Dreaming about hair: What meanings?

Dreaming about hair: What meanings?

Dreaming about hair: What meanings?

Many people say they have dreamed of hair. But every detail of your dream is important in order to be able to make an accurate interpretation about the meaning of your dream experience. If necessary, write down the key points of the dream after waking up so that you do not forget them again in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Since we constantly see hair on ourselves and other people in our daily lives, it's no surprise that this dream symbol happens quite often. If you too have a dream of a hair nature and want to interpret it, note the following dream situations that we have collected:


Dreaming about hair: The most common dreams

Dream about hair on or in the body


The face full of hair in the world of dreams

Hair on the face is a perfectly normal thing, just think of eyebrows and eyelashes. If you dream of hair on your face, you should wonder where exactly the hair was. Did the hair on the chin form a beard? So there are currently satisfactory living conditions for you.


Dreaming of hair on and in the nose

Everyone has nose hairs. It's weirder when someone has hair on their nose. To see hair in relation to the nose means that the dreamer succeeds by his own strength. However, be careful when pulling hair out of your nose, possibly with tweezers in the dream, it could mean that another person would like to hinder your success in real life. (See dreaming of nose).


Dream about hair in the ear

The interpretation of the dream of having hair in the ear depends on the dream situation in which it appeared. It is therefore important to pay attention to the exact details of the dream. In general, this means that the dreamer should pay more attention to his male personality.

Careful attention should be paid to the details of a problem when removing ear hair with tweezers or a similar instrument.


Dream about having hair on your back

While hair on the legs and arms is common, many people, especially men, also have hair on their backs. If this type of dream with hair appeared to you, it is important to be careful not to burden yourself with too much work, otherwise it could become a heavy burden. The dreamer should be careful who he trusts in the near future.


Dreaming about hair: What meanings?


Dream about having hair on your legs

While leg hair is almost no problem for men, most women remove it regularly. To have long hair on the legs or even only one leg in a dream shows a pronounced self-confidence. Anyone who shaves their leg hair, waxes it off, or waxes it in a dream event shouldn't adapt to society as much as they do now.


Dream about hair on the buttocks

In the dream of having hair on the buttocks, a funny or even embarrassing feeling may appear. It is therefore not surprising that the hair on the buttocks has a rather negative meaning in the interpretation of the dream. The sleeper could in the near future to be exposed by other people in the waking world.


Dream about hair in mouth and throat


mouth full of hair

To have hair in the mouth, according to the general interpretation of dreams, announces negative experiences. Having your whole mouth full of hair can also indicate sexual desires. Moreover, if you try to pull this hair, it hides the desire for an exchange with other people.


Dream about having hair between your teeth

Who has hair between his teeth in a dream, exerts a sexual attraction on others. However, it is advisable to pay attention to the condition of your teeth. If someone has hair on their teeth, that person is sometimes too dominant and decisive in his relations with others. (See dreaming of teeth).


Dream about having hair on your tongue

It is definitely a strange, hairy sensation experienced by the person with hair on the tongue in a dream. According to the general dream interpretation, this dream symbol is a call to the dreamer to question his own behavior. It may be that in certain life situations, the person concerned is too eager to appear perfect.


Dream about having hair in your throat

The dream symbol "hair in the throat" is very diverse and can have different meanings. Swallowing one's hair may signal that the dreamer is feeding subconsciously a desire for sexual satisfaction. Plucking throat hair means - just like plucking throat hair - that someone's superiority will inhibit the sleeper's professional success. Hair vomiting is interpreted as a loss of vitality, that is, vital energy.


Dream about cutting hair


Dream about cutting your hair

Cutting your hair in a dream is a very powerful and expressive dream symbol. In a dream, cutting your own hair with scissors can be interpreted as a kind of liberation. This indicates that the dreamer can finally realize what he desires deep down inside and what he longs for. Worries and needs are quickly forgotten.

It's different from cutting someone's hair with scissors or a knife. Sometimes you slip into the role of hairdresser yourself, when in reality you are not one. With this dream situation, unfortunately, worries and grief loom for the dream. Disappointments can ensue, as not everything you tackle will go smoothly.


Dream about having your hair cut by a hairdresser

This dream means changes for the sleeper. If the hair was cut accidentally, it is a warning to beware of the influence of other people in the waking world.


