Lucid dreaming: How to control all your dreams?

Lucid dreaming: How to control all your dreams?

Lucid dreaming: How to control all your dreams?

 Dreams are usually fuzzy moments, over which there is no control at the conscious level, and if knowing their meaning is a valuable subconscious aid that few people use to improve their lives, what about lucid dreams, which begin to emerge in recent years and are becoming more and more democratic.

Indeed, his dreams offer something fabulous. Imagine yourself almighty with endless possibilities and no limits. Imagine that every night you live extraordinary adventures, that your only limit is that of your imagination and that you can also use it for certain aspects of your real life.

For example, you can realize in dream what scares you in reality to unlock this limit, or even face your fears and of course enjoy fantastic moments that no reality can offer you.

Thus, each night, and especially during the last phase of sleep, you can dream lucidly for 1 hour, when you have enough experience to stabilize the dream. And with experience, lucid dreaming will become child's play, and will make you want to go to bed every night to experience thrilling adventures while you sleep.

But how to achieve it? In this guide, I will explain to you step by step how to control your dreams every night.


What is a lucid dream?

A lucid dream is a dream in which is present an ability to control its dreams, its events, the emotions felt, its details…. A lucid dream is simply the absolute control of dreams, which are indistinguishable from reality for the brain when they are done, you could very well be unknowingly dreaming right now….

For example, you can change the dream, integrate details into it, be in the Middle Ages, in space, be a different person or even an imaginary being. The field of possibilities is endless.

The level of dream control depends on practice and improves with each lucid dream until you have a 100% controllable dream in which you are omniscient and all powerful. This guide will get you there fast with all the methods to get there.

The duration of the lucid dream can reach 60 minutes for people who have become masters in the subject. Again, once you learn to stabilize the dream 100% you can enjoy it without excitement or fear waking you up.

As I will show you later, there are several levels of lucidity, ranging from the simple awareness that you are in the dream to its absolute control. You will have to go through each of them, but the first one is already magical and the first lucid dream is always the most memorable, however insignificant it may be because it opens the mind to something new and fabulous.


Who can lucid dream?

Absolutely everyone can have lucid dreams, but some signs show an above-average capacity, here they are, and I also explain how to improve each point to create the most fertile ground for the creation of these dreams:

  • You have already remembered dreams made: Here, you are necessarily concerned since you have been able to read my articles on dreams already made. But if this digital book has been gifted to you, you should know that waking up trying to remember it will stimulate your dream memory.
  • You can wake up without an alarm or clock: The more regular sleep schedules you have, the better you can condition your brain while it sleeps, making the process easier. The more the brain is used to certain periods of sleep, the more stable it is and will be a fertile ground for lucid dreams.
  • You are under 25: Since the brain is a sponge until you are 25, it will be easier to manipulate your dream memory before you reach 26. But obviously, even after 25 years, the brain is able to develop dream memory.

  • You play a lot of video games: JPlaying video games stimulates the part of the brain linked to the imagination, because you are used to alternate universes. Those who play video games thus have a better chance both of having lucid dreams but also of having dreams where the imagination is very strongly pushed.
  • You have a deep desire : By anchoring the desire to lucid dream in your brain, it will be naturally conditioned to lucid dream. The brain will be conditioned to make you aware that you are dreaming.

Lucid dreaming: How to control all your dreams?


The benefits of lucid dreams

The benefits of lucid dreaming are many, and not just limited to amazing adventures, here is all you can get from lucid dreaming.


Solve problems

Dreams are already perfect tools to solve these problems because they are created by the subconscious, much more powerful than the conscious and which gives you through dreams the right indications so that you can act correctly in real life, in order to correct or avoid problems.

With lucid dreaming this all goes much further, as the elements that symbolize your fears can be overcome directly in the dream, and will mark the unconscious, allowing you to create mechanisms in the deepest part of the brain to resolve the problems related to the psyche, such as fear of something, anxiety or on the contrary too much confidence which can create problems in real life.

I'm going to take a fairly common example which is actually the second most common dream. Imagine dreaming of a snake and having a phobia about it, well, in lucid dreaming, you can choose to face that fear by fighting the snake, or by taming it. You can even create the snake to practice overcoming this phobia.

Then you can adjust the difficulty and start with a very small snake to prevent fear from overwhelming you, or even a snake locked in a cage. Lucid dreams allow you to choose the difficulty with precision.



