Dream of washing: What meanings?

Dream of washing: What meanings?

Dream of washing: What meanings?

Dreaming of washing can have different meanings, but they all refer to a need for internal and external purification.

The action of washing oneself or washing an external object is always an action performed to get rid of something that is considered impure.

In fact, since we were very young, we've been used to the idea that washing thoroughly is strictly necessary to keep us healthy, to avoid infections (and this aspect of washing couldn't have been more important during the coronavirus pandemic), to take care of our appearance.

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Dream of washing: The different meanings

In general, dreaming of washing yourself or washing something means that our unconscious tells us that we must return to a state of purity that we first felt and thought we had and that, from a certain point, because of bad choices or that went against our morals, we lost.

The part of the body or the object that we dream of washing therefore provides more detailed information on how and why we have lost purity and also provides us with indications on how to "become pure".


Dream about washing your hands

Dreaming of washing your hands probably became a recurring dream during the months of the pandemic, during which we were repeatedly told how important it is to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with infected hands.

Dreaming of washing your hands, during a pandemic, could be a simple indicator of fear: on a subconscious level, we fear that we are not doing enough to protect ourselves and our family from contagion and therefore we "advise “not to let our guard down and continue to do whatever is necessary to avoid contracting the virus.

If, on the other hand, contagion is not among the main concerns of the dreamer, dreaming of washing your hands will indicate the desire to get out of a thorny situation: after all, it is the gesture for which Pontius Pilate became famous , who chose not to take responsibility for it, until the death of Christ.


Dream about washing your face

The face is what represents us the most in relation to others. To dream of washing our face means that we are not satisfied with what we are or, better said, we are not satisfied with what we show to others: perhaps to be accepted by a group of people, we have decided to pretend to be what we are not in reality or we blatantly lied because we thought we were "not enough".

If we dream of washing our face, our subconscious suggest us to be more authentic and sincere with the people around us. It is no coincidence that makeup is called "makeup". It's actually a trick that works to be more easily accepted and admired by society, hiding the "uncomfortable truth" of certain wrinkles or skin blemishes. To remove make-up from the face is to show oneself as one is.


Dream about washing your hair

Since hair grows out of our head, in dreams it represents thoughts that, on a metaphorical level, "grow out" of our head, just like hair.

For this reason, dreaming of washing your hair, in the practice of shampooing, signifies that on a subconscious level we need to put away our daily emotions and thoughts, as we feel overwhelmed with chaos and probably anxiety. (See Dreaming of Hair).


Dream about washing your feet

The feet are what move us, what is in close and continuous contact with the ground, which is absolutely lower than the rest of our body. These are all characteristics that make feet a perfect symbol of our instincts, which move our actions and are considered "inferior" to all other thoughts and emotions that we usually feel.

For this reason, dreaming of washing our feet means that we have to purify ourselves from the instincts, which we feel in a period of our life when we are controlled by desire, love, envy, that is, say by feelings that we cannot rationally handle.

To dream of washing your feet is to want to regain control of all aspects of our emotional life but also the desire to purify ourselves of what we have experienced emotionally in the past. (See Dreaming of Feet).


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