Dream of pooping: What meanings?

Dream of pooping: What meanings?

Dreaming of pooping usually means that you want let go of your past experiences and give your life a fresh start. So, try to overcome your bad habits, negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, sadness, and bad memories that get in the way of rebooting and cause pain and guilt.

Even though dreaming of pooping is often surprising, it is a very common dream subject, which often involves how we are throwing away (or not getting rid of) something psychological, in this case thoughts. or memories that were truly a negative, heavy burden to bear. Urinating in dreams often has the same meaning. However, depending on the details, this dream has different meanings.

If you dream of defecating it can sometimes just suggest something in real life, your mind is telling you to wake up and go to the bathroom. 

However, if you wake up from your defecation-related dream without feeling the need to go to the bathroom, seeing feces and poo can have other meanings.


Dreaming of pooping: A sign of new beginnings

Dream of defecating shows the maturity needed to take a step towards a new life. Therefore, eliminate all the evil that is in you or that has happened in the past, because all the sadness and guilt can be overcome by changing a few habits in your lifestyle. 

Seeing you poop also represents a desire to get rid of negative feelings, emotions, false hopes, and actions, redefining the way you live and treat people.


Dream about pooping in public

Dream about pooping in public depicts you as a selfish person in your approach to others. Your only concern would be with your personal interests, making the most of it. Thus, no matter if you have to neglect the interests of others, you will continue your self-centeredness towards yourself. So, this dream shows his selfishness.


Dream about pooping in the bathroom

To dream of defecation in a bathroom represents the elimination of negative emotions, beliefs or situations. You want to end up with something new in your life. 

Eliminate the problem once and for all. This dream is very common, indicating that there are negative emotions in you. In this way, defecating in this bathroom indicates that you want to release all the negativity that is hidden inside.


Dream about not being able to defecate

The dream of trying to defecate, but failing, indicates that you may be very stingy with your expenses. So think about spending money on yourself and your loved ones.

If you dreamed you were constipated and unable to poop, such dream might indicate that you are short of money, sometimes refusing to spend even on your basic needs. So this dream is a message to start spending more on yourself and the people you love.


Dream about pooping in your clothes

Dreaming of defecating in your clothes can be a sign of self-disclosure. You can discover intimate and private information about one of your friends. It would be confidential and secret information, and your friend would not know about the discovery made recently.

If the dream shows you defecating in your pants and trying to hide the incident, it means there are dirty or disgusting habits that you are trying to cover up. 

And even if you try to keep it out of sight, people nearby can still make out the smell. It also symbolizes negative habits, usually due to overspending, such as gambling addiction or impulse buying.


Dream about defecating in front of others

Dreaming of pooping in front of others can cause you to face a problem. It may also reflect a sense of shame in the face of difficulties in the outdoors. It also means that you are actually jealous of someone, and it is possible that this person is more powerful and has more money than you.


Dreaming about someone else pooping

If you saw someone defecating in the dream, that dream might reveal your jealousy for the assets or achievements of others. To dream of someone excreting and leaving feces in an unknown place signifies that whatever they do may not be recognized by anyone and they may end up not receiving any reward for their actions.

When you dream of someone's feces, it also means that you borrowed money from them. This dream sometimes also indicates someone carrying someone's favor for a long time to come your way.


Dream about pooping a lot

The dream where you defecate a lot is extremely unpleasant, but not as negative as you might think. This dream suggests that you desperately need to vent all your frustration. In reality, you try to look strong and don't let others see you in pain. 

In dreams, excessive defecation is a powerful channel to cast aside all negativity. You have to clean the inside, especially emotionally. 



Dream about defecating blood

Dream about defecating blood indicates making serious mistakes. So, blood defecation also symbolizes kept secrets, a struggle, a journey, regeneration from a disease, bad thoughts, whisperings of the spirit, in addition to something that the dreamer hides. Read the article dreaming of blood for more details.


Dream about defecating in bed

To dream of defecating in bed indicates that there is major problems ahead in love and personal relationships. Relationship difficulties are often caused by financial differences. So your other half may have made extremely bad financial decisions, which disgusts the other party. The bed is always a reflection of the intimate sphere in dreams.


Dreaming of defecating but not seeing

This is a warning from the subconscious, which talks about finances, this dream is telling you not to not venture into investments without guarantees. And if you are already in a period of financial problems, be more careful with your investments, avoiding using money for nonsense. So be careful and only keep the remaining amount for what is needed.


Dream about not being able to defecate

Dreaming of not being able to defecate indicates that the dreamer is experiencing a moment of job dissatisfaction, because he does not agree with certain points and it is very painful. Regardless of the size of the company or institution, there will always be rules, agreements, means of treatment and techniques that should be rejected or prohibited.

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