Dream about sleeping with your ex: What meanings?

Dream about sleeping with your ex: What meanings?

If there's any dream you'll wake up in anxiety from, it's dreaming about having sex with your ex.

The first thing to do - after dabbing your forehead and taking a cold shower - is to remember that sex dreams involving exes are normal. So don't panic! 

Sexual dreams do not necessarily indicate sexual attraction (although sometimes it is just that). It could also mean that you have untapped desires or fantasies that you might want to explore.

When it comes to addressing a sex dream with an ex – or any dream for that matter – it is crucial to look at the dream image in its details. 

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Dreaming about sleeping with your ex and that it was pleasant

If your sex life with your ex was enjoyable, your dream might just be nostalgia. Maybe a way to express your desire to connect with your ex.

The exes we are most likely to have sexual dreams about are our first love, an ex we still bond with through kids or other circumstances, or the ex who most recently broke our relationship. heart.

A dream about the latter guy in particular could be a sign that you are still a bit stuck on your ex and haven't, in fact, moved on. These dreams clearly indicate that you have not healed – in which case the dreams will continue until you let go and let go of the past. It is impossible to move forward as long as you cling to what is behind you.

The dream reflects sexual desire or a re-opening to intimacy. Again, what it may reflect depends on your current situation in your life regarding these aspects. 

Maybe you are single and crave companionship. Perhaps you feel that your current partner(s) needs to grow in certain areas. Either way, ask yourself if there is a void in your life that needs to be filled.

The feelings that a dream inspires are essential to better understand what your subconscious reveals to you.


Dreaming about sleeping with your ex and it was not pleasant

If the dream of sex with your ex was not pleasant, even if your sex life in reality was, this may be the sign that something has changed in you. This “something” can be your values, your wants or your needs.

And if sex with your ex wasn't great to begin with, start by asking yourself what you think brought about that dream. What in your waking life reminded you of the not so crazy sex you had with a former partner? The reasons may vary. But it will likely relate to why you previously accepted a sex life that didn't prioritize your pleasure (and why you might not want that in the future).


Dreaming about sleeping with your ex in a neutral way

Similar to the change in values, wants, and needs mentioned earlier, a gender-neutral dream could reflect you growing away from your ex. Just like in the dream, you now feel more neutral or indifferent towards him.

Another view is that this neutral dream may not be about your ex. Maybe it's your ex meaning "someone else's role" or "maybe something from your past, an opportunity you missed." Ask yourself: is there anything from your past that is represented here? 

This can include the college program you were in, where you lived, the job you do, or the social scenes you were dating your ex in.


What does it mean if there were feelings involved?

You will be happy to know that if your dream involved soft sex or something resembling love, it does not necessarily mean that you are still in love with your ex. 

For example, if in reality the sex was fueled by pure lust and your dream was filled with tenderness, this could, again, mean a change of priorities. It may reflect how your sexual and intimate needs are changing - how you may want intimacy that marries a connection of the heart with passion.

An example of this can be found in the concrete details of your dream. Let's take an example: lighting. Was it light or dark in the room? Having the lights on in a sex dream on your ex might not seem like a big deal. 

But if you have never had sex with lights in reality, maybe the dream reflects wanting a change in your approach to sexuality, or maybe it reflects seeing something more clearly.


What should you do if you dream of having sex with your ex?

Again, don't panic. Instead, grasp this dream as a opportunity to reevaluate your desires and their importance in your past and present. 

This dream is likely the result of some need not being met in waking life. 

As confusing or aggravating as it was, the dream should just be an indication to move on.

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