Dream about falling in water: What meanings?

Dream about falling in water: What meanings?

Dream about falling in water: What meanings?

Dreaming of falling in the water is a dream often realized by dreamers who fear this element, precisely because their innate fear is brought to light in the context of the dream. But sometimes this dream is done, even in a repetitive way, by those who have never had phobias related to water or to large and endless bodies of water, such as seas and oceans.

In these cases, dreaming of falling into the water indicates that there will be very sudden changes in your life. The nature of these changes, whether positive or negative, can be guessed from your reaction to this event in the dream scene and the state of the waters into which you fell. Has the impact with water cooling been? Did it take your breath away? Or on the contrary was it an enveloping sensation, almost felted? And were the waters clear or murky? Moved or calm?

The answers to all these questions can suggest the nature of the events that will soon occur in your life that will upset it. In general, however, dreaming of falling into the water is a sign that you will successfully overcome the difficulties that will come your way and that you will be able to achieve all the goals you have set for yourself. 

On the other hand, dreaming of falling into the water is always an unexpected event, which could traumatize you and upset you to the point of waking up with a start. In this case, the dream may suggest that you will experience setbacks due to misunderstandings and quarrels with the people you care about.


Dream about falling into clear water

As for the state of water, dreaming of falling into clear water has a positive connotation. Clear water in this dream is a symbol of unexpected success and it is also a symbol of good health and a good mood. But if you have ever dreamed about falling into muddy, murky water, your dream suggests that you are tired of taking orders from your boss and considering starting a project on your own. Do it, you will succeed!


Dreaming about falling in the water and being scared

Also, as mentioned, the sensations you feel when you fall into the water may suggest some helpful hints. To dream of falling into the water and being afraid, feeling a feeling of suffocation, indicates that someone carefully and strictly controls all your actions and words. You therefore feel deprived of your freedom of expression and your independence. Now may be the time to state your reasons!


Dreaming of falling in the water and having fun

Dreaming of falling in the water but having fun is a dream that invites the dreamer to better listen to the advice of the wisest people and the experts around him: for once, stop and listen, you could collect endless benefits.


Dream about falling in the water from a cliff

Dreaming of jumping off a cliff into the open sea, on the other hand, denotes great self-confidence, but also a personality that lacks too much pride. If you do not balance your personality, you may encounter serious problems, which will cause you great harm.


Dreaming of falling into the water in a car

To dream of falling into the water with the car symbolizes a loss of authority in the living environment. This could concern both the family sphere, especially if the dreamer has a parental role, and the professional sphere. In this case, the dream suggests not allowing yourself to be treated too familiarly by those around you and to fulfill the role of responsibility that belongs to you.


Dream about falling in flowing water

To dream of falling into flowing water indicates a desire to take a cathartic journey through your emotions. You have probably been through a long period of stress, during which you forcefully suppressed all your emotions, which are now sinking into your subconscious to finally be able to free you. 

The flowing water in this case has a symbolic meaning of purity, as if it erases all the negative emotions that you have experienced during the last period.


Dream about falling into the water from a boat

To dream of falling overboard with the boat indicates that you are having a dream trip at sea. It symbolizes a search for oneself, for one's deepest self. Perhaps you feel the need to find yourself, to anchor yourself on what your values ​​and your desires are. 

If what you are facing is a calm sea, dreaming of falling into the water is unlikely to be such a traumatic event, but on the contrary you may also experience a sense of enveloping peace and spiritual serenity. 

If, on the other hand, your boat is facing a storm, with high and violent waves, dreaming of falling in the water with the boat indicates that you will soon have to face big problems which will affect various aspects of your life and your life. your emotional sphere. 

These events could also be irreversible and cause you great disappointment, so before that happens, put your life in order, identify possible problems and try to solve them, before they accumulate and end. explode into catastrophic events.

Dreaming about falling overboard with the boat could also have a more symbolic meaning of loss. Maybe you feel like you have lost something or someone important in your life, something that will be hard to get back.

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