Dream of cooking: What meanings?

Dream of cooking: What meanings?

To dream of cooking indicates a form of creativity that the dreamer expresses or needs to express.

A creativity that translates into ideas, actions and works that aim for an objective to be achieved.

Cooking in a dream is a complex dream image, because it involves a series of gestures, the use of foods and ingredients, recipes, utensils that the dreamer remembers must remember perfectly and which, in turn, have a precise symbolic value.

And each step taken in the kitchen, each element used, each sensation felt contributes to enriching the original symbol, but also leads in different directions.


Dreaming of cooking: General interpretation

The symbolism of the kitchen in dreams and in reality is related to transformation and a process in which each separate element must change, become something else and merge with other elements.

The transformation of food in a dream results in an inner transformation of the dreamer or in a transformation of his reality, of his relationships, of the circumstances he lives.

Cooking is a kind of alchemical process in which the dreamer's journey, his needs, his desires and the tension towards a goal to be achieved are reflected.

But as in an alchemical way, cooking also requires knowledge, will and planning, so that what is raw and separated (the different foods) is refined, melted and transformed.

This means that dreaming of cooking will be linked to what the dreamer is trying to "do", to "put in place" in his life and that the ingredients chosen, the gestures performed, the enthusiasm, boredom or resignation, the ability or inability will reflect what is really going on in him, the emotions that drive him, the resources available, the will to create or change something.

Without forgetting that the action of cooking in dreams is also linked to psychic transformations, to changes that take place in the depths and which must be elaborated and expressed in reality or in feelings.

Dream of cooking: The different meanings


1. Dreaming of cooking with pleasure 

These are the most positive images related to this symbol and translate into achieved goals in different areas: love, work and business, interpersonal relationships.

Cooking with commitment and attention, putting all your care into finding the right foods and other ingredients to add, is linked to a certain perfectionism, but also to creativity and confidence in your own qualities.


2. Dreaming of cooking for many people

It reflects a task at hand and depending on the feelings experienced in the dream, it can indicate goodwill, optimism, availability and confidence in the outcome or cause anxiety, fear and worry.

The dreamer can connect to a critical aspect and all doubts about his own work.


3. Dreaming of cooking following a recipe

It means having goals and following a pre-established plan to achieve them, having a plan, intermediate steps to take, having a method that facilitates what you want to achieve. 

When the following recipe is a family recipe, a grandmother's or mother's recipe, the dream indicates the desire to rediscover the "flavors" of the past. A dream that is sometimes linked to nostalgia, to the need for protection and warmth.


4. Dreaming of not knowing how to cook

It reflects a situation of distrust and low self-esteem, or it highlights the lack of skills and resources needed to achieve a goal.


5. Dreaming of bad cooking

When what you are cooking in your dreams is bad, repulsive, or inedible, the image may indicate something that has not been properly organized and therefore does not turn out as expected.


6. Dreaming of cooking together

It is often linked to a romantic relationship where the harmony and pleasure of interacting or hindering each other in the execution of a recipe, can reflect the positive or critical aspects of a real relationship.


7. Dreaming of cooking outdoors

He shows his willingness to explore different alternatives and to get involved. It is a positive image related to openness to life's possibilities, self-esteem and confidence in being able to contribute to the world.

In particular, having a barbecue in a dream can be linked to the need to achieve goals quickly, to obtain consensus and attention, but also to involve more people, to think big and to focus on a collective project.


8. Dreaming of cooking in a restaurant kitchen

It reflects technical aspects and a specialized field in which we evolve and, depending on the sensations, highlights the way the dreamer faces an area greater than his skills, discomfort or security, fear of being judged or the desire to learn new things.


9. Dreaming of cooking in the kitchen from childhood

it reflects the value of memories and pleasant, romantic or dramatic atmospheres of the time and the need, perhaps, to review aspects of this past, to elaborate and transform them. It may indicate the emergence of infantile aspects and the desire not to expose oneself to the first person in certain areas.



10. Dreaming of cooking with a famous chef

Many cooking shows on television have highlighted the figure of the chef who, in the collective imagination, has gone from a humble cook to a kind of star, someone who manages to do something (well) useful, indispensable and that he likes.

Hence the admiration for this category of professionals who have become real celebrities.

Each of these characters has different qualities and a different impact on the perception of the dreamer who may feel encouragement or criticism of his work.

A famous chef in a dream may indicate the need to incorporate these qualities or to recognize qualities already possessed and perhaps abused.

