Dream of crying: What meaning?

Dream of crying: What meaning?

Dreaming of crying is not trivial. These are feelings that we cannot face otherwise, feelings that must finally break out. It is not for nothing that we are talking about an emotional explosion at such times. 

Crying is like a valve through which pent up emotions can flow, and that's a good thing. Because everyone knows the liberating effect of tears. It's good to let them go wild sometimes. It calms you down when you can cry. 

Even crying in a dream is a discharge of feelings - but it takes place in the subconscious. The reasons can be very different.

Often we dream of crying, but we don't know why the tears flowed in a certain dream situation and what they mean in real life. For you to interpret your crying dream, we have collected the most common dreams about crying.


Dream about mourning someone's death

In case you dreamed of mourning the death of someone, the unconscious warns you of your attachment to the past. Usually the person depicted in the dream is not the source of this attachment, but rather represents the past and may also be involved in some situation in your life that has yet to be resolved.

So it's important that you start thinking about what you missed. It is a time that requires an openness to feelings and also the resolution of old conflicts so that a new cycle can begin, since death represents this beginning in dreams.


To dream that you are crying because someone left you

Dreaming that you are crying because someone left you, telling you about unresolved things. So this is a dream related to your personal life and it may have something to do with some past trauma that you never paid enough attention to. In fact, you may have simply believed for a long time that you were done with it.

The unconscious sends this message to emphasize that you need to look inside yourself more carefully. That's what affects your personal life because you don't know how to deal with some people who were part of that painful memory and just seem to have moved on.


Dream of crying from happiness

If you dreamed of happiness, the unconscious strengthens the idea of ​​letting you be guided by your instincts. Your intuition is quite sharp and you need to learn to trust what she tells you more. From this confidence it will be possible to perceive an opening of paths.

This message becomes even more intense for people faced with an important career decision. Therefore, you must not only listen to reason, but also what your heart tells you about these future orientations.


Dream about crying from loneliness

People who dream of crying from loneliness actually receive a positive message. The unconscious sends this image to emphasize that you are learning to listen to your instincts and soon you will receive very positive news about love.

In case you start to get involved with someone, this news has everything to be linked to the confirmation that you have been waiting for to go further in this link. Thus, the dream highlights that you are well accompanied and you do not have to fear.


Dream about crying for something negative

If you dreamed of crying because of something negative, the subconscious sends a message about the feeling of suffocation that invades your life. You have failed to express yourself properly and feel that when you can talk about how you feel, no one is listening to what you have to say.

Therefore, the desire to cry is something recurrent in your life and anxious you. Thus, this image of crying over something negative appears in the unconscious to emphasize the importance of finding a way to be heard, even if it means seeking professional help.


Dreaming that you are crying because you feel a lack

The people who dream that they cry because someone miss them receive a message on their lack of self -confidence. It is present in all areas of your life and constantly influences your decisions, making you more anxious whenever a new direction must be taken.

Therefore, you need to find a way to combat these issues. The first step is to start working on your confidence and learn to recognize your qualities, because that is the root of everything that brings you into this process of anxiety.


To dream that you are crying because you miss someone who is far away

To dream that you are crying because you miss someone who is far away is related to the reason for this distance. Therefore, you need to determine if the person moved away from you due to past conflicts or moving to another city. It is only from there that it is possible to have a more precise interpretation.

However, a general meaning of the dream is that you are struggling with some internal problem and it is keeping you paralyzed. So you feel hopeless and wish you had someone to ask for help, but at the same time you feel that you cannot share the causes of your conflicts with anyone.


Dream about crying saying goodbye to an ex

If you dreamed of crying while saying goodbye to an ex, you receive a message about the emotions that you have suppressed. These dreams are not necessarily related to that past relationship, but rather to a situation where you made a mistake and you cannot fix it anymore.

The dream comes to emphasize that you don't have to carry this guilt for life. You must learn to recognize that some things are out of your control and therefore cannot be corrected even if you feel a strong desire to correct what has been done before.


Dreaming of crying for his lost wife

To dream that you are crying for a lost woman is asking you to take a closer look at your life because someone may be about to leave your life and you don't even realize it is happening. In a way, you have been oblivious to your relationships and this lack of dedication will have consequences.

Therefore, you need to pay more attention to those who are important and make sure that you do everything possible to let them know they are loved before they leave you for good.


Dreaming of crying over a waking life event

Anyone who dreams of crying over a waking life event, especially if they wake up crying again, is receiving a positive message. The unconscious tries to purge the pain you carry from a past event. So, this dream works as an emotional journey to help you in this process.

You need to let go of all the burden that previous events have brought into your life, so that you can move on and be more open to the good things. Then this image is sent to begin this healing process.


To dream that you are crying about marrying someone you don't love

Those who dream that they are crying to marry a person they do not love should pay attention to the message sent by the unconscious. This dream comes to emphasize that you are not sure about the path you have chosen to follow because you fear that this choice has been influenced too much from within. Therefore, some thought is required to determine if this is correct.

