Dream about making love with a friend: What meanings?

Dream about making love with a friend: What meanings?

Trying to figure out the meaning of dreams has been a task that has challenged men for many years. Making sense of all the things that cross our heads in a particular way while we sleep is something that has puzzled psychology and neurology for centuries. 

Dreams are a manifestation of our subconscious and they can help us better understand and clarify our feelings and desires, even when we don't know these feelings are present. In this sense, dreaming of having sex with a friend can reveal several things about your relationship. 


Dreaming of having sex with a friend: What you need to know

When there are dreams involving sex and a friend, the advice is to observe the sensation that the dream brought to you - this way it is easier to try to understand its meaning. If you dreamed that you had sex with a female friend and you liked it, it could indicate a need for closer emotional relations. 

Your friend's positive traits (what makes you like her) may be traits you want to look for in someone to have a relationship with. The important thing is not to stick to the face of the person who was in the dreams, but to the feeling that was present. However, the question is worth asking: doesn't this dream reveal a repressed desire to take the relationship with the friend to the next level?


Dream about making love to your cousin

Although controversial, dreaming that you are having sex with a cousin has very positive meanings. It can indicate a high level of emotional maturity, which makes it possible to love the other despite their faults, and independently of them. Accepting the qualities and especially the faults of others is a mark of respect, even if you do not agree with their attitudes or decisions.

In dreams, the figure of the cousin is closely related to the rescue of good memories. Dreams about cousins ​​can indicate a need to feel loved in general.


Dreaming that you are having sex with an old friend

If you had an erotic dream about your lifelong friend, it's a sign that you need to pay more attention to the present. Dreams like these are associated with an attachment to the past, and you might end up not enjoying the present as you should.

It can also indicate resolving complicated issues and conflicts that are troubling you in the present. Be aware of upcoming events.



Dreaming that you are making love to a friend you love

Dreaming that you are making love to the person you love is a dream with various meanings! To dream that you are having sex, in itself, would only indicate desire. But, if the dream is specifically about the loved one, it could be a sign of good luck.

However, this type of dream can also indicate lack of affection in some area of ​​your life. This lack of affection can be in any area of ​​life, not just love life. In dreams, we tend to free ourselves from any self-imposed censorship, and we can see how our subconscious manifests itself in our own lives. 

A possible explanation for the appearance of erotic dreams is as if they were a form of compensation for something that is lacking in our life, and that we tend to fill it through the dream of sex.


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