Dream of roof: What meanings?

Dream of roof: What meanings?

Dream of roof: What meanings?

Some dreams are not easy to interpret, as they can be associated with many problems, both psychological and spiritual. Dreaming of a roof is one of those dreams that a single article will hardly explain to all readers. However, we will try to give you as much detail as possible so that you can find out what it means to dream of a roof.

Dreaming of a roof: The three types of dreams

First of all, it is essential that you understand the three most common types of dreams, namely:

  • Dreams of psychological origin;
  • Dreams of spiritual origin and
  • Dreams from astral projection or spiritual unfolding.


Let's start with the dream of psychological origin: this dream is based on conscious and unconscious mental processes. It is often related to how we perceive life and how we feel about events and experiences. For example, dreams of psychological origin can relate to emotions, feelings, and thoughts in waking life.

Second, we have dreams of spiritual origin. These are the dreams that warn us about something or try to convey some kind of intuition that can be useful to us during life. Omens, for example, are part of this kind of dream.

And finally, we have astral projection. Astral projection or spiritual unfolding is the phenomenon that occurs when we fall asleep, that is, our spiritual body detaches from the physical body and, thus, we live in the spiritual dimension, which is shaped by our inclinations, tendencies and desires.


Dreaming of an old roof

Do you know the old roof that appears in your dream? Is it familiar? Have you ever seen it somewhere?

Answering these questions can put you on the right track to correctly interpret this dream.

However, this dream can be more commonly framed into two categories: psychological or astral projection.

The one of psychological origin, in this case, is related to a recent event that has been registered in your unconscious. If you can identify the owner of the house, the dream surely has something to do with that person. 

On the other hand, this dream can also have its origin in the phenomenon of astral projection. In this case, a more detailed analysis of the details that make up the dream would be necessary for a true understanding. But, from a general point of view, the dream can indicate that certain emotional triggers form this dream.

Dreaming of a house can give you more details about the dream.


Dream of roof: What meanings?


Dreaming of a broken roof

When something looks broken in a dream, that's not a good indicator. Broken or destroyed things show serious issues with how you react to waking life events. There may be emotional blockages that prevent you from perceiving reality clearly and lucidly.

As a result, you begin to live inside a bubble shaped by your superficial emotions, which keeps you prisoner to yourself. This ends up generating many symptoms associated with fears, phobia and anxiety.


Dream about a falling roof

What was your reaction when you saw the roof fall? Were you afraid? Did you want to escape or were you in a hurry to help the alleged victims?

When a roof collapses in a dream, it indicates that you are experiencing troubled times in your waking life. Additionally, it may indicate emotional storms from a specific set of thoughts in waking life. Dreaming about falling is often negative in dreams.


Dreaming of a flying roof

Flying roofs are rare in a dream. This dream has a combination of psychological origin in conjunction with spiritual development. As a result, this dream has a strong connection with our creative power.

It can reveal important things about yourself. Perhaps you felt helpless and unmotivated in your waking life. However, the dream arises to highlight its immense potential to create great accomplishments in waking life. (See Dreaming of Flying).


Dreaming of an open roof

A detached and open property presents weaknesses and vulnerabilities in waking life. The lack of protection is often linked to negative thoughts which open the space to receive toxic and harmful influences of all kinds.

As a result, you become a sponge of negativity, absorbing all negative energies from the people and environments you frequent.

Therefore, you have to seal your spiritual aura, which makes it impossible to contaminate yourself due to external factors.


Dream about walking on the roof

Walking on a roof suggests the need forletting go of certain situations in your waking life and devoting yourself to other goals and objectives. You probably feel saturated with your current reality and yearn for new life paths and paths.

The dream shows wear and tear from an unattractive life and being stuck in an unchanging reality. Therefore, walking on the roof means you have to step out of your comfort zone and lead a life with more goals and objectives. (See Dreaming of Walking).

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