Dream of knife: What meanings?

Dream of knife: What meanings?

A knife can be a useful tool, but it can also be a dangerous weapon. With a knife we ​​can cut, split, carve or separate something.

For a knife thrower, a knife is his most important work tool. Every cook needs a precise and sharp kitchen knife, ideally in different sizes and designs, such as a cleaver, bread knife or specialty paring knife. We use cutlery to eat a meal, a knife which is not so sharp is usually enough.

A hunting knife can be used to hurt and kill animals. Butcher knives are useful for breaking down slaughtered livestock. A scalpel is used for medical operations or the dissection of a corpse in forensic medicine. With a knife, some people commit suicide. In a fight between two people, it can be fatal.

Knives can be made of different materials, but are usually made of (stainless) steel, iron or ceramic.

A question the dreamer might ask following a knife dream is: What would I like to separate or divide? Was it food cut with a knife? Was the knife used as a weapon, should I defend myself or did I attack someone?

In this article, I give you all the meanings of this dream.


Dream of knife: What meanings?

To make the most accurate analysis of the dream, it is vital to know the details. Here I present to you all the main meanings of this dream according to details.


Dream of holding a knife

To dream of holding a knife is a signal that there is confusion and misunderstandings in your life and that you are on edge. The subconscious makes you understand through this dream that you have to keep control of yourself.


Dream about buying a knife

This dream symbolizes a change, depending on the appearance of the knife, this newness can symbolize new opportunities.


Dream of lending a knife

This dream shows you that you are preparing for the loss of a loved one who will move away from you and may reveal guilt on your part for this person.


Dream about grinding a knife

you prepare face an obstacle that stands in front of you, the subconscious reveals through this dream your mental strength to stand up to what is about to happen to you.


Dream about a knife on the table

There are two main meanings here. The first is if the tip of the knife is facing you, showing that you feel threatened by something or someone. The second type of dream is one in which you have the tip pointing the other way, showing that you are someone's threat.


Dream about a double edged knife

There is a conflict in your life and you are mediating, represented by this type of knife by your subconscious in dreams.


Dreaming of a kitchen knife

Here the dream reflects a problem with your diet and that you need to eat better because the consequences on your physique are starting to be felt.


Dreaming of barbecue knife

There are things to come and you are in a moment of reflection concerning your life and the events that occur in it.


Dream about cutting with a knife

It doesn't matter what you do with a knife in a dream or who does it: it usually indicates  a separation in the waking world. It is about letting go of what affects an interpersonal relationship. After separation always comes an evolution.


Dream about killing with a knife


Dreaming of a knife attack

Were you involved in a knife attack in a dream? Have you been threatened with a knife before a dangerous stab erupted? Or did you just watch a knife fight? Such dream situations, often experienced as disturbing, mainly refer to the people around the dreamer. 

someone is acting aggressively, is driven to harmful actions by anger or envy. This is especially the case if you yourself become the author of the dream.

If you yourself are the victim of the dream event, you are attacked. Conversely, you are actually the person who wishes harm on someone.


Dream about stabbing someone

Anyone who wants to stab someone with a knife or dagger in the dream world or planning a knife murder try to solve a problem in his subconscious. There is a difficulty which troubles the dreamer and which is symbolized by the dreamlike symbol of a fatal knife attack.

Also, there is great subliminal anger and aggression in the dream image, but this rarely penetrates into the outside world. Anyone who is also sexually inexperienced will probably experience the thought "How terrible, I killed someone!" more often in his dreams than the average..


Dream about being killed with a knife

Many dreamers report that they were not perpetrators themselves, but victims of stabbings and were killed in their dreams. Getting stabbed with a knife is a dream situation that acts as a warning to the sleeper, but unfortunately it requires the person to be prepared for a rather unhappy phase of life that reserves a lot of bad luck.  (See dream of being killed).


Dream about having a body part stabbed


Dream about stabbing in the neck

A stab wound to the neck poses a serious threat in real life. In this type of dreams, you can bleed to death and die. If you have a knife in your throat as a victim, the attacker cuts your throat, or the knife is already stuck in your throat in a dream, you need to be careful. In the waking world, someone is trying to harm you , ruin your reputation or undermine your professional success.


Dream of stab wounds in the chest

If a person is killed by a stab wound to the upper body in the dream, it expresses characteristics of a certain person. It is also possible that we subconsciously examines his own character traits more closely. If you are a woman dreaming about stabbing your chest with a knife, you are currently feeling lonely or neglected.


Dreaming of stab wounds in the back

Getting stabbed from behind is sure to scare you when you wake up; Many sleepers have already woken up screaming from this nightmare. If you were stabbed in the back in the dream, it is a sign that you lack self-confidence. You may be afraid of criticism from others. The stab in the back symbolizes that the dreamer may in reality become a victim of deception and betrayal.


