Dream about making love with a woman: What meanings?

Dream about making love with a woman: What meanings?

Dream about making love with a woman: What meanings?

In dreams, making love has a double meaning value that symbolism interprets, in fact this dream serves both to reveal and to satisfy the feelings and desires of the dreamer, naturally highlighting the lack of something.

What does it mean to dream of making love? Very often we have sex in dreams when we try to take on qualities that belong to the person we are consummating the relationship with in the dream vision.

Indeed, with the act of love we metaphorically take the partner making him ours, and this is how dreams are often explained in which love is made with a person of the same sex.


Dreaming of making love with a woman: What you need to know

This happens especially in women and rest assured, it absolutely does not mean that you are lesbian or bisexual. There are many hypotheses to explain this type of dream:

It could just be a desire for more gentleness and understanding, as we find in the female figure the idea of ​​the maternal womb and the feeling of protection, but it could also be a momentary sexual dissatisfaction with one's partner and therefore, in the unconscious, we explore different options to find some satisfaction.

Sometimes it can even happen to dream of having relations with relatives, such as his sister or his mother. Many are those who have woken up in disgust, thinking they are a horrible person with a disease on them. It is not so.

If you do not suffer from complexes like that of Odipe Ré and Electra you can sleep peacefully: It is likely that there are qualities, perhaps of character, that you would like to see in yourself as well as in those of your loved ones. Another hypothesis is that you feel the need to further strengthen the relationship with them, or that you would simply like to get more attention and loving gratitude from one of them.

So if you have strange dreams, with a homosexual background, don't worry too much: the dreams are not directly controlled by us, but often express a need for something that we lack.

The problem with dreams is that they don't send direct signals: for example, if we miss our mother's affection, we don't dream of hugging her and saying I t love, it can happen that we dream of going to bed. 

Dreams are subtle and send us twisted messages, it's up to us to know how to decipher them correctly without hiding the face. 

So if you had such a dream and you panicked, now you can be reassured: try to solve problems in real life and forget about dreams, do not bandage your head and you will see that you will come back to dreaming more "normally" things.

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