Dream of flea market: What does it mean?

Dream of flea market: What does it mean?

Dream of flea market: What does it mean?


Anyone who's ever cleaned up their own four walls knows that a lot of things don't fit in newly tidied rooms, but at the same time they're still too good to throw away.

In these cases, flea markets offer a solution. Here you can sell your old stuff to others who can use it. What second-hand objects and goods are is not specified in any way.

For example, you can offer old books, decorative objects, clothes, toys, accessories or even old furniture and bicycles at a flea market. The price is then often negotiated spontaneously with an interested party.

But a flea market is not only attractive in reality. She can also appear as a symbol in our dreams. It sometimes happens while dreaming of a flea market that we sell things ourselves.

But sometimes we are also visitors to the flea market, look at the products on offer and maybe even buy something. It can be a small thing like an old vinyl record or a piece of furniture, maybe even rare and valuable antiques.

Regardless of which side of the sales booth we are on the dream flea market, the symbol always has a special meaning. What does that mean exactly?



Dreaming of a flea market: the general interpretation

Anyone who sells something in a flea market in a dream is, by general opinion, in a phase of change. The person concerned detaches himself from certain things from his past.

At the same time, the dreamer recognizes previously hidden possibilities, which he uses for himself in the new phase of his life. As a result, long-term goals can be quickly achieved.

If he does particularly well in the dream situation, it promises a turning point for the better, especially financially. When it comes to money, worries stay away for the foreseeable future. On the contrary, special successes await the dream.

A dream in which one visits a flea market and looks at the goods offered there also portends good business and financial gains. In some cases, however, the symbol also warns against having too high expectations of others. Anyone who imposes excessive demands on his fellow human beings risks ultimately being disappointed.

If the person concerned buys a particularly large number of items at a flea market stall, the dream also warns against wasteful behavior. Some expenses need to be reviewed. Are they really necessary? Or could the money be used for something else? You might even fall into a trap, literally letting yourself be “shot over the table”. These can be old second-hand items, but also expensive new products that have just hit the market.


Dreaming of a flea market: the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the symbol of the flea market refers to the personality traits of the person concerned. If he sells something at the flea market in a dream, it represents character traits, values ​​and feelings, which hold him back in his development, from which he must therefore detach himself.

Conversely, buying items at a flea market indicates a lack of fulfillment. The dreamer still lacks something so that he can fully develop.


Dreaming of a flea market: the spiritual interpretation

According to this interpretation, the flea market is a place of exchange of spiritual knowledge.


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