Dream of Clown: What meanings?

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Dream of Clown: What meanings?

Some people are afraid of clowns and dreaming of clowns is very distressing to them, this is called coulrophobia, and it is more common than you might think, in most cases it occurs in children , but it is not uncommon for adults to suffer from this condition.

When this fear persists into adult life, there may be a trauma in this sense, a negative experience, not only with the clown, but in certain situations where a child was associated with the image of the clown.

Dreaming about a clown: The different meanings

If you suffer from this disease and have seen a clown recently, your dream simply means that you are reliving your fear internally. Nothing unusual, or sinister, or even mystical, or supernatural.


Dreaming of a happy clown

something in your life worries you, but this worry will be fleeting and there will be a good result, or at least a satisfactory result.


Dreaming of an angry or frowning clown

It also means that something worries you or that something is off track in your life, do not expect a good result or an intense struggle to achieve your goal.


Dream of a clown running or running away

This dream means that you don't know how to deal with an unresolved situation in your life, whether personal or professional. It is worth talking to close or trustworthy people and getting help.

If you don't suffer from coulrophobia, dreaming of a clown has something to do with the realm of friendship, trust, and happiness, usually referring to betrayals and deceptions.

Dream about seeing a clown

You will probably be facing some difficulties, whether personally or professionally, but if you manage to keep a good mood and accept what life has to offer, you will come out on top.


Dream about talking to a clown

This dream reveals that you are worried and aware of a mistake you have made, but deep down you think no one notices, you could be surprised at any moment.


Dreaming of a sad clown

It means that you carry the world on your shoulders, caring too much about other people's problems and leaving your own behind, take better care of yourself and your own happiness.


Dream of a crying clown

This dream has a lot to do with your professional life, it can mean losing a job, losing an opportunity or even undoing a good deal. See Dreaming About Someone Crying.


Dreaming of smiling clown

Dreaming of a smiling clown is a sign of well-being, that you have achieved or are about to achieve a dream.


Dream of clown laughter

In this dream, especially if he laughs uncontrollably, it is a sign of betrayal, a friend will let you down, or at work a colleague will try to pull your mat. Look around and see if you can really tell your secrets to whom you think you should.


Dream about fighting a clown

This type of dream is similar to the previous one, it refers to betrayal, someone you trust or like wants to hurt you, in this case, just to hurt out of envy or spite. See Dreaming of Fighting.


Dream about bad clown

Avoid immersing yourself in personal or professional problems with someone who has just entered your life, this person can be very treacherous, or want something that you have that he does not have, and to achieve this, he will pretend to be a friend.


Dreaming about different clowns

This dream means that you surround yourself with the wrong people, who won't always mean well to you, or who won't be by your side when you need them, keep an eye out and watch for new friendships, not all smiles are true.


Dream that you are at a party with clowns

Just like dreaming that you are at a clown-themed party, or that there is someone dressed as a clown at a party, it means that you are going to have a pleasant surprise, from someone unexpected.

If you are really worried about these dreams and you are a spiritual person, it is worth seeking out someone who offers spiritual blessings or guidance.

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