Dream about cutting hair that is long

After such a dream situation, you should ask yourself how you felt when you had this dream. Positive feelings signal a good start in a new phase of life, while negative feelings can be an indication of castration fear, i.e. a pretty bad sex symbol.


Dream about cutting blonde hair

Dreams of having long blond hair fit into popular dream interpretation for a good part of the world. joy of life and happiness. At the same time, this light and golden hair color is often synonymous with gullibility, which is only partially true in real life.

So, if a blond man or a blond woman cuts her hair in a dream or has her hair cut, it means a critical examination of these aspects.


Dream about cutting or coloring your hair

In the dream world as in the waking world, it represents a change, but such a dream can mean much more than just a change in appearance: change can affect almost any area of ​​​​life!


Dream of cutting short hair in a woman

Many people, especially women, take pride in their long hair, especially since it takes years to reach the desired length. If the hair is cut sharply during sleep, the shock after waking is usually significant. This dream situation aims to warn the dreamer of his own sacrifice: those who give too much of themselves do not always recover what is due to them.

The two dream images "woman with short hair" and "woman with bobbed hair" both point in another direction: they represent the balance of the female and male parts of the personality in the dream.


Dreaming about hair: What meanings?


Dream about shaving your head

To shave your hair and stand there with a bald head - this is a brave step even in the world of dreams. There are very different meanings behind this dream image, ranging from fear of loss of potency in men, through intelligence and seriousness, to protection against attack. If a woman dreams of shaving her head, it can portend problems with money or love.


Dream about badly cut hair

For anyone who loves their hair, having their hair cut too short or having a hairstyle that doesn't fit is a nightmare. To dream of a bad haircut is a warning that things will soon go wrong in the waking world as well. But do not worry: the hair grows back and therefore the problems of the waking world will not last long.

Anyone who is very annoyed and upset about their haircut failing in the dream world is probably also extremely angry at their current life situation in reality. If you cut your hair in the dream and you get angry, there is an inner conflict.


Dream of cutting your hair when you are a woman

Anyone who is a woman and dreams of cutting her hair should pay special attention to this dream experience, because it indicates a lack of balance. It is possible that the dreamer has discovered aspects of herself that she does not like or is afraid to live with. If the person concerned builds up their self-confidence, it often becomes easier to deal with unpleasant characteristics and tendencies.


Dream about cutting a man's hair

If a man dreams of cutting his hair, the interpretation of the dream is actually different from that of a woman who dreams: the shortening of hair in a dream symbolizes a feeling of fear of not being able to appear sufficiently dominant. The dreamer may have the feeling in everyday life that he is repressed in his professional or private life and that he is unable to assert his own interests sufficiently.


Dream about cutting a child's hair

If one dreams of a child's hair being cut or cutting the child's hair oneself, the dreaming person can be happy, because this dream meaning is auspicious. The beginning of a new phase of life is probably imminent, which can be very positive for the dreamer. It can be career advancement or bliss in love life.


Dream about cutting other people's hair

If someone dreamed of having a person's hair cut - possibly a complete stranger - that person experienced an extremely positive dream symbol. Good profits and successes are possible, but at the expense of others. The dreamer should watch how he achieves his successes. Passing symbolically “over the corpses” is ultimately a disadvantage for everyone involved.


Dream about hair growing back

Anyone who dreams that their hair will not be cut even though it is in fact very long and could be satisfied with a cut should be prepared for the fact that significant progress in life is still a long way off. The dreamer must be patient, because at some point he will also have the opportunity to develop, which will be positive for him.


Hair loss and nightmares about it


Dream about losing your hair during an event

Hair loss can be due to a variety of reasons, including chemotherapy, and you may decide to wear a wig in the future. Losing hair is not a great deal and also in the dream world it is a negative dream image, which symbolizes the loss of life force. Maybe there is something depriving the dreamer of this strength?


Dream about losing some hair

Hair loss is part of the interpretation of dreams, among other things, for bad times to come. The hair falls out and you no longer feel comfortable in the dream. The dream symbol reflects different fears, which in men are mainly related to sexuality. The person concerned may be worried that they are no longer sufficient in bed.


Dream about losing tufts of hair

Nightmares often experienced are having a clump of hair in your hand or losing hair in clumps. If the hair falls out in bunches in the dream, there may be a disturbed relationship between the dreamer and his impulses. This should not only relate to the sexual level, but can also affect everyday behavior.