Dreaming of blood following the stab wound

If there is an attack with a knife in a dream, a lot of blood often flows. The combination of these two symbols, the knife and the red blood, announces an important event that is happening in your life. However, do not expect the worst, as the bloody massacre reflects the impact of the change in your life and is not necessarily negative.


Dream of throwing a knife

Throwing knives must be learned, as it is too likely to hurt people with sharp blades. A knife thrower, as he usually appears in circuses, has mastered this special art of entertainment. If you appear as a knife thrower yourself in the dream event, you can unconsciously needing to hurt someone. Not physically, of course, but with words. 


Dream of pocket knife

A pocket knife is a useful tool, especially if you are outdoors often. If you dream of a pocket knife, then you have a rather introverted and reserved personality. At least, that's how you feel deep down. If the pocket knife is used and opened, the person concerned literally seethes: pent-up anger and negative feelings.


Dream about a broken knife

A broken knife, as a dream image, reminds you of take care of what is important to you. This can lead to disappointments in professional and private life. Tears might flow too. Therefore, one should take the broken knife blade as a symbol and be more careful and grateful with what is important.


Dreaming of a butcher knife

To dream of a butcher's knife indicates that you are a person who resists well the difficult moments that life throws your way. You don't let anything shake you and don't let your dreams get in the way. So, your dream praises you for being that tough person.

But, you have to be very careful, try to resist the bad feelings, but allow yourself to enjoy the good feelings. Do not become a cold person, try to feel more and more happiness and enjoy the joyful moments that life gives you. It's the perfect balance you need in your life.


Dream about sharpening a knife

You will soon have a great opportunity, dreaming of sharpening a knife means that you will soon have the chance to realize a dream that you have been planning for a long time.  People tell you that you are not able to achieve this dream and with that you are more and more saddened. But, this dream shows your perseverance.



Dream about finding a knife 

To dream of finding a knife symbolizes that you are afraid of being alone. Your friends are getting married and gaining their possessions and their dreams, but you are still in the same chapter of your life and it saddens you more and more.

However, your dream shows that soon a very important person will come into your life and you will no longer feel that lonely feeling. At his side, you will conquer your dreams, obtain your possessions and have the happiness you have been waiting for. Continue to follow your path and remember that great love will enter your life.


Dream about a rusty knife

When someone dreams of a rusty knife, it means that someone in your family does not believe that you could fulfill the plans you have made for your life. You think this person doesn't like you and only wishes you harm, but you're also not motivated to keep fighting for your dreams because you really believe you can't achieve them.

Your loved one does not hate you or envy you, on the contrary, he loves you very much and only wants to see your good, however, he thinks that if you do not achieve your dreams, you will be very sad and shaken. Keep following your goals, because you have the ability to achieve what you dreamed of.





General interpretation

The knife as a cutting tool is a symbol of division in the dream. If someone uses a knife in a dream, it indicates an act of liberation, for example, to part with a relationship.

If the dream is the victim of an attack with a knife, it indicates people who behave aggressively towards the dreamer. If a woman dreams of a knife, this is a sign of her fear of violence and penetration. In men, the knife highlights his aggressiveness.

The knife is a symbol of immature sexuality and is a warning against letting it flare up out of control. It can also be understood as an announcement of quarrel, risk, failure or rupture.


Psychological interpretation

Cutting and dividing, which is the essential function of a knife, figuratively means to analyze and differentiate. If you cut someone, it means you don't pay attention to them anymore. You can share the responsibility when you feel the need not to do everything on your own. A subject is broached in order to draw lessons from it. You communicate with someone to convince him..

Sigmund Freud saw in the knife, as in everything with which one can cut or stab oneself, a clear sexual symbol. Anyone who sees a cutting tool with a blade in a dream wants to plunge unrestrainedly into instinctive life with this "phallus" . Sharpening a knife makes you cheat on your partner. Which, however, rarely happens.

In the form of a weapon, the knife is an expression of a tendency to aggression, of which the dreamer is often not aware. Persecution with a knife in a dream has nothing to do with the intention to kill or rape someone, it is an indication of a problem that reveals itself through the subconscious.

If the dream manages to pull the knife out of the pursuer's hands, and thus cope with his problem, it is possible that the attacker will surprisingly transform and bring a solution to the dream.

The knife in the dream thus serves to raise awareness. The first question that always arises is what kind of knife it is.


spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation, the knife is a symbol of division and separation. The cup may symbolize that the sleeping person has something to sacrifice. It can be seen as an instrument of execution expressed through death, judgment, or revenge.

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