Dream about making love with her husband: What meanings?

Dream about making love with her husband: What meanings?

Dreaming that you are having sex with your husband is a bit of a fuzzy topic if not properly contextualized. This is one of those typical dreams that can only be understood when certain premises are established for the interpretation of its meaning.

First, you must determine whether the husband in question is the man you are married to or an imaginary husband in your dreams. This will allow you to understand whether your dream is about your own feelings or your relationship with your current spouse.

In addition, it is important to analyze how pleasant sex seems to be during the dream. The idea of ​​dreaming that you are having sex with your husband as something positive tends to indicate a good time in your relationship. Completely frustrated sex, on the other hand, suggests some dissatisfaction you are currently feeling.

From these basic questions, it is correct to interpret that dreaming that you are having sex with your husband may represent some of the following meanings:


Dreaming of having sex with her husband: Representation of your sexual desire

To dream that you are having sex with your husband may be a representation of your own sexual desire. In this case, it is necessary to contextualize the dream: on the one hand, sex can represent how much you feel the desire for it, as a reflection of your daily life.

On the other hand, this desire may appear in the sense of filling the lack of sex in your waking life, as a sort of compensation for what is not happening in your reality.

Reflection on the intimacy between you

The way sex is going in your dream can be very significant in symbolizing the state of your intimacy with your husband. Especially when sex takes place in your own bedroom, in your bed, there is a depiction of an intimate relationship in a more emotional sense, dealing with what is private, not your literal sex life.

When sex is going in a coordinated and pleasant way, everything indicates that your intimate life is going well, with confidence and pleasure. When the scene seems awkward and meaningless, on the other hand, the interpretation is of something negative, like the idea that you are no longer intimate with your husband.


Dreaming about frustrated sex

Dreaming about frustrated sex can relate to both your sex life and the current state of your relationship. If the former, there is a clear indication that your sex life is going badly, and the frustration in the dream is often indicative of your frustration in waking life.

On the other hand, dreaming of frustrated sex could represent general frustration with your marriage, suggesting that it no longer meets your inner needs - not just in regards to your sex life.


Dream about someone else having sex with your husband

To dream of someone else having sex with your husband is a typical representation of insecurity and distrust of your husband. The first step in this case is to rationalize and understand that the insecurity, mistrust and betrayal presented in the dream is about you and not your husband.

In other words, this type of dream is a representation of your feelings of insecurity and the time and effort you spend imagining the negative situations that may arise in your life. When this type of dream is recurrent, it is important to understand the origin of this type of mistrust.


Dreaming that you are having sex with someone else's husband

When the situation is reversed and it is you who is cheating, especially with an acquaintance's husband, it could be a representation of a harmless fantasy, or a representation of how guilty you feel about an attitude that has already hurt that person.

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