Dream of being in a relationship with someone you know: What meanings?

Dream of being in a relationship with someone you know: What meanings?

In today's article you will find out what it means to be in a relationship with someone you know, with the main interpretations related to this dream.

Dreaming of being in a relationship with someone we know is probably one of the most pleasant dreams that can intrigue us if the person appearing is not our spouse. However, its meaning does not necessarily have an erotic connotation; depending on the context, its interpretation varies.

Dreams should not be seen as a copy of reality; Therefore, if you dream of having a romantic relationship with a colleague or a friend, it does not mean that you actually want it.


Dreaming of being in a relationship with someone you know: What you need to know

From a psychological perspective, this dream can symbolize a merging between some unequal aspects of each other within you, or a subconscious need to incorporate aspects of that person within you.

Then you need to take into account who the person you are in a relationship with in the dream is and how you feel about them in your real life to determine what your dream is trying to say.

Also, depending on who the other person is, each dream has its own meaning, here is additional information.


With your ex 

It doesn't mean you miss him, but it's a way to remind him that the passion is always there.

It can happen in your current relationship, but don't worry. Dreaming about someone hurting you can also mean that you are emotionally trapped and can't get over it.


With a friend

 If this happens to someone who is not interested in the love aspect, it may be a sign that you have connected more deeply with this person.


With a colleague or with the school

It represents the bond you have established with this person and that you want to incorporate some of their virtues into your life.


With a stranger

To dream of a relationship with a stranger signifies the personification of the qualities that you associate with this person.


With your partner, but who has another face

It means your partner is showing you sides that you don't like. If you feel uncomfortable, ask yourself if this new step makes you feel good.


With someone you don't like

When you dream about having relations with your enemy, your spirit tells you that you have to come to an agreement with this person so that he forgets his grudge.


With your best friend

If you have an emotional connection, it could mean you have a hidden desire. 

If not, it may just be an indication that there are aspects of his personality that you like and would like to incorporate into your life.


With a family member

It is one of the dreams that bothers us the most, but its interpretation has nothing to do with carnal desire. This means that the emotional bond with this person must be reviewed and strengthened.

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