Imagine that you had to make a presentation in front of several thousand people, doing it in a lucid dream allows you to have experienced it as in reality, the brain not differentiating the real from the imaginary at the level of what is felt.

You can start by building an audience of a few people and expand it as you become comfortable in the dream. You can even go so far as to increase the difficulty so that the reality seems much simpler to you and that the stress is not even present.

So you can improve your performance in anything you want via lucid dreaming, creating neural connections like real training does.

It is thus a great tool for personal development and self-improvement, much more powerful than visualization, in doing so in real conditions.

Any situation that seems difficult to you and any difficulty that you encounter in real life can be solved through lucid dreams and real-life training sessions, although only taking place in your subconscious.

Fears, phobias, addictions, you can use lucid dreams to overcome them without the dangers that this represents in the real world.


Improve your imagination

By having dreams each night of which you control all the details, you will make your imagination work and have a completely different state of mind in the waking state, in front of much more creative and changing your relationship with what is possible and what is impossible.

Imagination, in real life, is essential for solving problems, seeing things from another angle, managing your life differently… It is the most important tool and in which everything began before materializing in the form physical.


Finding buried memories

I specify here that it should only be done if you are ready to face them, because if they are buried at the conscious level, it is because it is trauma, and controlling the dreams, created by the unconscious , can bring out what is deeply buried, the process is similar to hypnosis.


emotional healing

When a dream brings back a trauma, the fact of being conscious and facing it in the dream, or accepting it depending on the situation, makes it possible to heal on the conscious level because a mourning or an overcoming could have been made. .

The process here is similar to hypnosis, but offers more control in the dream, allowing for greater effectiveness.


Control your nightmares

If you've ever woken up in the middle of a nightmare, then know that you can deal with the root issues when the nightmare comes, you just have to choose between facing it consciously or changing the events of the dream to avoid it.

A dream in which you are conscious does not turn into an absolute nightmare because the nightmare is due to the subconscious sending it to reflect something in your life, but as soon as you exercise control over it, the autopilot of the nightmare goes off. stopped.


An absolute pleasure

Lucid dreams make it possible to take unimaginable pleasures, especially in terms of sex, because let's not lie to ourselves, many people use lucid dreams for sex and the number of infinite possibilities it offers in lucid dreams, it is not is that after most practitioners go further in their practice of lucid dreaming.

But the pleasure can take different forms, it can be adventures and extraordinary sensations bringing the mind to the heart of stimulation unmatched in real life.

Finally, the pleasure can conversely be in plenitude, you can imagine for example being in total harmony in space or in a very calm and peaceful place like there is none on earth.


Unparalleled experiences

Flying, going into space or even becoming a superhero, the field of possibilities is unlimited and there is no other way to get there, only lucid dreams allow it. Sleep is thus not only a period when nothing happens but an infinite field of possibility thanks to the period of dreams.

Everything that escapes our senses in real life is no longer so in dreams and you will be able to fill your life with extraordinary memories even if they are not part of reality.

Sleeping will no longer be seen as a waste of time but on the contrary as the beginning of an incredible moment without equivalent in the real world.


Lucid dreaming: How to control all your dreams?


Lucid Dreams: My Personal Experience

Lucid dreams started to interest me after dream interpretation because the subject was much more vague to me and I did not see how to achieve it.

I tried it too and found that what worked for me was when I woke up and before I went to sleep. Basically, by doing reality checks before sleeping, I took the reflex to do it in a dream when abnormal events reached me.

When I woke up, boosting my dream memory allowed me to really immerse my mind in lucid dreaming with improved results.

I also specify that drinking before sleeping, made me wake up before the last cycle, I took the opportunity to think about lucid dreams which was very effective.

I then struggled to stabilize my dreams, my biggest obstacle because the excitement always woke me up.

I then gave up on doing things and focused my attention on staying in the dream, even if it was boring.

Once this plateau arrived, then I started step by step to create things in dreams, to do extraordinary things and to change events.

Again, everything was very slow, because it was only with practice that I was able to obtain a completely reliable methodology.


What were my margins of progress?

Like most lucid dreamers, the first dream came quickly but was as short as it was intense because I had trouble stabilizing my emotions, don't be frustrated when it happens to you, it's normal and you will need several dreams to reach you stabilize.

