Dream of number: What meanings?

Dream of number: What meanings?

Dream of number: What meanings?

The symbolism of numbers has long aroused great fascination for people. It is therefore not surprising that there are numbers of great importance in all religions and that even in ancient times people were concerned with the magic of numbers. Even runes can represent both letters and numbers. (See Dreaming of Numbers).

To make a precise analysis of the dream, the environment in which the dream is present is essential if you are at home it is linked to the family sphere, if it is at work it is linked to the professional sphere.


Dreaming of numbers: Dreaming of the number 0

In the general interpretation of dreams, two meanings can be determined for the number 0: on the one hand, zero symbolizes success and wealth, which may soon occur, on the other hand, it can also be a sign of emptiness in life, but it offers the possibility of a new beginning.

The shape of the zero says a lot because the zero can mean infinity, having said neither beginning nor end in its geographical conception. But it is also the number of nothing, it does not represent something but its absence, hence the symbolism of emptiness, which can be the beginning of a new cycle.


Dream of 1

The number 1 symbolizes the beginning and is generally interpreted as a positive dream symbol. It promises the dreamer happiness and success, but at the same time symbolizes the start of something new. In addition, it represents the uniqueness and individuality of the dreamer.

The beginning of this something can be related to any area of ​​your life, family or professional. But in the case where the 1 represents uniqueness, the individuality of the dreamer can be highlighted in the positive as well as in the negative sense.


Dream of 2

As a dream image, the number 2 has two different meanings. Positive side, the number 2 symbolizes sincerity as well as the happy moments in relation to a romantic relationship. From a negative point of view, a dream of numbers with both concerns differences of opinion and conflicts.

In the majority of cases, dreaming of the number 2 is related to your love domain and represents the state of the relationship in which you are, whether it is something positive or something negative.


Dream of 3

If the number three appears in a dream, it has to do with a very positive dream symbol. Behind the three hides the union of opposites, which leads to a harmonious whole. Also, the image in this dream shows stability, professional or private success, and problem solving in the dream.

Many people who are expecting a child dream, for example, of the number 3 if it is their first child. The 3, when it indicates professional stability, is in fact synonymous with abundance ((1+1=3).


Dream of 4

To dream of 4 symbolizes order, stability and perfection. From the point of view of the psychological interpretation of dreams, the number 4 constitutes an indication of the personality characteristics of the person dreaming: honesty, strength of character and persuasiveness are characteristics you possess!

There too, the dream is positive, and is linked to what allowed you to bring your life to this level of stability, to the level of personality.


Dream of 5

Have you encountered a situation in the dream world in which you had the number 5 in mind? If that is the case, you are adventurous, brave and curious in the world of guards. But be careful at the same time because your body wants to tell you something through the five in the dream.

This dream is often related to the five senses and really being alert to any situation that may come your way. It can reflect potential obstacles as well as possible opportunities.


Dream of 6

The number 6 is a versatile dream symbol that we can encounter in different dreams. Basically the sixes in the dream represent an existing harmony in the life of the dreamer. 

However, if there are negative feelings about the number, there may be an imbalance between body and mind at this time. Number 6 also has sexual references.


Dream of 7

The number 7 has a very special meaning not only in religious terms but also in the interpretation of dreams is seen in the seven integrity and perfection. Among other things, it can mean that the dream has achieved something in life and is satisfied with the accomplishment.

The symbolism of 7, associated with luck, especially in casinos, makes it an always positive number in the interpretation of dreams.


Dream of 8

Dreams in which the "numbers 8" dream symbol occurs symbolize the beginning and the end at the same time. Also, the number eight often portends changes in the dreamer's life. A phase of life is coming to an end for him and he can now devote himself to new opportunities and challenges.

The eight is here a bit similar to zero, because there is no beginning or end, but here is in no way equal to the void, but to infinity, which makes it a very positive number and linked to new opportunities and accomplishments.


Dream of 9

It is especially his own spiritual powers that hide behind a dream about the number 9. Also, the person's way of life can be seen in the dream image of the nine. 

Last but not least, this number also represents pronounced empathy.

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