Dreaming about his ex's wife: What meanings?

Dreaming about his ex's wife: What meanings?

When we dream, the psyche processes information on many levels. Sometimes it simply "processes and reproduces" information that we did not give importance to while awake.

It should also be known that our mind works with the information it has at a symbolic level, so the person appearing in the dream is nothing more than a representation of matter.

Therefore, if you dreamed about your ex's wife or something related to it, it doesn't mean that you haven't forgotten about him yet or it's a sign for you to contact him again. So now we will tell you the interpretation of dreaming about the wife your ex-partner or something related to her.


What does it mean to dream of your ex's wife?

If you dreamed about your ex's new partner, it does not mean that you feel replaced or rejected. On the contrary, your dream prepares you because something inevitable will happen in your life. The psyche sometimes works out possible answers before they happen and uses the dream as a practical lesson.

Likewise, it can be interpreted as a feeling of possession that you still have towards your ex-partner, which is why your mind presents you with this type of scenario that could turn into a bad dream.


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