It's also once the stabilization is done that everything will really start to become incredible, because your environment will become more and more concrete and you will begin to better control your actions.

At first, you will force a little to get there, which will not make things easier, but then you will manage to make your wishes come true easily and as an evidence as your dreams go by.


How is real life once daily lucid dreams?

Reality here may seem bland to you, so make a distinction between lucid dreaming and reality so that you don't find it so sad in comparison, because that's what happens to many practitioners.

But these practitioners do not use lucid dreams to improve themselves, when your lucid dreams serve you, among other things, to improve certain points of your personality or your abilities, the two worlds, reality and dream, become complementary.

For my part, having lucid dreams has allowed me to overcome my fears and phobias, be careful however not to fall into the trap of absolute assurance, because certain dangers exist in the waking state, these are to distinguish between dream and reality.

My creativity and imagination are also much stronger, as well as my perspective on things and my calmness in everyday life.


Lucid dreaming: How to control all your dreams?


How to have a lucid dream?


My methodology for total mastery in 30 days

To have a lucid dream, many techniques exist, here are the most effective, you can test them one by one to know the precise effectiveness or do several at the same time to maximize the probabilities of becoming aware that you are in the process of dream, first step towards control.


Use last cycle

Very effective and simple method as hello. Every night you wake up to go to the bathroom before your last cycle, you can drink before going to sleep to be sure you wake up there.

However, during the last cycle, dreams are easily remembered and by waking up just before the last cycle to go pee and then thinking about your lucid dreams, then it is vital to think about lucid dreams well before going back to sleep to condition the brain to remember it before going to sleep and to be able to become aware of the dream when your subconscious takes you to it.

This is the simplest method and is generally the one that allows you to remember your dreams without thinking about it and therefore control them.


Keep a dream journal

Nothing better to train your dream memory than keeping a dream journal. You must fill it when you wake up to be able to maximize its contents because dreams quickly evaporate from memory. So to fill it, follow these valuable tips:

  • Note the events: The events are essential and constitute the heart of the dream, write down each of them in the smallest details to stimulate the dream memory as much as possible. Even if they are insignificant details, doing this will allow future dreams to have absolute clarity when you have future dreams.
  • Note the emotions: Emotions are very important because noting them allows us to prepare for them for the next dreams and to keep control, because our emotions are the factor that makes us lose the thread of our lucid dreams. Generally, fear and excitement are culprits. Mark your emotions to know them and learn to stay in control while you dream.
  • Note the details: Colors, sounds… The more precise the image, the more clarity you will have in your future lucid dreams.


Do reality checks

Lucid dreams offer peculiarities, for example, when you are in a dream, you will not be able to see yourself as you really are, your face in a mirror will appear a little different from what it is in reality. Here are the reality tests to do in the waking state to be sure that you are not having a dream and so that you have the reflexes to do when you are in the dream:

  • The clock test : Look at the clock and turn your head, then look at the clock again, if the time is completely different, you are in a lucid dream.
  • The hand test : Take a finger from the right hand and push it into the palm of the left hand, if the finger sticks in, you are in a lucid dream. By the way, the number of fingers is often different when you look at your hand in the dream.
  • The mirror test : As said above, if the mirror does not reflect your exact face, then you are in a dream and not in reality.
  • Hold your nose : Are you still breathing? Then you are not in reality but in the dream created in your subconscious.


imagine being doing it

Lie down, imagine yourself falling asleep and then imagine you are having a lucid dream, soak up as much detail as possible, the idea is to train the brain to do this. Make the experience last and set no limits to stimulate your brain as much as possible.

By doing this you boost your dream memory and the brain's ability to know it's dreaming, you can further condition what the dream will be from what you imagine and so could have the dream you you want directly without having to change any details.

For maximum effectiveness, you can do this exercise before going to bed, the best time to condition the brain to dream lucidly.


make affirmations

Doing affirmations will condition your brain, ideally do this exercise before sleeping. It is simply a matter of convincing yourself that you are going to have a lucid dream by repeating it to yourself in your head and adding as many details as possible to really immerse your brain in it and immerse it in it to facilitate awareness. during the dream.


The WILD method

The WILD method is the most complex but the most effective once it is mastered to have a lucid dream. It consists of letting your body fall asleep while leaving your mind alert, in a waking state.

Ideally, do it at nap time, at bedtime, or when you go back to bed after going to the bathroom during the night.


