Cat sleeping with its eyes open: What causes it and is it dangerous?

Cat sleeping with its eyes open: What causes it and is it dangerous?

A cat sleeping with its eyes open is not something that uncommon but should be understood so as not to worry. If you have ever seen your cat sleeping with its eyes open, you may have been frightened and you are probably wondering about this very strange behavior of the cat when it sleeps. 

So why would a cat sleep with its eyes open? Should you be worried? Let's see it all together.


Why does a cat sleep with its eyes open?

Not all cats have slept with their eyes open before, and those that do usually don't do so all the time. 

In most cases, this sleeping habit of your cat should not worry you because many cats naturally sleep with their eyes open, especially old cats.

In some rare cases, it may reveal an underlying disease, especially if he contracts while sleeping. In this case, a visit to the veterinarian is necessary. If your cat is also shaking while sleeping, it could be a sign of epilepsy. 


Why does this happen?

Although this behavior is often harmless, it is normal to want to know why your cat is sleeping with its eyes open. 

Cats actually have a multi-part sleep cycle. When they are in light sleep, their body is still aware of the environment. It is a mechanism that helps them to stay alert in case of danger. You can tell your cat is in this sleep phase when those ears are still moving. 

Sleeping with its eyes open is in nature very useful for your cat so that it can be awakened by the slightest danger.

But in the deep sleep phase, then the cat does not sleep with its eyes open, with rare exceptions.

Finally, a cat can sleep with its eyes open in case of injuries. If he has an injury to the eyelids, then it is vital to treat the injury.


Should I be worried about it?

In the vast majority of cases, there is no need to worry because it is completely normal. If you find that your cat keeps its eyes open during prolonged sleep, then there is probably an underlying problem. 

Contractions, convulsions or eye trauma should worry you.


The final word

A cat sleeping with its eyes open is one of the many mysteries surrounding cats. The cat is a complex creature that is rarely fully understood. imagine that you can discover all the secrets to live a totally harmonious relationship with him and detect all the potential dangers before they are too late.

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