Dream of losing a false tooth: What meanings?

Dream of losing a false tooth: What meanings?

Dream of losing a false tooth: What meanings?

Dreaming about losing a false tooth can refer to different meanings, both positive and negative, depending on the details of the dream.

Dreaming about losing your false teeth is one of the most common dreams. There are different interpretative threads of it, let's not forget that its interpretation must also be elaborated by understanding the framework of the dream, of our life and of what we felt while dreaming.


Dreaming of losing a false tooth: Insecurity and fear

The false tooth itself corresponds to a loss, to compensate for a lack: if the teeth represent the vital force, the capacity to smile, to speak and also to enter into relation with the others with tranquility, the dental prosthesis or the dental implant replace them and guarantee the continuity of these prerogatives.

The loss of dentures and false teeth could therefore refer to self-doubt, the fear of losing things, the anxiety of talking to someone, of finding oneself revealed in one's weaknesses and defenseless in front of the other. , the fear of aging. .

For example, a study from the 1980s found that people who often dream of losing their teeth are more anxious and dissatisfied.


Dreaming of losing a false tooth: Sign of lies

Dental implants and dentures are made of unnatural false teeth: they could refer to the lack of truth in our life or in other people, the relative feeling of guilt, the release or rejection of lies or in any case something artificial, but remember that in the dream there are not necessarily linear correspondences between the dreamed elements and the situations of conscious life.


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