The first thing to do is to lie down, relax and not move at all while remaining mentally aware so as not to fall into sleep. Breathe slowly, concentrate as much as possible on your breathing and let the thoughts that arise go away. This step takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Then, you will enter a so-called hypnagogic state, where shapes and images begin to appear, stay calm and prepare for the dream thanks to the elements that appear to you during this state between waking and sleeping.

Then create the dream scene, choose the setting, details and events, you are literally creating a lucid dream when you get to this stage. Then start doing things in this dream, however small, to start taking control of it.

Finally, stabilize the dream so as not to come out of it, control your emotions and do not let excitement appear, which will be difficult in the first stages.


binaural beats

These sound waves resemble those emitted by theta waves during paradoxical sleep, listening to them while sleeping facilitates the appearance of lucid dreams. You can find some directly on Youtube, and for maximum efficiency, listen to them through headphones, but gently so as not to damage the ears.


Supplements to facilitate lucid dreaming

There are supplements available to facilitate lucid dreaming without the extra effort. Here's everything you can do to make it easier to spawn and control them. I specify however that I do not include the drugs which make it possible to facilitate the dreams but are also and especially very dangerous.


Galantamine (4mg)

This medicine is mainly used for Alzheimer's disease and may be prescribed in your country, and you will need to ask the pharmacist before taking it.

These effects act on cognitive function and aid in lucid dreaming, amplifying the brain's skills to create them.


La choline (300 mg)

Choline is naturally present in foods like bananas and potatoes and helps to have a high state of consciousness in the dream. But even better, this substance helps to remember one's dreams, thus helping both to maintain lucid dreams but above all to repeat them thanks to its action on dream memory.

Again, I advise you to ask the pharmacist to take this supplement without risk.


La vitamine B6 (100mg)

100 mg of vitamin B6 can improve both awareness in lucid dreaming and its probability of occurrence. Again, this is 75 times the daily amount needed and before taking a supplement, pharmacist advice is vital.

If you want to help yourself from a diet rich in vitamin B6, turkey, tuna, salmon or octopus provide good amounts.


What about dedicated machines?

Machines dedicated to lucid dreaming are expensive and do not produce enough effect at present and I do not advise you to waste your money on this type of lucid dreaming aid. These are more gadgets than real machines whose efficiency has already been proven. For proof, just look at the online customer reviews which are mostly very bad.


Lucid dreaming: How to control all your dreams?


The levels of lucidity and the behavior to adopt for each one


Lucid dreaming is great, but 100% mastery of it is infinitely better, so here's how to handle each phase of lucid dreaming:


The fleeting lucid dream

You see something out of the ordinary, then you think, is it real? You then do a reality check and bingo! here you are in the middle of a lucid dream, you then begin to take control, feel the excitement invade you… and end of the dream.

I assure you, everyone goes through this, and the first lucid dream is already a victory. Now, to take a new course, make sure to calm down as much as possible. Slow down your brain activity and calm your mind.

Above all, do not try to do anything and seek strong sensations directly, on the contrary, stabilize the dream in order to be able to maintain it.


Lucid dreaming without control

Here you are in a level where you fully live your dream, but you do not have absolute control yet but you are consciously in the dream which is already a lot. Now to control your dream 100%, you will have to realize that anything is possible.

A good way to start is to use the events of the dream. For example, if you are in front of a wall, walk without stopping to cross it, if you are far from something, try to touch it by extending your arm to infinity, if you are close to something very heavy, lift it.

Doing things that are not possible in reality but do not cause the excitement that can cause awakening. You will get into the habit of doing things beyond reality and will be less constrained during your dreams.

Imagination is the key, and you can take The Matrix as a reference, a movie where nothing is real and where Neo learns impossible things by integrating the fact that nothing is real and that everything is possible.

Do the same because your dream is not reality and you will have to put aside the limits of the real world.

For example, if you want to fly, do not force it, do it as if you were walking, that is, without asking questions.

You want to know how to spawn someone, imagine they are behind and turn around, they will be there.

You want to make something appear, the previous method also applies and you can even open your hand and make it come out. Making them appear in front of your eyes will be more difficult and requires a lot of experience.

The general idea to remember is to go for the simplest, instead of trying to change everything through mental effort, close your eyes during lucid dreams and imagine whatever you want so that everything appears in front of your eyes when you do. will reopen.

