Cat that sleeps a lot: For what reasons and what to do?

Cat that sleeps a lot: For what reasons and what to do?

A cat that sleeps a lot or a cat that sleeps all the time is not necessarily normal. Indeed, even if this feline is accustomed to long naps and inactivity, a cat that spends its time sleeping can reveal an underlying problem that should be corrected.

Indeed, a considerable change in his sleep habits is not a trivial sign, on the contrary: if your cat tends to sleep much more than normal, it is legitimate to ask the question of the cause that causes such prolonged sleep.

We have gathered for you the 10 major reasons for changes in the cat's sleep-wake rhythm, so that you know if your cat's sleep is normal or not and how to solve a potential problem linked to this very long sleep.


Cat sleeping a lot: The 10 main reasons

Cats spend about 2/3 of their day immersed in the beautiful world of dreams. A kitten can even sleep for up to 20 p.m., while an adult cat usually sleeps between 12 p.m. and 16 p.m. It is therefore normal for a cat to sleep a lot, but sometimes it spends all of its time asleep or almost all of its time. But then, why is hardly ever awake?


1 - He's taking a nap

Sometimes we mistakenly think that our cat spends too much time sleeping when the explanation is very simple, he spends 3/4 of his sleep in a superficial sleep phase. He is simply having a siesta, which usually lasts 30 minutes and keeps a reserve of energy intact. In this case, it is normal for you to see him sleeping, but he is not deeply asleep and is always alert.


2 - Your cat is bored

If your cat has nothing to do, especially when you are not there, he will spend his time sleeping beyond the traditional maximum 16 hours. It is therefore necessary to leave him something to play with, such as a water fountain, a cat tree or toys so that he can be distracted during the day.

It's important that your cat has a stimulating environment if you don't want him to spend his whole day sleeping.


3- Obesity

An obese cat is a cat that will inevitably sleep much more than usual. You must ensure that the cat's diet is balanced, in the correct amounts and that it gets a minimum of daily exercise. Make sure he can't access unlimited food.


4- The age of the cat

With age, a cat's sleep needs change dramatically. Because if the cat sleeps less and less while growing up, he can sleep up to 20 hours during his old years. 

Try to play with him and if he is really in a lethargic state, then going to a veterinarian is essential so that he can find a solution against this excessively long sleep time.



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5- Depression

Cats experience depression and sleeping all day can be an indicator. If you see a parallel between a loss of appetite and a rejection of contacts on his part, then depression is probably the reason your cat sleeps a lot.

As depression can be caused by an illness, you can go to the vet so they can check the cause of the problem.


6- The climate

The climate influences the cat's sleep right down to its sleeping position. The climate is thus a cause that makes your tomcat spend more time sleeping. In winter, when it is colder and the sun is less present, the cat will naturally spend more time sleeping.


7- An infection can cause the cat to oversleep

Certain types of viral or bacterial infections affect cats and can cause severe fatigue, lethargy and increased hours of sleep in sick cats.

Many of these infections and bacteria cause other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and poor hygiene. If you notice these issues, then this is likely the cause of your cat sleeping too much.



8 - Feline arthritis

Cats with arthritis, a degenerative joint disease that mostly affects older cats. This pathology causes pain and inflammation making every movement difficult. Your cat then naturally prefers to spend its time sleeping without doing anything else that would cause it pain.


9- Diabetes

Diabetes is very common in cats and is manifested by a lethargic state associated with loss of weight and appetite. Vomiting and dehydration may also occur.

If your cat has these symptoms, your veterinarian can prescribe an appropriate treatment.


10- Poisoning

Some plants and household substances can be toxic to cats. If the cat sleeps more after ingesting something, it is a possible poisoning that must lead immediately to the veterinarian who may have respiratory problems in addition to vomiting and diarrhea.


My cat sleeps a lot: The final word

Some of the causes of a cat sleeping a lot can be treated naturally, but for some, it is essential to go to the vet if you want him to stop sleeping for so long.



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