Dream of school: What meanings?

Dream of school: What meanings?

Dream of school: What meanings?


If you dream of school, you will definitely experience unpleasant feelings such as fear and panic rising in your sleep. But what is the exact meaning in dreams of the symbol "school"? How does your dream educational institution relate to your life today?


Dreaming of school: The most common dreams about the symbol


The bus ride to school, daily routine in a dream


School bus dream

Anyone who sees themselves sitting in a school bus while they sleep is preoccupied with their own progress in life. There are doubts and uncertainties about how to proceed. Is the job good? What do I wish for my family? Are you financially sufficient to live happily?

If you go to a school building by bus and actually arrive there in your dream, your CV will evolve positively. If there is a stop, the school bus runs aimlessly, or the bus driver takes a detour, it can be carried over to his own life: there is a lack of righteousness and discipline.


Dream about a school bus accident

If you encounter a traffic accident with a fully occupied school bus in your dream, this experience often includes a warning. It is possible that one has unconsciously recognized a source of danger in reality.

An example would be a blind spot in road traffic which can lead to an accident. The accident with the school bus therefore invites you to be particularly careful here. The accident with a bus can also represent your fear of failing in life. If you become a victim of the dream accident yourself, you feel overwhelmed in the waking world.


Dream of school building


A school building appears in the dream world - why?

If the school building is the focus of a dream, the dreaming person's subconscious is primarily concerned with the environment: How valuable are my friends? You stay with me in times of crisis? Can I rely on my family? Superficial knowledge is considered unimportant, one "sorts" one's human relationships according to the degree of attachment.


Dreaming of the cafeteria

Just as the school is in itself in the psychological interpretation of dreams a reflection of a desire for social closeness and acceptance, so the school cafeteria or canteen in a factory, a place where people gather to eat , talk and exchange ideas. 

If one is sitting in a dream in the dining room of a school, one would like to have many good friends; Those who suffer from difficulties in contact with strangers find this dream situation quite common. If you eat alone in a school canteen, you experience a loss.


Dream about a locker in the school hallway

A locker that appeared in a dream, that is, a locker with a lock, like the one that many universities or schools have in the hallway, is a place to safely store important things. 

The question behind such a dream symbol is: what do I want to actively remember? The subconscious gives a "momentum" in the dream with the safe school cabinet. Maybe you opened the compartment and looked inside? What is seen provides additional information about repressed memory.


School uniform dream

If one is in a dream with students who wear school uniforms, then one feels one belongs to a group of people. They don't have to be real classmates or former classmates: a work team or a close family association is also an option. 

Due to the uniform clothes in the dream world, favorable relations can also be expected.


Dream of a teacher

 The teacher is, as a dream figure, a cue for the dreamer to take more care of himself. If you tend to be knowledgeable and educate others, you should consider holding back in future conversations in this regard.

At the same time, the dreamed teacher reminds you that you do not just learn in childhood or adolescence, but throughout your life. If someone is being punished by a teacher in a dream with a cane, this can be seen as an expression of self-punishment.


Dream of school: What meanings?


Dream of course


Schoolwork dream

If you suddenly find yourself in the middle of schoolyards in your sleep and have a task to solve, this dream situation can be understood in two ways:

It refers to the important and responsible tasks that you should never neglect in life, but rather accomplish. Even when the solution seems out of reach. 

On the other hand, schoolwork shows the dreamer that giving up is not a good option. Basically, you need to set yourself a task, show courage and self-confidence.


Dreaming about the test or exam at school

It is not a pleasant experience for every sleeper to take a test, extensive exam or even the exam at school or university again. The pressure that is often felt during such tests is even transmitted to the affected person during sleep. 

In fact, such exam situations in a school reveal that the dreamer subconsciously has doubts about himself and his achievements. For particularly great life challenges are felt when one dreams of a sudden test.

The school test which is independent of the school subject which aims to develop enough to enable you to overcome the obstacles of life. Failing an exam in a dream shows that fears predominate. Here it is important to actively strengthen your self-confidence!


Dream about being late for school

The adrenaline that sometimes surges through your body when arriving late can even be felt during your sleep, such as when you dream of being late for school. You jump out of bed, you wash up quickly, you get dressed in no time and you're off with a bang. 

Such dreams of oversleeping show that the person concerned is not currently lacking in anything. He is not very worried and feels free. Other dream symbols, such as the alarm clock that goes off too late, can also symbolize skills that have so far gone unused or even gone undetected.


Dream about skipping class

A possible stop in the life of the dream can announce itself if it misses the school in the experiment of the sleep. He can't learn anything because he doesn't attend classes. It may mean that he is stuck in his real life. Absenteeism can be a mirror of denial in reality. The sleeper may have already recognized some challenges, but they don't want to act. In this case, the dream may be a request to finally become active and progress to being awake again.


Repeat or change school in the sleep experience

If only we had tried harder. If you live by sitting in school in your dream and you have to repeat a class, you are actually being shown a real situation: the goal you are feverishly trying to achieve is getting far away. 

The reason for this is the lack of thought on how to successfully implement your project; not all aspects have been taken into account for this. If you now become aware of your poor planning, you need to correct the mistakes or think of a new strategy.


Dreaming about school chaos

Dream about a fire at school

Help, the school is on fire! Only in dreams, but here too feelings of panic and flight can overwhelm us. Usually, real worries and difficulties go hand in hand with the dream of a fire in a building. 

So, after such a dream, one must ask oneself what concerns us internally. A solution to the problem cannot always be found or implemented immediately, but other dream symbols can at least provide clues about it.


dream of shooting

It's a nightmare that all too often becomes a reality: a student goes crazy at school, shoots innocent classmates and teachers out of anger, sadness, or violent fantasies. If you experience a shooting and madness on school grounds in a dream, perhaps even an evacuation, you can hope for the famous "luck in misfortune" in the guard world. This means that a negative event will end well after all.

If the dreamer himself commits an attack on classmates and teaching staff in the dream experience, you may be sacrificing a lot for a cause - but gaining nothing in the end.


Dreaming of reunion

Did you dream of seeing your old school friends again? As an adult, did you dream of going back to the school you had known since childhood? Did you have positive feelings during your sleep and were you happy to see your classmates and table neighbors from before, or not? 

Anyone who was annoyed as an outsider at school because maybe they were considered a nerd, classmates usually find themselves in their dreams many years or decades later; it is unprocessed memories that are painful. A joyful reunion in a dream shows that the dreamer is at peace with himself and his past.


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