Dream about hair breaking

“No, my beautiful hair is breaking!” - In addition to falling and losing hair, breakage is also a dream symbol that can terrify us at night. Behind this dream hides the fear of negative influences in the waking world. Just as hair breaks in a dream without being able to do anything about it, the dreamer discards his plans made in reality. 


To dream that teeth and hair are falling out

Hair and teeth fall out in the dream world and we just feel miserable and at the same time insecure. Unfortunately, the relatively common dream symbol of tooth loss in connection with hair loss sometimes has a negative cause, as the losses may soon become noticeable in the waking world. If you dreamed about losing your teeth and hair, keep your eyes peeled to avoid trouble from the start.


Dream about ripped hair

It represents issues with your own personality that should be investigated. It symbolizes helplessness and strife in the waking world. Pulling your hair out, for example when you have pulled someone's hair yourself, symbolizes vital needs that have received too little attention so far.


Dreaming about hair: What meanings?


Dreaming about coloring and hair colors


Dream about dyeing your hair

Exactly like in the waking world, the hair coloring dream symbol represents a change. Are we hoping for a change in the waking world with a new color in the dream? The dreaming person needs to listen to himself deeply and ask himself what area of ​​his life might experience change. Moreover, this dream symbol can also represent a warning against deception.


Dream about having your hair bleached

Lightening the hair on the head by bleaching is now possible with fairly simple means, and so many people are now doing it at home rather than at the hair salon. It doesn't matter where: If hair discoloration occurs in the dream world, it's basically a sign of loss of strength. The person who is dreaming should ask themselves if there is perhaps something in the waking world that is currently troubling them and leading to them feeling sluggish.


Dreaming of bleached hair

If you dream of blonde hair, it makes sense to question your own emotions in relation to this dream. Did a blonde woman appear to the sleeper? It can announce a way of life in the waking world, but at the same time symbolizes innocence and purity. Perhaps the dreamer did not do much to blame.


Dream about coloring your hair black or brown

Dyeing your hair black or brown or simply making it darker can make a person look completely different - depending on previous hair color. Black hair represents dream interpretation for several things including passion, health and creativity, but also negative character traits. This rating of black hair can also be seen, for example, in the figure of Harry Potter Severus Snape.


Dreaming of red hair

The color red is in the interpretation of dreams, among other things, synonymous with passion and love and therefore it is not surprising that red hair in the dream is also related to these two things in the dreamer's waking world. Maybe a red-haired woman appeared? It may indicate danger as it may be a witch at the symbolic level.


Dreaming of red hair

In reality, they are rarely experienced, but in the dream world they appear frequently: hair that is as orange as the citrus fruit of the same name. Orange hair is a sign of emotional warmth, independence and spirituality. However, there is more than that. It is important to analyze as many dream symbols as possible, which appeared with orange hair during sleep, after waking up.


Dreaming of pink hair

The dream symbol of pink hair can have different meanings: on the one hand, the pink mane represents the desire for love and security, on the other hand, it can also mean the exact opposite, that is, the rejection of these two things. Bright red or almost light pink can warn in dreams not to go too far. The warm and soft pink, on the other hand, highlights the side of the sleeper who needs harmony.


Dreaming about purple hair

Purple hair is one of the hairstyles you rarely see in everyday life. If purple hair appears in the dream, a change in the waking state world will soon be announced. According to the general interpretation of dreams, purple hair represents questioning one's own behavior and the search for a new motivation for one's own behavior.


Dreaming of blue hair

In reality, you may never dare to do it, but your own dreams always make it possible: dye your hair blue. In dream interpretation, this extraordinary blue hair color is interpreted as a sign of progress and further development. You grow, get to know yourself better and find inner peace.


Dreaming of golden hair

Gold is a fascinating metal, but rather rare as a hair color. When golden hair is seen in the dream world, one may even admire her golden hair, it represents the positive qualities that the dreamer possesses. Plus, a moment of bliss could be waiting for the sleeper to literally "shine" with joy - like gold does.


Dreaming of gray hair

For the dreamer, a dream of gray hair - depending on age - can quickly turn into a nightmare. Am I already an old man? In fact, this dream symbol hide sorrow and worries, which can also affect your own aging process. So when the hair turns gray, it doesn't get any easier.

An old man or an elderly woman, who appears in a dream with gray hair, warns of their own characteristics, which are perceived as negative by the environment. It is beneficial to better monitor actions and behaviors and take into account the interests of others.


