Dreaming about your ex Islam: The guide to understanding and acting

Dreaming about your ex Islam: The guide to understanding and acting

Dreaming about your ex Islam: The guide to understanding and acting


Dreaming of your ex in Islam is a strong sign of your relationship with your Ex, whether you still think about him or her or that she is definitely in the past.

We are human, so it is perfectly normal that we make mistakes, the main thing is not to repeat them.

You control your actions in real life, but your dreams are representations of your psyche and they sometimes resurface to your surprise.


Dreaming about your ex Islam: Is it normal?

It is normal to dream of a person who has been an integral part of your life and for whom you still have strong feelings. However, dreams do not always indicate that you have moved on. 

The meaning of this dream in Islam depends on many details of the dream which allow to draw an accurate interpretation. So, let's see together what it means to dream about your ex in a dream, considering the most common dream details.


Dreaming about your ex in Islam: Dreaming about kissing your ex

To dream of kissing your ex or having the urge to do so according to Islamic dream meaning is representative of your current need to be loved.


You may be feeling lonely since the breakup and loneliness can sometimes feel unloved and unwanted. If you had this dream, your emotions are the point of reference.

You have to surround yourself with the right people and put your attention on someone who really deserves it.

This dream is related to your present, and not as it seems, to be related to your past. The dream is a symbol and not something that is interpreted literally

In this dream, it is necessary to overcome the stage of breaking up, even if the relationship required a lot of sacrifices from you. This is why maintaining a good self-esteem is essential and you must focus your attention on something to avoid falling back into nostalgia for this relationship.

If the emotional connection you still have with your ex is still present, then it is necessary to take the right actions to move forward.


Dreaming about a quarrel with your ex in Islam

If you quarrel with your ex-boyfriend in a dream, it can mean that your relationship fell apart without everything being properly resolved. Were there any unanswered questions. 

Then your head is now trying to respond to it itself, perhaps in a somewhat confused way. Another approach to dream interpretation is that the subconscious wants to emphasize with the fictitious dispute that one should not repeat past mistakes in a current or future love. It is a reminder of the learning process, what went wrong and the negative emotions that resulted.


Dreamed that the ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend in Islam

Dealing with a breakup takes time and strong nerves. Especially when you realize the ex may find someone new in the foreseeable future. Here, the subconscious may be playing through this hypothetical situation in order to assess the actual emotional pain. Depending on how you react to the scenario in the dream, you can also get a good idea of ​​how much you care. Are you maybe even really jealous? Then find out if you still have feelings for him.


Dreaming about sex with your ex in Islam

This motif is very common and can be answered quite variably in terms of dream interpretation and ex-boyfriend. Of course, it can be quite commonplace that you yearn to have sex with your ex. But often times you just lack such closeness and tenderness in general, not necessarily with this exact man. That is why you should not overestimate this kind of sexual dream.


Dreaming of missing ex-boyfriend in Islam

If your dream shows a clear desire for your ex-boyfriend, it probably indicates missing some part of the relationship, not necessarily the partner himself. Perhaps you can learn from this for your current love life and express your wishes openly.


Dreamed of getting back together with her ex in Islam

If you and your ex are happily reunited in the dream, you may just be longing for the times when you were happy and felt comfortable in the relationship. If you are together in the dream, but you are not happy with it, you are reliving the bad times you had. You may still have old mental wounds from your time with him.

However, if the dream happened in such a way that he only wanted to come back to you, then this may be an unfulfilled desire on your part in real life. You may have missed his attention in your relationship.


Dream that the ex-boyfriend dies in Islam

Of course, this dream motive does not mean that you actually wish your ex-boyfriend dead. On the contrary, your subconscious could close this chapter of your life by violently ending your relationship in the dream. Your head finally lets go. 


Dreaming about your ex Islam: Allah's forgiveness

If you regret this dream, then Allah will forgive you; Allah will support you in this transition and help you through this stage. As Allah said:

“O son of Adam, as long as you beseech me and hope in me, I will forgive you whatever the sin and I will not bother. O son of Adam, if your sins reach the clouds in the sky and you seek forgiveness, I will forgive you and I will not bother. O son of Adam, if you come to me with so many sins that they fill the earth, and you listened to me without assigning me a partner, I will forgive you with the same great amount of forgiveness. ''

So in Islam you will be forgiven for your sins, if you repent. Allah is very merciful.

Don't talk about this dream, because it should take no place in your present and future life.

It's easier said than done, but it takes time to let go of old relationships, but that doesn't mean you can't.



Time heals all wounds.

You just have to take care of healthy and halal activities.

Read more educational books, offer prayers, read Quran, spend time with family and good people who are a positive influence, engage in things that interest you such as sports or walking, etc.

Try not to be alone too much. This can lead to overthinking.

Keep your mind busy with the things you want to think about. It will slowly but surely make room for your dreams rather than the things you want to forget.

Don't think too much about those dreams of your ex . They are not important and should not be important to occupy so much time and energy.

Your main focus should always be on how to ignore those dreams and work on yourself to become a better Muslim.

May Allah give you peace of mind and guide you to the right path!

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