Dream of jumping into the void: What meanings?

Dream of jumping into the void: What meanings?

Although it's generally more common to dream of flying in other circumstances, you might be surprised to have dreams in which you leap into space, almost flying, or dreams in which you jump from a great height. . Dreams with jumps do not depend on age or gender, they appear whether you are a diligent student or a frustrated architect. But what does it mean to dream of jumping?


Dream of jumping into the void: What you need to know

Dream analysts interpret the dream of jumping into the void as the initiative you take to achieve your goals. You are firmly determined to meet your expectations.

The higher and longer the jump in your dream, the more firmly you want to meet your expectations. But beware: if in the dream world you can jump from cliff to cliff, in the real world you have to go little by little. It is not necessary to set very high goals. In the Dictionary of Dreams, dreaming of jumping is one of the most positive interpretations you can find.


The different meanings

Jumping into the void can indicate that you are solving your problems, and it can also refer to the effort you are making to solve the aspects that concern you.


Dream about jumping off a wall

If dreaming of jumping off a wall often happens to you, this may interest you. But be careful because it means that your love life could go through a dark period. If you were single, however, that could mean the situation will stay that way for a while. In short, as they say, "nothing good on the horizon".


Dreaming of falling into the void dodging an obstacle

To dream of jumping and dodging a pit or a hole may indicate that you know how to act in the face of some inconvenience. You accept problems naturally and usually find the easiest way to solve them.

Don't try to find the right answer, because naturally it will come to you and you will be happy that you have found a solution to the problem that afflicts you.

You are a positive and optimistic person, it will not be a hole or a puddle to jump into in your dream or nightmare that paralyzes you with fear. You believe in it and you are brave, nothing can stop you.


Dreaming of jumping into the void head first

Don't feel bad for taking the huge drop that happened during your high jump. We all make mistakes. The important thing is that in your dream you were convinced that you were taking a leap, the best you could do.

To dream of jumping into the void in this manner may be a method of your subconscious trying to tell you that it is always better to be wrong, but to have tried, than to have regrets of never even trying and failing. not know if sooner or later you would. be able to achieve your goals.

If, on the other hand, you noticed that the real protagonist of your dream was the fact that you stumbled and fell rather than the jump itself, then it is possible that you are going through a period of great doubts and uncertainties. All of this happens to everyone, it's just your mind's way of sending messages to you, to warn you that it will get better and not to give up.


You dream of skydiving

Do you often dream of skydiving? Although it is not a dream that characterizes the nights of many, dreaming of skydiving equipment can mean that you are in urgent need of finding something or someone to rely on to face difficulties. situations that intimidate you. The period is probably stressful and in the dream you seek the projection of safety and protection, and for your mind there is nothing better than a parachute to experience this feeling. 

More generally, dreaming of jumping high is usually more common among open-minded and imagination-prone people, probably also due to the fact that narrow-minded people wouldn't notice the symbolism behind this rather common dream. .

The jump itself represents the precise moment when the feet no longer touch the ground. If dreaming of jumping high concerns you closely, then perhaps you have the character of a real dreamer, endowed with great gifts for the imagination.

Now that you have all the necessary means to decode the seemingly encrypted messages that your brain sends you, waste no time and run to take care of your needs!

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