If you realize that you actually followed what others expected and not what you wanted, try recalculating the route. Even if things are on the right track, you have to keep in mind that the path you are following is not your own.


Dream about crying loudly

In case you dream of crying aloud, the unconscious sends a message on the importance of learning to trust the way you express yourself. Sometimes you think you cannot make others understand what you say, but the truth is that the problem is not always in your speech.

In some situations, conflict arises because of listening. So people don't really care to understand what you have to communicate. So, this is a dream that also calls for a review of your relationships.


Dream about crying hysterically

Those who dream of crying hysterically should pay more attention to their emotional state. You are going through a very fragile phase and you do not know how to respect this moment. So, even if you feel distressed, keep moving forward and living with the people who are leaving you like this.

However, your sense of vulnerability will only increase if the problem is not actually resolved. Therefore, you need to find a way to talk to the people who are causing you this emotional fragility to resolve the issue and move on.


Dream about crying in silence

People who dream of crying in silence receive a warning about the need to open up more to others. You are a person who tends to withdraw and adopt a suspicious posture. While that's not entirely wrong, it's not a reason to isolate yourself either.

All this voluntary isolation can cause you long-term damage and make you no longer know how to make connections. It should be borne in mind that some loved ones, even if they are not many, are the need of all.


Dream of crying a fake cry

To dream that you are crying a false cry is something that calls for an analysis of your own personality. You pretend not to let people see that there is something unresolved inside of you. Usually, this dream is related to some trauma from the past that you have to deal with, but are still unconvinced about.

Therefore, creating this “new personality” is nothing more than a way of trying to hide what happened and ignore that you were affected by it. Be aware that this process can have serious consequences.


Dream about crying blood

In case you dreamed of crying blood, the message is positive. The unconscious highlights that you have adopted a new attitude towards life and it allows a different vision of things, which can generate changes.

However, it should be noted that none of this will happen without having to deal with bad feelings first. These changes will be the result of a new view of the people who are close to you today and some of them may hinder the process.


Dream about crying in bed

If you dreamed that you were crying in bed, you need to pay attention to financial matters. Although you feel the desire to become a completely independent person, it is possible that you tie your finances to those of someone else and this will end up getting you into trouble.

The situation becomes even worse if the person in question is a member of your family. In this sense, you must be careful with loan applications because they may end up not being paid and this will have a negative impact on your situation, depriving you of certain important things.



Dream of crying - the general interpretation

In general, crying in a dream should be seen as a release of tension. Blockages are released! Especially for people who can't or very rarely cry or give in to their feelings when awake, dreamed tears are a valuable outlet to balance the pressure.

Crying in a dream can be a sign of waking emotional experiences that you have not yet processed - positive surprises can be signified as well as negative ones. Your subconscious tells you through tears that treatment was still needed here.

Tears in a dream can be an expression of a burden that has been overcome. You have left something behind, so the associated emotions can now also discharge and literally wash away the negative experiences. Positive experiences can also bring tears to your sleep. 

Whether you shed a tear in a dream or someone else's is not always relevant to dream interpretation. But seeing another person moaning sadly in a dream can also indicate that you feel a strong need to take care of others and provide comfort.

Do the exact type of crying reveals more about the meaning of a dream in tears: do heavy sobs prevent you from talking? Are you crying in silence? If the tears in the dream are very physically accentuated, for example by sobing and trembling, the problems to overcome are more difficult.

If you are crying in a dream for no reason, it may be an expression of deep personal sadness that needs to be overcome. Perhaps you are grieving past events or fearing the future. 

Are you mourning the loss of someone? Are you still facing a problem that you have already overcome? Or are you afraid of something that comes to you? All of these reasons can explain why you see yourself crying or shedding tears in a dream.

If you wake up from a dream and notice that you're actually crying, it could be a sign of a deep hurt or trauma you've been through and have already repressed. The problems here are certainly deeper in nature. If such dreams come up frequently, it is advisable to seek professional help.



The psychological interpretation

From the psychological point of view of Sigmund Freud and his successors, tears in the dream indicate emotional release, personal catharsis (= release from emotional conflict by working through feelings).

So, crying in a dream can be an image for releasing emotional pressure or pain. These are strong feelings, which can often be interpreted positively, but can also indicate grief or a tendency to depression.

Psychologically interpreted, a dream in which you cry can help you overcome terrible experiences; for example the death of a loved one or another twist of fate. If tearful dreams are very strong and disturbing, they can be interpreted as an imminent transition to a new state of consciousness - for example, overcoming a period of grief. Also, great happiness is often manifested in the dream by bursts of tears.

It is above all the task of the dreamer to take his dreamed tears with him in the waking state - in order to be aware of the events processed, to give expression to the emotions and thus to let go.


spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation of crying in the dream relates to the suffering of grief and loss - mostly of a personal nature.

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