Dreaming about hair: What meanings?


The importance of the dream hairstyle


You dream of doing your hair.

Styling after a new hairstyle, possibly using pomade and trying out the new headband can be a lot of fun. Whether women or men, most people pay attention to the hair. Whoever takes care of the hairstyle in dreams, prepares them, maintains them and fixes them with oil or spray, cares for others in the waking world, but can just as well take care of themselves and their own interests.


Dreaming of long hair

If your own hair is long in a dream, if you had long or elongated hair, this is an interesting dream - especially if the hair is short in reality. In women's dreams, long hair symbolizes not only attraction to the partner but also her own femininity. If men dream of long hair, this emphasizes strength and independence.


Dreaming about curly hair

The dream image “curls of hair” relates in the psychological dream interpretation to dependence on the partner. At the same time, positive changes are heralded, for example, if you wear a curly perm in a dream. In some circumstances, this dream meaning can indicate a new romantic relationship.

It is also important to pay attention to the color of the curls, as this can provide other important clues for dream interpretation.


Dream about braided hair

 In general, the braided hairstyle represents whole body, mind and soul; the subconscious wants to show the unity of these three elements to the person concerned. However, if the braid becomes loose again and again in a dream, it may indicate an internal crisis.


Dreaming about hair care


Dream about washing hair

When your hair is freshly washed after a shower and you smell like shampoo, you generally feel clean. The dream can also be related to someone taking a shower. If you wash your hair in a dream, you currently need a clear head in the waking world to make important decisions. Perhaps an important decision is imminent.


Dream about combing your hair

In the dream world, combing one's own hair, especially long hair, and carefully loosening knots, makes the sleeper realize that he needs to get his life in order. This is associated with ease for him when combing someone else's hair, as he can consequently face difficulties in a short time. If you had your hair combed in a dream or let someone else brush it, it represents an inconvenience in the waking world.


Dream about drying your hair

Drying your hair after a pool visit can be done with a towel - but it's much faster with a hair dryer. The dream of drying your hair symbolizes troubled times, which are slowly - but surely - approaching the dreamer and could cause trouble in the coming times. It is advisable to strengthen the mind and mentally prepare for what may happen.


To stroke someone's hair in a dream

The dream about stroking your hair - depending on the exact dream situation - could be a sex dream. Caressing another person in the form of hugs, the dream may represent an attenuated variant of a sexual dreamI . Try to remember all the details of the dream in order to interpret it correctly.


Other meanings


Dream about burning your hair

If his own hair is burning and the hair catches fire in the dream world, this represents the passionate nature of the dream and the strong emotions occupying him at the moment. If you can put out the burning hair, the angry feelings will soon set in again.


Dreaming of head lice and dandruff

The scales on the head in the dream are considered by the general dream interpretation as a negative symbol. Having lice on your head in a dream is also a bad sign. Lice without dreams usually symbolize negative thoughts and worries that spiral out of control over time.


Dreaming about ugly hair

If you have ugly, disheveled hair in a dream, you quickly feel unattractive. As a symbol of a dream, unkempt hair primarily relates to family affairs and partnership: here there is a threat of quarrels, marital problems and various conflicts between family members. At the same time, the person who wears ugly hair in the dream world should check his basic attitude: is his own behavior always right?


Dreaming of shiny hair

While shiny hair is perceived as beautiful in the waking world, in the dream world, they are seen as a warning that appearances are deceiving. Was your own hair shiny? Then the sleeping person may try to hide something from someone.


Dreaming of thin hair

In the dream world, thin hair is a sign that in the waking world, you will soon have to reckon with a period of difficulty. This can relate to financial matters as well as the private side. However, the dreamer should not worry too much, because he will be strengthened and will come out of this situation with new energy.


Dream about hair in food

The very idea of ​​hair in the favorite food takes away the appetite for the food, which is then only perceived as disgusting. Did you also see hair in your dream meal? If so, avoid discussing unimportant things, because here, the resulting harm is greater than the benefit. (See dreaming of meals).


Dreaming about hair in the sink

Hair in the sink is a nuisance that, after a long time, can cause the drain to clog and you may even need to call a plumber. But it does not have to happen so far in a dream, because the dream symbol of hair in the sink wants to give the person concerned the opportunity to understand thatshe can cope with worries, depression, and illness in her own strength.

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