Dream of zombie: What meanings?

Dream of zombie: What meanings?

Dream of zombie: What meanings?

Dreaming about a zombie is common and disconcerting. However, it can be interpreted in many ways depending on the details of the dream. 


Dreaming of zombie: What is a zombie?

The presence of zombies in human consciousness is the starting point for being able to dream about them. There is a lot of literature that has recreated an underworld, where subjects wander lifelessly. Zombies are walking dead, they are corpses that have stood up and seem to have no definite direction. In movies, it is monstrous characters who cause terror.

It is important to note that zombies originated from the voodoo cult, typical of African countries and Haiti in particular. In America, the presence of an enslaved workforce, of African descent, produced the proliferation and knowledge of zombie culture. Gradually, the zombie figure became the subject of films, comics and television series, spreading throughout most of Western culture. 

We know that in the countries of Central Africa, we use a term, in the mother tongue, which defines a dead spirit who appropriates his body while he is alive, in order to cause calamities to people. Additionally, Voodoo shamans are said to have the power to control the will of these beings.

Generally, dreaming of zombies is related to fear. A life with fear of the unknown, of death or watching a horror movie with zombies before sleeping can lead to dreaming about zombies. In principle, real fears, typical of human life, can be the most recurring reasons. 

In general, dreaming of zombies is an indication of trouble. It is possible for a subject to demonstrate distress in zombie-related dream content. 


Dream about being a zombie

In a dream, the zombie can be yourself. In this case, your life has gone through very difficult times. It is also possible that you had to take care of a family member's illness or death. It only remains for you to seek freedom from so much suffering, to seek moments of leisure and psychological support. 

The dream could also be the episode where a zombie bites you and turns you. It represents the lack of perseverance in life: the zombie catches up to you despite its slowness. These are signs that you are not completing the projects you have set for yourself.


Dream of zombie: What meanings?


Dreaming about the zombie-led apocalypse 

At first, it signals a moment of change; a transformation that determines a before and after in his life. It's hardly inevitable. You have to adapt to the future. The ability to control the vicissitudes of life is practically nil. The dream apocalypse represents the end of a stage in your life, but it doesn't have to be negative. It is possible that the phase of exhaustion is poverty and the beginning of another life with material abundance. 


Dreaming about zombies attacking you

Zombies are bad entities. If the dream is that you are attacked by them, you experience fears and worries. Problems overwhelm him, without knowing how to escape them. Dream zombies are the mirror of your fears, which only you can overcome. 


Dream about killing zombies

It is the mirror of your strength to overcome all the obstacles that have been presented to you in life. This dream shows that you feel like a winner. This dream symbolizes fighting challenges and controlling adversity.


Dream that your partner has turned into a zombie

It is a warning that you will experience the breakdown of a romantic, family or friendly relationship. Also, this dream expresses maturity, acceptance, as it assumes mourning for a deceased loved one. The conscious understanding of his loss is reflected in the dream, where he even sees his disfigured face. Added to this is that fear in the dream does not exist. 


Dreaming about zombie bodies and faces

When we dream of zombie body details, blood and their expressions, we are likely to imitate the zombie's wild personality. Dreams of this type are expressions of primitive behaviors which in conscious life are repressed. 


En conclusion

Dreams about zombies usually indicate detachment, the desire for peace and quiet. They are unconscious representations of the desire to overcome disturbing affective problems, material aspects that do not allow progress, family relationships that are not adequate. They are also signs to gather enough strength to overcome the problems ahead. 

Depending on personal context and type of dream, zombies also mean that you are going through a bad stage in your life. Emotional conflicts destroy placid dreams and manifest themselves in the form of nightmares, where these beings, whom we know from horror movies, appear in various situations.

Although it may seem strange to you, dreams about zombies are among the most recurring dreams, we just don't remember them regularly. Only during periods of wakefulness during deep sleep is it possible to become conscious and retain the images of a dream. This is also the case when we wake up suddenly.

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