Dreaming about rain: What meanings?

Dreaming about rain: What meanings?

Dreaming about rain: What meanings?

Nobody likes standing in the rain. Few people happily jump into their rubber boots, pull on their hooded raincoats, and rush through the flowing water.

However, precipitation has an important function for nature. A heavy downpour provides nature with enough water to better cope with a longer drought. Therefore, a summer rain is especially welcome among farmers.

Weather and especially rain can also play an important role in the dream world, which can be interpreted in many ways. Thus, rain may appear in the dream in connection with naturally watered plants. Or a wiper frees the windshield of moisture. Always think about other dream images you experienced during the rain dream and interpret them using our dream interpretation lexicon.


Dreaming of rain: The most common dreams


Dreaming of rain and rainbows

The rainbow, in the interpretation of dreams, represents union as well as for peace and especially for lovers, it is considered a very special symbol of luck. If a rainbow appears in the dream world at night, this gives the dreamer the opportunity to understand that he is on the right path and with high probability he can positively implement his plans .


Dreaming of splashing water


An umbrella appears in a dream

An umbrella in a dream symbolizes protection. This protection can be related to the fact that the person who dreams wants to protect himself from certain feelings, because he is afraid of being overwhelmed by them. It is quite possible that she has fears in different areas, but these are often unfounded.


Dreaming of a jacket with the rain

A rain jacket or a rain coat in our dreams points out that we might yearn for safety and security. We may crave reassurance and positive feelings, but for some reason we don't allow them to happen in the real world.


Dreaming of rain in the house

If it is raining in the house in the dream, it is a call to question your own well-being as well as your life in general. Do you feel physically and mentally well in your current life situation or are there stress issues and difficulties in your private or professional area that have a negative effect on your well-being?


Dreaming of raindrops

Raindrops are symbolic of tears, especially from the perspective of psychological dream interpretation, and thus embody strong feelings one might want to break away from. The dreamer would like to continue to show that you should indulge your emotions more often in the waking world, as they might otherwise accumulate.


Dreaming of rain and hail

Hail dreams, as a rule, are more likely to be associated with negative things. So, behind a hail dream may lie imminent damage or a quarrel in the family. Hail is interpreted positively in the dreams of young women: here it is a sign of happiness in love.


Dreaming of a rainstorm

Rainstorms held in the general interpretation of dreams represent strong feelings. Especially during a thunderstorm, there is a connection between the air and water elements. If havoc caused by the storm in the dream, it means profound changes in real life.


Dreaming of torrents of rain

 If this is a dream situation in which a downpour of rain occurs or even a real downpour of rain pours down and leads to a flood, we must be careful not to get carried away by our feelings.


Dreaming about rain: What meanings? 


Dreaming of rain - the general interpretation

Rain can be interpreted very differently in dreams. Often it highlights feelings that should no longer be suppressed. However, if the dreamer is drenched in rain, he may be too guided and influenced by his feelings.

If the dreamer is within a mist in sleep, then he will likely experience relaxation and inner balance. On the other hand, the dissipation of the clouds warns against violent feelings. If there is flooding or if someone sleeping experiences a downpour in the apartment, which becomes more and more intense, the person concerned may be too carried away by their feelings, which can harm them in the long term. Standing in a puddle of rain water can also portend grief soon.

If the dream is not wet in its sleep despite the rain, then its plans will also be successful. A hot shower is interpreted in the same way, which, in addition to success, can also mean happiness in love. Cold rain and storms accompanied by hail, storms and continuous heavy rain are always negative signs and should be understood as a warning of an accident.


Dream about rain - the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation, rain in the dream world is a symbol of tears and letting go of feelings. If the dream has worries and problems in the waking world that depress him and make him sad, this dream image may show. This is especially the case when in his waking life he doesn't have the ability to let his feelings out every once in a while.

According to dream research, there is another interpretation. Just as the rain fertilizes the earth, it symbolizes that the fruits of labor and love also blossom and can be harvested. The wishes and hopes of the dream will come true in the waking world with high probability.

If the rain is heavy and hits the dreamer in the face while sleeping, it can also be a sign of difficulties in waking life. Other problems may arise. In contrast, a warm summer rain in a dream is a sign of good times in the waking world.

If a man dreams of rain, it also symbolizes the desire for relaxation. In the case of a woman, the rain can be interpreted symbolically for the sexual act. In general, rain indicates good success in group work.


Dream of rain - the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation sees rain as a sign from heaven and therefore also as a blessing from God and a spiritual revelation.

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