in its litter: Understand and act

If your cat sleeps in its litter box, the causes can be multiple and it is important to understand them to know how to act so that this sleeping behavior of your cat does not happen again,

Cats are notorious for doing unusual things and often these practices are not appropriate in certain cases, such as when sleeping in their litter box.

If your cat sleeps in his litter box, several questions must be asked, such as what he does before and after, if he empties himself before sleeping or if he only sleeps there when it is clean.

Here are the different causes of this behavior and the habits of your cat that accompany them:


The cat sleeping in its litter box may be sick

The first cause of this type of sleep in cats is the disease that can reach it. Some cat habits should be monitored. Among those related to a disease, here are the most common:

  • He doesn't get up to eat
  • He is lethargic
  • He makes an effort to urinate
  • He often goes to the litter box

These symptoms show that the cat is going to its litter box to protect itself and it is therefore essential to take it to the veterinarian for treatment.


It could be due to pregnancy

If you have an unsterilized cat, then it is essential to check if she is pregnant, especially if she lives in the countryside and is often outdoors. She then perhaps takes refuge in her litter in order to have a place to brood her future babies, which is also not ideal for this because it is a source of contamination.

If you want her to keep the kittens, then make her environment more supportive with clean, soft towels or blankets.

Place all of this next to the litter box and put food and water right next to it to entice it to settle there.


A question of adaptation

Sometimes the cat needs to adapt to periods of change, such as a new pet or a new home. The cat may then feel anxious and try to calm down in a place that is very familiar to him, such as his litter box.

Especially since the scents from the litter box smell familiar and activate their natural wild instincts, making them the perfect refuge in times of anxiety.

For example, you may notice that your cat takes refuge in the presence of a guest, at a party, or during noisy work, for example.

Also prepare an alternative bed for him, because it is not at all hygienic to make him sleep in his litter.




He protects his territory

Cats are naturally territorial animals and in the wild urinate to mark their territory. 

If a new animal enters the household, your cat can sleep in its litter box to mark its territory and prevent it from being taken. It will take him some time to break this habit.

Indeed, his natural instinct will make him think that he will lose his resources if he does not protect them. You will also notice aggressive behavior from him. 

Once he understands that the newcomer has his own litter box, he will stop being so protective.


He is the new cat

It's a bit the opposite of what was said previously since it's about the new cat looking for its territoriality in a new environment where another cat is already there.

Sleeping in his litter box is a sign that he is protecting his territory from the other cat.


Good habits to avoid this behavior

To help you have all the solutions in hand when faced with this cat sleeping habit, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Identify the reason: With the points we have discussed, it is easy to identify the reason why the cat is sleeping in its litter box.
  • Make sure there is at least one litter box per cat.
  • Make sure your cat has a comfortable place to sleep. Quiet, high places will be most popular with your cats, hence the popularity of the cat tree. 
  • Make the changes gradually so as not to stress your cat.
  • If stress is ruining his life, then synthetic pheromones will make him feel calm and safe.
  • Watch for possible changes in the cat's habits, such as hair loss, lack of appetite, difficulty defecating or unusual lethargy. Any of these traits can be a consequence of an underlying disease.



Cat sleeping in its litter: The final word

It is easy to detect the causes of such behavior and to treat them. But the cat is a complex creature and rarely fully understood. Imagine that you can discover all the secrets to live a totally harmonious relationship with him and detect all the potential dangers before they are too late.

This is precisely what the book below offers, which will be the bedside book of your relationship with your cat or cats.



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