Ideally, make wishes about your lucid dreams so that your brain can recreate them as much as possible and be directly in the environment you want during the dream.


Total lucid dreaming

Total lucid dreaming is total control of dreaming, whether emotional or eventual, and allows you to "live" without limits for up to an hour each night. This stage requires perseverance but many people succeed after 30 days of regular practice.

In these dreams, you have complete control over all elements of the dream and only your imagination is your limit.


The most specific questions about lucid dreams

There are several points that are most frequently asked questions during lucid dreaming, here is the FAQ of the most asked questions.


How to have sex in lucid dreams?

Sex is often used by beginners in lucid dreaming, but often difficult to achieve, here's how to achieve it. For this, I will take an example concerning someone famous. Here's how to achieve this via this example:

  • Imagine that the person is behind you, this is the best way to make the relevant celebrity appear.
  • Then the scenario is up to you, keep calm and everything will be as you wish.
  • A method to get to sex quickly and practice talking to the characters that attract you in lucid dreams so that flirting and then sex become completely normal.


What to do in case of a nightmare?

If you are in the middle of a nightmare, several possibilities are available to you depending on your degree of mastery of lucid dreaming:

  • The first thing to do is to scream that you have to wake up and get excited enough to come out of the lucid dream. If you are too scared, this is the best solution.
  • The second thing is to fight it if you are not afraid of it, the fight is also excellent for forging in lucid dreams.
  • The third possibility is to create another environment in which the elements of the nightmare are no longer there.


Are lucid dreams dangerous?

No, lucid dreams are not dangerous in any case because you are living in an illusion and dying in a lucid dream for example will have no effect apart from possible stress which happens anyway when you have violent dreams even if you don't remember. Dreams do not impact reality.


Is it possible to be addicted to it?

Addiction, literally, cannot be created by lucid dreaming, but some people, like Raj, who runs the Autodisciple channel on Youtube, prefer to stop lucid dreaming because reality seems too bland and tasteless to them. compared to what is experienced during sleep.


How long does it take to have a lucid dream?

The first stage, the ephemeral dream and without strong control, can happen from the first night and always occurs during the first days provided the brain is well prepared. It is a stage quickly achieved.

Allow two weeks to stabilize there.

A month will be enough to start having a strong control over it as long as the good habits are still taken.


Can I do paralysis with the WILD method?

Yes, at first it is possible that this method of inducing lucid dreams may cause you to have sleep paralysis, i.e. you are completely still without being able to move or speak and this can be terrifying but does not never lasts more than a few minutes and will not endanger your life.


Are lucid dreams scientifically proven?

Yes, lucid dreams have been proven by science since the 1980s, thanks to Stephen Laberge, who popularized these dreams following these experiments which proved their existence. He put forward his work which made lucid dreams a practice in its own right, and the scientific literature on the subject is now very extensive to prove its effects.


The Lucid Dreamer Experience and What You Can Take From It

Lucid dreams have a very strong impact on daily life, here is everything to expect when you go on this adventure and how to manage everything correctly to progress correctly and above all to live this extraordinary experience to the best of your ability every night and make it a formidable asset for everyday life.

Here, I am not talking about my personal case, but about the most classic line of progression known by lucid dreamers.


The easiest habit to create for lucid dreaming

To have lucid dreams, many try all possible techniques, obviously, it is a real gas plant and those who have ended up controlling their dreams have generally done the following things to achieve this:

The simplest method, which was essential for me, is simply to drink before going to sleep, in order to wake you up before the last cycle of sleep during which it is easier to remember your dreams and then to do reality checks and read your dream journal before going back to sleep (2 minutes is enough).

So you are sure to prepare your brain both to be in "lucid dreaming" mode, you also condition it to realize that it is in a dream thanks to the reality test which becomes a habit at a key moment.


Lucid Dreams: The Final Word

When people know about lucid dreaming, they always get very excited about it, imagining all the possibilities it offers. But often, everyday life makes us forget the practice. The disappointment of not stabilizing them at the start is also a source of abandonment.

Remember that like any practice, perseverance is the key, and if you don't let go, you will be a confirmed lucid dreamer within 30 days, I'm not talking about years of practice here, only regularity for 1 month to have absolute control over your dreams and experience extraordinary events daily during your dreams.

Believe me, there will be a before and an after in your life.

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