Dream of kissing: What meanings?

Dream of kissing: What meanings?

Dream of kissing: What meanings?

Our culture pays a lot of attention to the way we kiss: the kiss on the cheek, or on the forehead, expresses affection, sympathy, tenderness, fraternity, sharing.

The kiss on the mouth, on the other hand, expresses passionate love, desire; that's why you usually don't kiss a friend on the mouth, nor your parents, children or loved ones. But in dreams these distinctions may not appear; there are dreams where the kissing scenes are "strange", absurd, embarrassing.


Dreaming of kissing: What you need to know 

For example, dreaming of kissing your brother or friend on the mouth; or, despite being straight, kissing a person of the same sex on the lips, does not have the same meaning as in real life. Also, if instead of kissing your current boyfriend, in the dream you passionately kiss another person, possibly a stranger, or your ex, this is not a hidden fantasy, the meaning is not to be taken literally, the meaning being much deeper.

When you wake up, you may feel bad, but you have no reason to feel guilty or ashamed: these kisses took place in a dream, and you are therefore not responsible for them; knowing the meaning of these dreams will definitely make you feel better.


The main reasons for this dream

  • Love, affection: the kiss can manifest an emotional lack to be filled, or a need to express love, feeling, romance.

  • Physical attraction: dreaming of kissing on the mouth, kissing with the tongue, or kissing other erogenous zones (neck, shoulders, ear, etc.) can manifest a strong sexual desire that perhaps in real life you cannot not express, a passion that you must keep hidden.

  • Intimacy, harmony, spiritual union: for example, a kiss in dreams can express affinity, friendship, collaboration. When two people communicate a lot with each other and confide in each other a lot, it is possible that this "exchange" is represented in the dream with the image of the kiss.

  • Respect, submission: especially kissing the hands, or the feet, can represent a relationship of subordination (for example, towards a pope, a king), even of great admiration.

  • Renaissance: the kiss on the mouth represents the divine "breath" which creates life, which gives a soul to the body. In addition to religion, this idea of ​​"rebirth" linked to kissing is found in fairy tales such as "Snow White", "Sleeping Beauty", etc.

  • Peace, reconciliation: the kiss is a “sign of peace”.

  • Betrayal: think of the sentence of Jesus: “Judas, with a kiss you betray me”.

Dream about kissing the man or woman you love

It is a priori quite normal to dream of kissing your boyfriend, or the person you love, because the desire you feel for him also makes its way into dreams. The same, of course, applies to a man when he dreams of kissing his beloved woman. If you love this person but are not with them, dreaming of kissing them can generally be considered a good omen.

Dreaming that your boyfriend, husband, wife, etc. kissing you on the cheek or forehead can indicate that you don't feel loved.


Dream about kissing a stranger

This dream is especially common among teenagers; for a boy, kissing an unknown girl indicates the search for his soul mate, in the Jungian sense, for his feminine side and for the unconscious side of his Self.

For a girl, similarly, to dream of kissing an unknown boy represents the integration of her masculine part, the Animus, the contact with her unconscious. Dreaming of kissing a mysterious person, who does not know himself, a stranger, are therefore as many dreams which mark the stages of his psychic maturation, of self-discovery.

Some people always kiss the same unknown person in their dreams, feeling feelings for them. These dreams may precede first love, first kiss, or (in adults) an important romance.


Dream about kissing a friend

Dreaming about kissing a friend, maybe your best friend, could make you doubt your feelings; but it's probably the attraction to a part of his personality. This dream usually expresses a desire to acquire some important characteristic that your friend has, but you don't. The kiss can also express the great harmony you have with this friend.


Dream about kissing a famous person

Many, especially younger ones, kiss their “idol” (favorite actor, singer, pop star) in a dream; it shows your admiration and devotion to him/her, your fantasies about idealized love. Alternatively, if you're not a fan of them, the famous person may still have features that you appreciate or represent one of your aspirations.


Dreaming about kissing another man, another woman (not your current partner)

Exchanging passionate kisses with another man or woman in a dream does not mean that sooner or later you will also do it in real life! Don't blame yourself for this dream, but still try to figure out why it happened because it could be a clue of something missing in your relationship.

In the meantime, who is the other? Many dream of kissing a co-worker, or the boss, or someone close to their partner (eg, a friend, or brother/sister).

To understand the dream, ask yourself what this person has that your boyfriend/girlfriend misses, or in any case misses you in the couple relationship.


Dream about kissing your ex

Even this dream (very common, like all dreams about the ex) can be quite upsetting, especially if it's been a long time since the story ended, and now you don't think about him (or her).

Dreaming of kissing your ex can be conditioned by the fact that something or someone, at this moment in your life, makes you relive certain emotions and memories related to him, to your bond, to these moments lived together. He can also express a kind of reconciliation with certain characteristics that you didn't like about him, and that you have now learned to accept.


Dreaming of a kiss between two men or between two women

Dreaming of kissing someone of the same sex can also happen to heterosexual people; you don't have to think that such a dream indicates that you have gay or lesbian tendencies. It usually means that it's time to change something in your love life or in your relationship.

In dreams, giving a gay kiss can also indicate the need to better accept your feminine (if female) or masculine (if male) side.


Dream about kissing someone you don't like

If in your dream you are kissing or being kissed by your enemy, by someone you don't like at all or even hate, it could indicate betrayal, disguised hostility, deception.

However, he could also announce a future reconciliation with this person; maybe the anger you feel towards him is destined to die down.


Dreaming about kissing a brother, cousin, uncle or other relative

To dream of kissing a loved one (brother, sister, cousin, uncle) indicates that there is a good understanding between you, a strong and harmonious bond, you get along well together. To dream of kissing a relative on the mouth, eg, father, mother, can also express the need to understand and be close to that person, perhaps at a time when you are a little more cold and distant.


Dreaming of an ugly, disgusting and bitter kiss

Kissing someone and feeling disgust, or feeling a bitter taste in your mouth after the kiss can be a harbinger of a love that will make you suffer.


Dreaming of kissing someone and losing your tongue, a tooth, or seeing blood come out

These are all “accidents” that show you that you are the object of very intense, excessive passions; you expose yourself and you give yourself a lot, but the other could take advantage of it.


Dream about kissing and being rejected

You don't feel safe, you are afraid of being rejected by the person you love.


Dreaming of the kiss of a monster, the devil, a vampire

You need to transgress, to feel strong emotions. But be careful not to get tricked.


Dreaming of the kiss of death

This dream might indicate a new beginning, a change.


Dream about kissing hands

To dream of kissing someone's hands expresses devotion, faithfulness, respect towards a person.


Dreaming of a dead man's kiss 

This dream expresses your desire to be close to him, and longing for his physical contact. Sometimes in dreams the dead do not allow themselves to be kissed, they refuse the kiss: this expresses the "distance" that cannot be crossed between the world of the living and the world of the dead.


Dream about kissing you

It can mean that you know how to accept yourself, that you love yourself.


Dream about kissing a child

This dream indicates tenderness and the need to reconnect with your most innocent part.


Dream about kissing an animal

You have to reconnect with your instinct; here is the meaning of the animal dream to know more.

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