Dream about falling: What meanings?

Dream about falling: What meanings?

Dream about falling: What meanings?

Dreaming about falling is very common and usually scary. This sudden and very real-feeling fall causes the dreamer to suddenly wake up, scared and with a pounding heart. And it is not uncommon for recurring cases to dream of falling. However, this dream should be seen from two points of view: the physiological and the spiritual.

From a physiological point of view, dreams of falls have their origin in psychic processes that make the person pass from one state of sleep to another, very quickly. As mental activities relax and sleep is generated, the nervous system begins to calm down. 

The decrease in heart rate and this physiological change from "falling asleep" can trigger a dream, often from which the dreamer suddenly wakes up.

On the other hand, from a spiritual point of view, dreaming of falling is an experience of projective catalepsy, from which the consciousness comes out of the physical body when it falls asleep and remains hovering over it and, for some reason or external influences, the spiritual suddenly returns to the physical body, generating the sensation of falling. 

This theory is accepted in many philosophies and religions. However, astral projection is a poorly understood subject.

However, the symbolic meaning of this dream to be extensive, since the fall can occur in an infinite number of different places. So keep reading and find out more details about what it means to dream falling.

Dream about falling from a building

To dream of falling off a building is the subconscious's symbolic way of alerting you to a situation in your waking life that is out of control. Perhaps your personal projects and plans are in disarray. Such a situation can even trigger many feelings and troubles.

In this case, dreaming of falling off a building can indicate both waking life concerns and the urge to seek easier ways to deal with them. 


Dream about falling from a ladder

The ladder in dream meaning symbolizes ascent, progress and direction in spiritual goals. However, dreaming that you are falling from a ladder may denote toxic people or situations that are hindering your progress.

Therefore, falling off the ladder means that something is wrong and you need to examine the negative conditions that are hindering your inner evolution in waking life.


Dream about falling from above

Usually these dreams are so sudden and fast that we can hardly measure the size of the fall. However, in some cases the fall is really long and time consuming, increasing the fear in proportion to the size of the height.

In this case, it is important to identify the feelings and emotions that arose during the dream. People who have a certain sensitivity and spiritual maturity can fall during the dream without feeling any fear or worry. This is due to the result of the ego, which feeds the feeling of fear and dread.

On the other hand, when the ego is present, the person is desperate and does not know what to do, generating fear and other frightening emotions. In this case, the dream is an expression of the ego itself in waking life. 

You must know that the ego is illusory, that the sense of "I" that we carry is shaped by the environment in which we live and, mainly, by the psychic influences of parents or educators.

Therefore, dreaming of falling from a high place signifies the need to break the ties that keep you stuck within yourself. This attachment to the bond prevents us from living fully and is the main reason for so many psychological disorders today.


Dream about falling: What meanings?


Dream about falling in water

This dream is very positive and revealing. To understand this, it is necessary to clarify the symbolism of water in dreams. Water has been a natural element full of symbolism since the earliest times. In addition, water is a principle that generates life and maintains the land.

Therefore, dreaming that you are falling into water signifies rebirth and approaching life change. New cycles are beginning to emerge and manifest many new things in your life. Just be open to this wonderful time. Stay positive to rationalize this time of many blessings.


Dream about falling from a motorcycle

The dreamer falling off a motorcycle is usually a reflection of waking life stimuli. The habit of driving motorcycles or even watching movies, newspapers or any other visual stimuli can create this dream.

Usually this dream has no symbolic meaning. However, it is important to consider the subconscious warnings. Know that our unconscious perceives reality in a very subtle way and thus the dream can be an omen indicating the fear of a possible motorcycle accident, or even something stupid that can be avoided with the motorcycle trip.


Dream about falling from a bridge

A bridge is built to overcome obstacles and connect one point to another. So to dream that you are falling off a bridge signifies that your basics in waking life are being neglected. Maybe your way of thinking does not match your intentions and goals. If so, you will definitely fall into waking life before you reach the end of your journey.

So, if you dreamed of falling off a bridge, find your faults to overcome possible bigger problems in the future.


Dream about falling in a river

The river symbolizes the desires and satisfactions of waking life. In some cases, it can be associated with lust and sexual urges.

To dream that you have fallen into the river indicates the need to take control of your life. This dream can also indicate goals not being achieved in waking life. Lack of discipline and dedication to your own personal interests can form this dream.

Due to this inability to act on interests, the unconscious manifests itself by falling into the river, as a symbol of involuntary suicide for not pursuing what is planned for yourself.


Dream about falling in the mud

The dream of falling in the mud symbolizes rational and irrational fears that hit us in waking life. The dream demonstrates the need to venture out of the comfort zone and create new habits and more productive routines.

The dream says that one must learn to live and appreciate the infinity of good things that life offers without fear. Anxiety is the evil of our humanity, which triggers phobia and fears that interrupt the individual progress of each human being.

However, this insecurity has its origin in the lack of self-knowledge, because the person begins to see obstacles in everything, and it is enough to live naturally to break the habit of anticipating situations and events. So if you fell in the mud, consider yourself and forget what other people think. Be yourself and this dream will change your life.


Dream about falling in an elevator

This dream suggests a period of crisis and existential conflict. It can be associated with private life or even with situations and events that have affected you in some way.


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