Dog sleeping on its back: What are the reasons?

Dog sleeping on its back: What are the reasons?

Dog sleeping on its back: What are the reasons?

Do you have a dog that sleeps on its back? This seems strange to many owners. Indeed, this sleeping position of your dog may seem very strange.

But rest assured, this position is not a sign of anything worrying and is perfectly consistent.


Dog sleeping on its back: The different causes

Every dog ​​has their reason for sleeping on their back and the causes are quite easy to find if you want to know why your dog sleeps this way.


1- To cool down

Dogs often sleep on their backs when they are too hot as this allows them not to concentrate the heat on the fur. Also, dogs only sweat from the paws and they cannot sweat from the belly, which makes this sleeping position even more comfortable.

You can see your dog sleeping this way when it is in full sun for example and more generally in summer.


2- For comfort

Some dogs find this sleeping position much more comfortable, especially after exercise, because their muscles will be totally relaxed and they will not be under any pressure at this level. 

It is also a way for them to better circulate their blood.


3- Because he feels safe

Sleep can be a danger in the wild and animals often sleep in packs and in positions that allow them to easily escape from danger. If they feel completely safe, then they can sleep on their backs.

This sleeping position makes them vulnerable and sleeping on their back requires them to be sure that they are out of danger. When a dog does not feel safe, he will sleep curled up so that he can flee or fight at any time.

Only domestic dogs choose this way of sleeping, a wild dog cannot afford to take such a risk, even when he is with his pack.


4- By affection

Dogs may sleep on their backs to project their affection when they choose to sleep this way, showing that they trust you 100%.


5- To relieve headaches

A dog with a headache may choose to sleep on its back as this position ensures enough blood flow to the head and keeps the spine straight.


6- To breathe better

If your dog has difficulty breathing, he will sleep in this position because it is the one that will allow him to breathe best and catch his breath easily.


7- In case of gastric diseases

If your dog has a stomach ache, is sick or has eaten too much, he will want to sleep without pressing his stomach and sleeping on his back will be the only suitable sleeping position.


8- To imitate you

Your dog may tend to imitate you, especially when he sleeps, and it is therefore normal for him to sometimes sleep in this sleeping position.


9- Because she is in heat or pregnant

If you have a dog, this position can be explained by the fact that she is in heat or pregnant.




My dog ​​sleeps on his back: The final word

This way of sleeping is often positive, it shows that your dog is in good health and does not care about danger in your home.

If he's doing this to cool off and he's suffering from the heat, you can offer him a cool mat or another way to stay cool.

If you suspect an underlying problem, then a vet appointment is a must.



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