Dreaming of cooking with a chef can be an encouraging dream that drives the dreamer to want more, to get the best, to strive for excellence.


11. Dreaming of being a chef

It highlights an aptitude for command and leadership that the dreamer may not yet recognize in himself, but he can also show a real desire to be a leader in certain areas, to know how to guide others, to steer towards the “good” results.

Of course, this dream may reflect a real desire to become a chef in the kitchen.


12. Dreaming of cooking meat

This is the most common image of all time and reflects the need to find (and give) strength, courage, determination.

It is a symbol linked to the energy of the inner masculine and its qualities and can indicate the completion of a job and a concrete objective to be achieved.


13. Dreaming of cooking grilled meat

It indicates enthusiasm, but also the haste to reach a goal, but it is sometimes linked to approximation, recklessness, superficiality or instinct that can lead to "skipping" stages.


14. Dreaming of cooking chicken meat 

For this dream, it is essential to know what the dreamer feels: these are meats that we like or that disgust us. Generally these dreams are related to taking things calmly, thinking about the results to be obtained without getting carried away by enthusiasm or impulsiveness.


15. Dreaming of cooking human flesh

This dream should make us reflect on the influence exerted by others, on the tendency perhaps to appropriate the ideas and thoughts of others, to "feed" on the resources of others, that is to say to achieve results, grow and mature through others.

But the same image can represent the need to elaborate and transform what comes from others, knowing that creativity also feeds on what already exists.

If the feelings felt are of disgust and horror, the dream might indicate something reprehensible, invasive and engulfing done at the expense of another person.


16. Dreaming of cooking fish

Fish in dreams has deep meanings related to different unconscious contents and cooking fish in dreams can represent their needs to deal with such content, to come to terms with parts of themselves, to know them, to recognize their quality, use them in their lives.

Sometimes the fish indicates spiritual and religious aspects, in this case the dream will bring out the needs in this area.


17. Dreaming of cooking fish in the oven

The oven is a kind of maternal womb, the heat of which ripens and completes something that can be useful to the dreamer. Baked fish in dreams can indicate the process of incubating and developing an idea and a project.


18. Dreaming of cooking fried fish

It reflects a certain urgency, the rush to get what you want. It is anticipating. Imagine the pleasure and the taste.


19. Dreaming of cooking rice

It can indicate the real need for nutritious and light food or highlight other needs: patience, concentration, creativity that can lead to positivity, abundance and harmony.

20. Dreaming of cooking pasta

It is the Italian cuisine par excellence, the one that reflects tradition and common taste. To dream of cooking pasta is a sign of care and attention to yourself and meeting your needs.

If it is cooked for others, it indicates the bond between them, the love, the complicity, the intimacy.


21. Dreaming of cooking eggs

It means accessing one's inner resources, being aware of one's possibilities, using them for one's own ends. Eggs in dreams are a symbol of perfection and rebirth and cooking them means participating in their wholeness, nourishment (symbolic) and future possibilities.


22. Dreaming of cooking sweets

This dream highlights the ability to create a loving and gentle atmosphere, the ability to give others sweetness, tenderness, pleasure.


23. Dreaming of cooking lentils

Lentils in popular culture dreams are linked to abundance and luck (they are eaten on New Year's Eve as a symbol of good wishes, prosperity and luck).

Cooking them in dreams indicates an optimistic disposition, confidence and the need to fill a void.

But they can also indicate the need for more care and slowness, more time to prepare and process a project.


24. Dreaming of cooking vegetables

Dreaming of vegetables in general is linked to the need to provide vegetable components in one's diet, therefore to a need of the body that is surfacing.

Cooking vegetables in a dream shows the need to take care of oneself and one's well-being, but if the feelings are of rejection, this dream image will relate to something "tasteless", unpleasant and of little value. But each cooked vegetable will have different meanings, for example:


25. Dream of cooking artichokes

These dreams indicate something indigestible and heavy (in the metaphorical sense) that the dreamer is facing and trying to come to terms with, confront and transform into something better. They can indicate people or situations.


26. Cook eggplant in dreams

They often have a phallic meaning and cooking them may indicate a sexual approach. The same meaning that can emerge while dreaming of cooking celery, carrots, roots or other elongated or round vegetables such as turnips, radishes, cherry tomatoes.


27. Dreaming of cooking onions

It is to face the problems, difficulties and pains of life with courage, without being overwhelmed by them, transforming the "cry" into something positive.

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